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“Auntie’s Story” tells how I ended up with a menstrual cup

by nadlia
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Section 1

I went to visit f’s parents last week and caught up with the first day of my period. Even though I used the extra long and extra wide for Sleeping Night with three layers of toilet paper and pajamas, I still got menstrual blood on their bed sheets for the third time. What was even more frustrating was that this time when I lifted the bed sheet, I found that there was also a piece of printing on the mattress. I was in a hurry to remove the cover of the mattress. After taking it apart for a long time, I found that this old-fashioned mattress is not removable. There is a book on the washing mark: please use Wipe with a damp cloth dampened in mild soapy water. Wipe your sister.

I have a capital embarrassment on my face. f said it’s okay, I’ll go downstairs and tell my mother. I said can we not talk about it. He said it wasn’t a big deal, at least I had to take the sheets down and wash them, anyway. He went downstairs.

This has been an embarrassing place for me to get menstrual blood for two consecutive months. At this time last month, I was attending a meeting and staying in a high-end hotel. However, on the first night, I suddenly had a high fever and fell asleep. My period unexpectedly came two days early. In the case of love, a massive blood collapse occurred. When I woke up in a pool of blood the next day, I found that the hotel’s snow-white sheets had been completely stained. Still in shock, I lifted the mattress and found that fortunately there was still a mattress between the main mattress and the sheets, and the mattress was at least washable.

However, I recalled the previous experience of dirty bed sheets in hotels in China. Some hotels demanded compensation. Can I, an unemployed woman, afford compensation for such a high-end hotel? After thinking about it again, don’t the better hotels win by their service? If you can’t even deal with some blood stains, you still charge it as a high-end hotel? I’m just an ordinary female tenant who is scared by my period blood. Can I just pretend nothing happened and walk away? But I have to stay for another two days, what will the workers who open the door to clean it think… I still can’t get rid of the guilt, and I’ve added trouble to others! I ended up writing an apology note, put it on my bed, and hurried to the meeting. During the whole day of wheel-like lectures and discussions I was in a state of unrest. Fortunately, when I returned to the hotel that day, I found that everything had been cleaned and replaced, as if nothing had happened.

And when I was at f’s house, the feeling of waking up in the hotel that morning came back, the anxiety, helplessness and self-blame…

I was apprehensive and went downstairs. Mother f was making morning tea, and when she saw me, she smiled and said good morning! I said with a sad face that I have committed crime again. f Mom said, hey, do you think you did it on purpose? It’s not your fault if it wasn’t intentional. Such things are inevitable. She came over and hugged me tightly, stroked my messy hair, and said, promise, drink hot tea, don’t be nervous or your stomach will hurt.

After being reminded by mother f, I also began to think, why should I blame myself? Why feel guilty about things you can’t control? Anxiety and helplessness also come from feelings of guilt. I think back to when I was a child, I remember my mother’s mixed emotions of anger and self-blame when she woke up and found menstrual blood leaking on the bed sheet. However, menstrual blood stains on my bed are just troublesome cleaning. If it is printed on a friend’s house or a hotel, it is simply It would be a mortal humiliation. Unlike other things that are expelled from the body, this blood gurgling from the body is completely uncontrollable by consciousness. It is free, random, unpredictable, often accompanied by labor pains, and it is easy to play tricks on people.

chapter 2

The time is pushed back to the fifth grade of elementary school. I clearly remember that it was a gloomy afternoon. On the campus in the late autumn and early winter, the fallen leaves swirled with the cold wind. And I was participating in rehearsals for a school-level chorus competition. Like most school-level activities, this chorus is not voluntary, but each class draws people to make up the number. I was happy to miss half a day of class, but rehearsals that afternoon were a nightmare. Not only did I lose my voice, my back hurt, I couldn’t stand steadily, and I also felt surprisingly cold. A classroom filled with seventy or eighty loudly singing children cannot be cold. But I was shivering from the cold, my palms were sweating, and my feet seemed to be on cotton. After finally passing the rehearsal, I was exhausted on the way home, when I suddenly felt a cold sensation at the base of my thighs, and I had a suspicion in my heart, menstruation?

About a few months ago, my mother had told me in detail about menstruation, but according to my understanding at the time, it would not happen until I was fourteen or fifteen years old, but it did happen, the first time Menstruation occurs at the age of eleven.

