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Crib brand | Ultra-detailed Japanese farska crib use evaluation

by nadlia
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LMy baby Boob is nine months old, which means I’ve been a mom for nine months! To be honest, facing the new identity of mother seems to be like a motherly vocation. From the time I knew that a new life was conceived until Bubu was born until now, I have been trembling and ecstatic all the way. The child is doing his best!

Faced with a wide range of baby products, I believe that many novice mothers are like me. They do their homework every day during pregnancy and always hope to give their children the best. When purchasing various baby products, they will hope to be Really practical.

Especially cribs, many people say that there is no need to buy them. Anyway, children will not sleep as soon as they sleep. They are big and take up space. Children need their own places to sleep, and I attach great importance to the safety of babies sleeping. From the beginning of pregnancy, I told my teammates: “I am a mother who absolutely needs to buy a crib.”

farska is a simple design brand that combines Japanese parenting experience and Nordic life aesthetics. farska is taken from Danish, meaning “fresh and good products”. The origin of this brand is GRANDOIR LTD, which has been operating in Japan for nearly a hundred years A large enterprise started from the manufacture of baby products. In 2009, the brand farska was developed based on the “new life concept”, and it has been ten years since then. When I was searching for a crib, I was immediately attracted by the simple style of this brand. At that time, I checked a lot of information about this crib, and I also went to see this crib. I found that it is not only good in texture, but also very functional and It is practical, so I decided to let this crib grow up with Boo Boo.

I bought the farska parent-child co-sleeping multifunctional crib one month before delivery. This bed really has many advantages. It has been used for nine months. To be honest, my teammates and I are very satisfied. If you want to refer to other brands, you can read this article.

Today I will share my practical experience. New parents, check it out. In the hearts of parents, each child is the most precious treasure. As a senior mother who is nine months postpartum, there are several key points that must be followed in order to find a crib that is easy to use in her mind. Please write it down quickly.

Key points of crib selection

Material: People who are mothers really attach great importance to whether the material of baby products is safe. Before I bought this bed, I went to a special shop to check the entity, to confirm whether its wood has a strange smell, to feel whether there are wood chips that will stick in my hands, and then I was relieved to place an order. This bed has passed the inspection of the Japanese SG/PSC in terms of material quality. It has passed the strict Japanese safety benchmark inspection. It is certified by Japan as a natural wood, which is the safest for newborns. It has passed the SGS certification and is free of plasticizers, formaldehyde and heavy metals.

Size: It is divided into big bed 125cm x 75cm and small bed 95cm x 65cm. There are big and small beds. You can buy them according to your home needs. I bought a big bed. The king bed has 9 sections of adjustment, and the height can be adjusted at any time to match the adult bed.
Age: 1+2 ways to use, crib (can sleep to about 2-3 years old), parents bedside bed, fence.
Crib: There are 9 kinds of adjustable height, which is why I chose the big bed! Because only Farska owns the crib in the nine segment market, it can be perfectly adjusted to the same level as the adult bed. Even if no parents and children sleep together, the height of the crib can be adjusted according to the growth of the baby. Now Bubu can stand up. In order to prevent him from lying on the edge of the bed, the bed must be adjusted to the lowest level unconditionally.

Bedside bed for parents: Gospel for mothers who feed them! You don’t have to get up to hold the baby from the bed or go to bed after feeding. These steps alone will really save the mother a lot of energy, especially when it is quiet at night, she does not need to carry the baby back to bed quietly. The mother’s sad song is that the sleeping child is not easy to put back to bed and wake up. The advantage of bedside bed is that the height can be adjusted at any time to match the adult bed, just like sleeping next to the adult. The height of the bed plate can be easily adjusted by turning the adjusting button, so that the baby can be taken care of by turning sideways when crying in the middle of the night.

Fence: When the baby is older and can walk and jump, it is actually another beginning for the mother to look forward to and fear of being hurt. When we need to be busy because of family affairs or emergencies, we can’t keep an eye on children all the time and worry about their safety. At this time, the crib can be turned into a safe movable fence for children to play in. The clear fence allows us to see clearly while busy, so as to prevent children from climbing up and down because adults do not pay attention. The fence has good penetrability, so my mother can see it clearly.

In addition, there is a children’s sofa, but it can be made of the size of a small crib. A large crib is not suitable because it may be too heavy for two people to sit on, but it can be used as a large platform for cloth.

Safety: the safety design of rounding the corners, so you don’t have to worry about bumping your head. It is designed for parent-child sleeping to prevent the baby bed from tilting and displacement. It is equipped with safety harness and can be used from general size to king size. There is no gap between the crib and the adult bed. After fixation, there is no need to worry about the separation of the crib and the crib.

Convenience: The crib with wheels can let me move to the place I want to move at any time.

Super simple and fast assembly: The assembly is simple without tools, and the mother can also do it by herself (but this kind of work is still left to the father). Generally speaking, its baby bed needs to be assembled in 30 minutes to take off. When assembling, just buckle the parts!! Basically, it takes only 10 minutes to complete the assembly. Compared with the general market products, the assembly time of farska is shortened by 1/3. In fact, it took him only 4 minutes to complete the assembly when it was actually handed over to his father!

Breathable and Sleepy Portable Farska Organic Cotton Mattress 9-piece Set
At the beginning, I bought it together with the bed. The contents include: 1. Carrying bag | 2. Mattress | 3. Quilt | 4. Warm quilt | 5. Cleaning pad | 6. Protection bar | 7. Tilt pillow | 8. Pillow cover | 9. Pillow heart,

The quilt, pillow case, cleaning pad and pillow heart are all organic cotton that mothers and babies love. Organic cotton has one advantage: breathable and comfortable in summer, and it can cover the air to store heat in winter. It is sewn with two pieces of organic cotton three layer cotton yarn, a total of six layers of cotton gauze. For the sake of children’s small worry that they can’t breathe when their mouths and noses are covered, I actually take them and blow them, and they will be breathable indeed.

However, I suggest that the crib should be under one year old. For safety reasons, just lay out the mattress. No pillow or quilt is needed, at least for our children. Safety is the most important thing. There should be no gaps between mattresses or places where children may be in danger. The mattress is a highly resilient breathable mattress. I attach great importance to whether the bed is breathable, because babies are very afraid of heat. If a small fireball lies in bed without breathability, how can it sleep safely (how can mother have time to chase the drama).
This bed bag has a great advantage, that is, it can be carried with you. For example, it is easy for us to go out for the night, so we don’t have to worry about recognizing the bed when we take it out, and we don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of the outside environment. As long as we close it, we can take it out. When we arrive at the destination, we can unfold it. Isn’t it super convenient!!
You see, it only takes three seconds to put the bed bag away and leave immediately! It is also very convenient to carry it with one hand.

The farska parent-child multi-purpose crib, which has been used for more than nine months, is really a great crib. We have our own space, which also makes us closer. Being a mother has made me understand a lot. I always felt that my happiness and satisfaction need to be filled by many external things. But the more things we buy, the less we can catch up with more desires. Even if I have many things, the feeling of happiness is still weak. After giving birth to a child, I really feel “happy”. I don’t need to buy a brand bag. This baby bed gives us more comfortable, comfortable and beautiful moments with Cloth. The most precious thing in the world is actually not as difficult as I imagined. It is just such love and company. As long as I see the baby happy, comfortable and safe, and the family safe and healthy together, it is really my greatest happiness.

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