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Why do girls like tall guys? | There is a study that says

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LPutting aside things such as “having a house and a car”, tall, mighty, and handsome are the external requirements of many girls for their partners. If you are thin, you can exercise, and if you are ugly, you can have plastic surgery, but if you are too short, it is often difficult to make up for it, and you will be sentenced to “death” by women who are taller than you. Scientific research has also confirmed that women tend to prefer men who are taller than themselves. Australian psychologist Beatrice Alba believes that this may be due to the process of biological evolution, which affects the preferences of women’s brains and forms today’s culture of height differences between men and women.

Another study pointed out that the most satisfying height difference for women is that the man is 21 cm taller than the woman; while the woman is only 8 cm shorter than the man, it is already the most ideal partner in the man’s heart. It can be seen that women generally prefer tall men, and they agree more with a large height gap.

Biological predispositions that regulate and reinforce the long-held notion that men should be superior to their female companions. Women choose tall men, which means they tend to look for more dominant men. Although there are other examples to the contrary in the animal world; judging from the biological phenomenon of “sexual dimorphism”, there are obvious differences among many spider species – females are more “majestic” than males, petite “Spiderman” is the weaker side in terms of size. But among mammals, including humans, the phenomenon of “sexual dimorphism” is mostly male-dominated. The same goes for our primate relatives, chimpanzees and orangutans — males are taller, stronger, and have larger, sharper canine teeth. Referring to books on the behavior of humans and apes, Alba pointed out that the above-mentioned characteristics are not only beneficial to the competition between males, but also give them physical and sexual advantages over the opposite sex.

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In addition to judging whether women have a dominant advantage based on the height of men, physical strength and facial features are also indicators. Because of capable leaders, they can provide adequate protection for their partners and children, and ensure the supply of food and other resources. Therefore, from an evolutionary point of view, the conditions possessed by men make women choose stronger and taller men out of adaptation (Adaptation) in exchange for security guarantees. Jordan Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, even believes that women hate men who are not “lethal”.

However, Alba pointed out that the above preferences have certain hidden dangers for women. Although such men have the ability to protect their partners from others, the other side of their “ability” is “aggression”, which means that they may transfer their aggressive behavior to their partners. Therefore, the tall and mighty men are a double-edged sword for women. According to Australia’s homicide statistics, the majority of victims of couple homicides are women.

In addition, if the statement about women’s choice is true, it seems to imply that sexism naturally exists. Because women’s mate selection conditions show that they are willing to be dominated. Alba believes that natural selection itself has no specific purpose, but is based on physical and mental characteristics, choosing an advantageous way to help organisms reproduce. That is to say, these biological mate selection conditions are sometimes not conscious decisions of people. It’s just that our brains, like other species that have evolved so far, make choices that are beneficial to the continuation of the species. Therefore, women’s mate selection conditions do not mean that they really desire to be dominated.

Although most of the biologically generated preferences are outside of people’s conscious control, it does not mean that our behavior is thus controlled, or that we lose other choices. On the contrary, people have the ability to contend with such irrational choices and make choices that truly suit them. When we realize that the mate selection culture of “tall and mighty” and “the cutest height difference” is just a product of biology, we can think about whether we should change this situation where biology influences culture and culture reinforces biological phenomena. At that time, maybe the originally attractive things are not so attractive, and vice versa.

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