Later I heard people say that this is called precocity. So it is an aunt who should be about the same age as my mother, maybe a friend’s mother, or my mother’s colleague, I don’t remember. When she heard that I had already menstruated at the age of eleven, she raised her eyebrows and said, it’s a bit early. You are a bit precocious, aren’t you?

I can’t quite understand the subtext of her raised brow, but I can already feel that “precocious” is talking about development, not a good thing. Precocious puberty, puppy love, and early sexual intercourse, the words of this model are on the surface describing development that does not match the age, but in fact they are condemning the subversion of a certain childish and virginal state. It’s not that I haven’t come across situations in my adult life that have brought me to a frown, like seeing five or six-year-old girls dressed up as sexy for beauty pageants. But menstruation was not the precocious gesture I made. Menstruation is not optional.

So menstruation (we call “period”), like breast development, is bad, shameful, and something to hide. I have already carried a heavy sense of guilt for my “precocity”. I envy those girls who have not yet developed, while envious of their straight and thin bodies, while horrified to notice that my body is expanding and filling up day by day. Shame about growing breasts gave me a habit of hunched over my breasts, which took years to correct.

Compared with anxiety about body shape, menstruation is relatively less embarrassing because of its privacy. The classmates who noticed that I was menstruating were usually classmates who had menstruated themselves. So menstruation is not a catastrophe except that it brings me a slightly shy feeling. What’s more, occasionally I feel a little bit ahead of my menstruation, “premature”, does it mean that I am a little more mature than my peers now? Ha ha. For children of that age, any secret that makes them “different”, even something as mundane as menstruation, is part of the construction of self-awareness. When I observe these “special days” every month Menstrual blood, when you observe the cold belly, you will feel that this secret is unfathomable, but it is not annoying, even a little kind.

Section 3

When I was in junior high school, physical education classes had not been completely canceled like in high school, so there were always two classes a week where I needed to run around on the playground and play ball. At this time, there will be a few girls in each class who will squeeze their eyes with the teacher to show pain, and the physical education teacher usually vents their anger from the nose, acquiescing to them to stand outside the team, and stand aside and laugh while others are running around. I don’t hate menstruation, probably because I am in good health and the dysmenorrhea is not serious. In many cases, dysmenorrhea is just a reason for me to skip gym class. I found that I wasn’t the only one who did this. On several occasions, almost two-thirds of the girls stopped running on the grounds of menstruation, and the physical education teacher looked unhappy (“I don’t believe you all…”) , but can’t say anything.

The small city I live in is not open, but it is not closed. Menstruating people will be pointed at, or sanitary napkins will be thrown around by boys and laughed at. Menstruation is still somewhat mysterious. Girls will lower their voices when talking about menstruation. At that time, I learned from my friends that aunt means menstruation, but I don’t like to use this word. Now that I think about it, I never seem to take the initiative to use this word! I still insist on the rustic saying “period”, because the word aunt only reminds me of my dear aunt. She is a reasonable peasant woman with a cheerful and fair personality. She cooks delicious food and can fry fried dough sticks. She has nothing to do with the blood on my panties.

So in retrospect, the stigma I experienced with my period wasn’t that much. Before menstruation, I got the news from my mother that menstruation will come and menstruation is normal. There is no experience of being humiliated because of menstruation. The only related stigma “precocious” is mainly related to physical development. That is to say, the stigma of menstruation does not come from the fact of monthly bleeding, but from its source , a source related to the mysterious and terrifying “sex”. Those words that are only mentioned in biology textbooks, vagina, uterus, I know that menstrual blood is discharged through them, and where the upper part of the exit leads is all up to imagination.

But this ignorance does not bother us in adolescence. At that time, in the small town where I lived, the only option during menstruation was sanitary napkins. This kind of sanitary equipment fixed on the underwear to absorb menstrual blood did not give us more feelings about the body: the menstrual blood flowed out and was firmly connected by sanitary napkins. Live it, then tear it off, throw it away, and replace it with another one. There is no need to know how menstrual blood flows out, no need to understand its passage. Just discard the discharge. The biggest trouble is the possible infection, itching caused by the hot and humid environment, and often, the sanitary napkin does not perform its duties well, does not stick to the right position, or a step is distorted, or the blood volume is amazing. Within hours, the sanitary napkin was helpless against the force of the uterine contraction: the menstrual blood spread to the underwear, and even extended to the range that outsiders could see.

Section 4

Later, when I went to university, I found that there was a product called tampons in the university supermarket that was placed together with sanitary napkins. Curious as I am, of course I want to pick it up and take a look. The package says that this product is very refreshing to use, which will make people forget the existence of menstruation, and it is not prone to side leakage. Why don’t you try it? This thing comes in large, medium and small sizes, and it only costs about ten yuan a pack. The cost of trial and error is low, and you can’t buy it at a loss or be fooled. Moreover, the dormitory we live in is a room for four people, with a separate bathroom and a toilet. I am also a cleaning fanatic, and I wish I could clean it every two or three days, and I am not worried about hygiene issues. The only worry is that this small tampon seems to be slightly thicker than the finger, will it hurt? Or ask your neighbors first?

I turned around and went back to the dormitory to ask around. The three people in the same dormitory were relatively close, and their reactions to the tampon were relatively neutral. They all said, I haven’t tried it, I’m a little scared, will it hurt? You want to try it, if you tried it, give a review.

But just looking at the instructions for using tampons, I still had doubts, so I went to the next bedroom to ask, saying that I was going to try tampons, did anyone have experience. Then these four people who usually get along well cast their eyes on me from Korean dramas, with the kind of surprised eyes of “I have known you for two years and I just know you are such an idiot today”. In the end, everyone simply and unanimously said that it has never been used, and that they would not try it even if they were killed.

One of them said to me in a very impatient tone of explaining the problem to an idiot, xx, I know you have feminist rights, and I have no objection to that. But I think the tampon is really too radical, and the things put in the body are always bad and unsafe. Didn’t the Internet say that there were cases of poisoning shock and death? How to decide for yourself, I have already made it clear. It’s one thing to have a hymen you don’t care about, it’s another to put things in it. If you insist on trying, I can’t stop you.


Are we really talking about using tampons? Her tone seemed to be persuading me that taking drugs is not advisable, not to get into a thief boat. Is putting a tampon in your vagina really that radical? Wait, I seem to have noticed that this matter may have something to do with “feminism” through her reminder. Is the choice of menstrual management a feminist issue? Is menstruation a feminist issue?

Section 5

Probably in the eyes of the friend who advised me not to try it, using tampons is just a “feminist” behavior to flaunt a maverick, and it is probably the irresponsible nonsense of young people. Of course, as curious as I am, I still want to try this tampon that is as dangerous as drugs.

However, the end of the story is not inspirational at all: I put the tampon into it after all kinds of difficulties and dangers, but I didn’t get the wonderful feeling of use promised on the package. The tampon feels dry to the touch. It may be that the cervix is sensitive. Even if I adjust the position many times, no matter what depth it is placed in, I can always feel the existence of this thing in the body, and it does not meet the description on the package. The tampon will be in the vagina The insensitivity zone makes you forget its existence.

Can’t forget, Nima! The result that I can’t forget is that I always pay attention to this hard thing in my body, and then of course become inexplicably nervous, which leads to more serious contractions, and of course dysmenorrhea. So I was defeated in this battle to upgrade the menstrual treatment method: I can’t happily boast to people, look, the tampons are very useful, and I feel refreshed and free, and I don’t leak any more!

I tried tampons a few more times at different times over the next few years, including “better plugged” tampons with different designs, tampons that used catheters, and so on. The “plug” link is no longer a problem in the end. The problem is that my sensitive body is always saying, hey, there’s something here, it’s weird. And then mercilessly gave me a stomach ache. The result of such tossing is that I have no choice but to retreat to the camp of sanitary napkins.

Some friends said that the tampon has a foreign body sensation because it is not plugged properly, etc. I can only say that people’s physiques and experiences are different. I have made unremitting efforts referring to the guidance of various forums many times. Still awkward. I guess it’s because the tampons are super absorbent and I’m more sensitive to dryness? And I was extremely nervously rejecting the cotton thread hanging there, which reminded me of the existence of a hardened cotton bullet in my body all the time.

Section 6

Until last week, I printed menstrual blood on f’s bed for the third time. I finally got to the point where the menstrual leakage became unbearable, and I happened to see two popular science articles about menstrual cups on Douban, and followed the picture to find the popular science of menstrual cups by the little girl Bryony on YouTube. Search Precious Stars Pads to see her series of menstrual cup research, including how to choose the first menstrual cup, usage skills, and evaluation of different brands and specifications of menstrual cups, etc., which are very rich and comprehensive.

I started to learn all about menstrual cups on the day after my menstrual leakage. F looked at me nestled on the sofa with a sullen face and listened to the little girl with braces explain the secrets of menstrual cups one by one, smiling from ear to ear . I said please don’t laugh, I’m very nervous. Now that I think about it, this tension is entirely mental, because whether it’s sex or masturbation, I don’t think penetration is such a scary thing. But if the purpose of insertion is to check the height of the cervix, that is to say, touch the cervix with your fingers (the description on the Internet is like a donut-like opening, sometimes it feels like wrinkled lips and sometimes like the tip of the nose, Nima this The description scares me even more), I would be so scared that I would shudder and feel cold all over. This excessive tension caused me to react hysterically, like laughing or crying uncontrollably.

Am I supposed to see this overwrought response as the result of mystifying the body? After all, that little girl on youtube talks about cervical height like she’s talking about dinner salad recipes. And I think of the vagina, cervix, and the uterus above, which are tightly squeezed together with other organs in the body, and then think of the bloody feeling of menstruation. No, just thinking about it makes me hysterical.

But even so, brave I still want to try new things! ! I went to the pharmacy to investigate. It was the summer of 2016. There was only one brand in the pharmacy here in Sweden, which was lunette from Finland (to buy). I found the lunette usage video on the Internet and watched it twice until I was completely convinced rationally and decided to give it a try.

Friends who can’t watch youtube can watch it here, the first experience of the moon cup drawn by the lovely Xiao Meini for Qing Xing, the pictures and texts are awesome. The first time I watched it, I laughed for ten minutes at the bloodbath she depicted (which is kind of hysterical because of fear). There are two bugs in Meili’s first experience, which I will mention below.

I bought the clear lunette 1 for teenage women with moderate flow. There are instructions on the small box, and a small light green satin pouch to store the menstrual cup. Before the first use, you need to put a lot of water in a clean pot and boil the cup for twenty minutes. Make sure the cup is always in the water during the cooking process. The website recommends placing the menstrual cup in a whisk to prevent the cup from sinking and deforming.

Wait for the mug to cool to room temperature before use. It is best to use it on your own toilet for the first time, and let it flow for sufficient time. It is suggested online that you can cut the handle of the cup short for the first time. I suggest you try it first and then decide to cut it. The position of the cervix is different for each person. For users who are not skilled in manipulation, the existence of this small handle is still meaningful. .

Then, wash your hands with a mild soap solution, rinse the menstrual cup with warm water, sit on the toilet with your legs as far apart as possible, spread your labia with one hand, and hold the cup with the other hand using any of the methods recommended in the instructions , put it in slowly.

Wait, you think that statement sounds painful, don’t you? Not at all.

Listen to me, it’s over! Complete! No! pain! I’ve had a nasty battle with tampons, and even catheterization felt dry, and this tiny cup is literally painless to tuck in. Because of the different materials, the smooth and soft medical silicone is very skin-friendly after being soaked in water. If you are used to stuffing tampons, you will only find this process too simple. Then, run a finger around in a circle to check that the small cup is open.

I used the menstrual cup for the first time on the second day of menstruation. The process was very simple. In order to familiarize myself with the routine, I placed it repeatedly, took it out three times, and cut off two-thirds of the small handle of the cup. The experience is miraculous: I really can’t feel the existence of this thing. Of course, I was still scared when I used it for the first time. All subconscious minds still reminded me: there is something there, hey, hey. But because the material of the menstrual cup is soft after all, my body can’t grasp the sensation it stimulates me, so it can’t give me a stomachache. This soft feeling is even worse after a night’s sleep: it seems that I am no longer afraid, as if my body has completely accepted this gentle little cup. The point is that it didn’t leak a single drop, and there were no little cotton threads wandering around to alert me to the presence of foreign objects. The menstrual problems that bothered me were solved in this way! Sanitary napkins can be permanently eliminated!

a few tips

1. The placement of menstrual cups and tampons is different, which is why many tampon users think that menstrual cups leak: misplaced! Unlike tampons, the position of the menstrual cup should not be at the cervical opening, but should be near the lower end of the vaginal opening, so as to ensure the collection of menstrual blood.

2. Whether the menstrual cup leaks or not mainly depends on the position of the cup and whether the cup is fully open. For the first time, it may be difficult to judge whether the cup is fully opened. At this time, you can use two fingers to press the bottom of the cup. Usually, the cup will be squeezed until it is fully opened. There is also a safe way to push the cup a little deeper to the position where you usually place the tampon, then pinch the small handle and slowly drag it back to the vaginal opening. This usually opens the cup completely. In addition, the shape and material of the cup and each person’s physique are different, which will also have a certain impact. You can pay more attention to the evaluation of menstrual cup products to find the one that suits you.

3. Do not use the steaming cup directly like in the comics. The vagina is much more sensitive than the fingers, and it will be hot. Rinse the small cup with warm water to room temperature.

4. When taking the cup, sit firmly on the toilet, spread your legs apart, relax, and imagine the feeling of defecation. With such a little force, you can touch the handle of the cup. Be careful not to pull out the cup by holding the small handle like in the comics. The menstrual cup opened inside the body seems to have a vacuum seal. If you pull it out forcefully, there will be a lot of resistance, and pulling it out with such force will definitely hurt.

The design of the small handle on the cup is not for people to grab the cup, but just to make it easier for you to find the bottom of the cup by dragging. At the bottom of the Lunette, there are loops of sliding belts. Hold the small handle and drag the cup to the vaginal opening, which is where the bottom of the cup is slightly out of the vaginal opening, and then pinch the bottom of the cup with two fingers. At this time, the vacuum seal will be released. Just hold the bottom of the cup and slowly drag the small cup out. It will be painless at all and will not splash. The menstrual blood is even only in the cup, and the outer rim of the cup is very clean. Using the forceful method in the picture will not only hurt but also may cause a bloody crime scene.

5. I suggest tossing it a few more times when using it for the first time, practice putting it in and taking it out, at least three times. It’s easy to get used to it.

6. Cleaning is super simple, but there are certain details: rinse with cold water first, and then rinse with warm water (rinsing with warm water is not necessary, mainly because you will be afraid of the cold after you put it back in cold water). Blood has the property of coagulation when exposed to heat, so it must be washed with cold water first. If you wash it directly with hot water, the color and taste of the blood will be fixed on the cup (if you have ever washed your underwear with hot water, you must understand) .

The way to clean the small hole is also very simple. Fill the menstrual cup with cold water, then seal the mouth of the cup with the palm of your hand, squeeze the cup with the other hand, and the water will come out of the small hole along the way, and the rinse is very clean. You can’t wash it with oily lotion, lunette has its own special lotion, but I think an oil-free private body wash is enough.

During a menstrual period, it is only boiled and sterilized for five minutes when it is used for the first time, and it can be used again after being taken out every other time. It can be washed with lotion every night.

In addition, according to lunette’s official recommendation, the menstrual cup can be wiped with medical alcohol or a special disinfectant wipe, and it can be used after it is completely dry. It is recommended for users who are inconvenient to wash with water. The alcohol wipe method can also replace the procedure of boiling the cup every menstrual period.

My own practice is to rinse the cup with cold water after emptying it every time during the day, and put it back directly. Just wash it with lotion when you change it before going to bed, and plug it back. After each menstrual period, wash it clean, rub the inside and outside with a fragrance-free/alcohol-based disinfectant that is usually used for hand washing, and dry it. When you use it in the next cycle, wash it with clean water and stuff it in. Take the pot to boil only once before using it for the first time, and then leave it uncooked. Too much trouble.

Is it hygienic to do so? Anyway, since using the menstrual cup, I have never had prickly heat or gynecological discomfort due to menstruation. No smell either. In contrast, fresh menstrual blood on sanitary napkins can breed bacteria after contact with the air, especially in hot and sweaty environments, which may be more unhygienic. No matter how diligently you change it, the situation that “menstrual blood is exposed to the air to breed bacteria” cannot be changed.

Our longstanding myth is that disposable items are clean (sanitary pads, tampons) and reusable items are unclean. However think about the disposable chopsticks in the diner, and the fact that tampons leave debris in the body (in lunette’s video you can see a tampon in water swinging a piece of debris) , maybe menstrual cups can help us dispel this myth?

7. During the first two periods of use, you can use sanitary napkins or panty liners for extra protection, observe your body’s adaptability to the menstrual cup, and check the flow rate to figure out how often it needs to be poured.

Section 7

In addition, about whether menstruation is a feminist issue, and whether menstrual treatment is a feminist issue, I found a blog on lunette’s page (swear I’m not their trust, I took a look at lunette’s sales in Sweden and it seems that it is more expensive than the global Everywhere is expensive and heartbreaking, Finland, I didn’t expect you to be such a good neighbor).

I think it makes sense, post it to see

Can a period product be a feminist choice?
Can Menstrual Products Be a Feminist Choice?

Yes it can, and we’ll tell you how.
Yes, let us tell you why.

We get it. Not everyone experiences their period in the same way. For some, being on your period is not at all a positive experience. Obviously, the team members at Lunette are proud of ours periods and we are happy to celebrate our bodies ability   to menstruate! (Fun fact: Not all bodies menstruate. And not all people who menstruate identify as women.)
We understand menstruation. Everyone’s menstrual experience is different. For some people, the feeling of menstruation is not at all pleasant. Clearly, our lunette team is proud of menstruation and has fun celebrating our bodies’ ability to menstruate! (Fun fact: not all bodies menstruate. And not everyone who menstruates self-identifies as female)

Periods are red, not blue. Period blood is red. Period.
Menstruation is red. Not blue. Menstruation is red. That’s it. * Deeply slaps those sanitary napkin advertisements that still use unknown blue liquid to represent menstruation *

You don’t need to shame your periods. Approximately one billion people are on their periods right now, so you can talk about them. We do, and we recommend you to do the same.
Don’t be ashamed of menstruation. There are a billion people in the global powers currently menstruating, so you can discuss menstruation. We discuss periods, and we suggest you do the same.

When you use a menstrual cup, you will be more in touch with your body. There isn’t any reason why you should try to hide your periods. With a Lunette cup, you can learn to track your periods and the consistency of the blood , and you will learn that your body can do this amazing thing that doesn’t need to be faded away.
When you use a menstrual cup, you get more in touch with your body. There is no reason to hide menstruation drops! With a menstrual cup, you can learn about your period and the texture of your blood, and you’ll learn that your body can do this amazing thing without hiding!

Talking about periods will help the world. Yes, you heard it right. Billions of girls can’t attend school, or they are prohibited doing many things because they bleed. Periods are not a disease but a natural part how the human body works.
Discussing menstruation can help the world. Yes, you heard that right. There are still thousands of girls in the world who cannot go to school, or are forbidden to do many things, just because they are menstruating. Menstruation is not a disease, it is an incredibly natural part of how the human body works.

Section 8

Some friends asked if cold water flushing menstrual cup refers to cold boiled water? No, just rinse with tap water. Then there are friends who are worried that the tap water is contaminated with bacteria. Is it not good to just flush it and then put it in? In fact, our awareness of hygiene has a lot of myths (just like thinking that disposables are cleaner), for example, how many friends wash with cold boiled water before masturbating or having sex? Or sanitize your fingers with alcohol? I believe it is a minority! Small amounts of bacteria will be dealt with by the vagina’s own defenses. (If there is a friend who insists on doing this every time, I suggest that you rinse the menstrual cup with cold water every time and then wipe it with a fragrance-free and non-additional disinfectant wipe! If you are hygienic, you must carry a dozen wherever you go Do you have disinfectant wipes)

One blind spot of using menstrual cups is that the situation of some domestic toilets is not very optimistic. Squat toilets are the main ones. If you have been promoted to an advanced user of menstrual cups, squatting toilets are not a problem, but it may be stressful for beginners. bigger. And there is rarely a sink next to the toilet. So if you use a public toilet, you have to prepare a small bottle of water to rinse your menstrual cup. Friends who have doubts about this, I suggest:

Reduce the number of times you change your menstrual cup. The capacity of lunette 1 is 21ml, the total volume of a menstrual period generally does not exceed 80ml, and the menstrual cup can be placed in the body for 12 hours. That is to say, except for the day when the flow rate is extremely large and fierce, some people with a large amount need to pour twice more, and at other times, it is enough to take it out early in the morning and evening, pour it out and wash it (average 8 to 10 minutes in the body) 9 hours), which can be solved before going out in the morning and when returning home in the evening. As long as the cup is not filled to the height of overflowing the vent, it is safe to stay in the body for 12 hours! Most importantly, be sure to wash your hands when operating!

One more thing to add, I was asked if it is okay to use a menstrual cup on an airplane, and whether pressure changes will cause leakage. I have no experience before, so I didn’t answer. The last time I was on the 9-hour flight back to China, I had blood collapse on the first day of menstruation. I only used a menstrual cup for the whole process, and there was no problem. The small space design of the aircraft bathroom is very menstrual cup-friendly, and the sink is close at hand, making it easy to clean.

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