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Detailed user-review report of 5 popular menstrual cups: Super Jennie, Lady Cup, Meluna, Formoonsa Cup, LilyCup

by nadlia
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LHi, everyone, it’s been a long time and it’s me again. This time I’m going to share the evaluation report of five menstrual cups, which is actually a comprehensive comparison. They are (from left to right): meluna classic (purple shorty S, green S, white M) from Germany, Ladycup (transparent L) from Czech Republic, Formoonsa Cup (standard cup) from Taiwan, Lily Cup from Sweden ( size A), American Super Jennie (blue-green S).

Super Jennie Lady Cup-Meluna-Formoonsa-Cup-LilyCup-experience-sharing

Super Jennie Lady Cup-Meluna-Formoonsa-Cup-LilyCup-experience-sharing

The deployment success rate here refers to the successful deployment rate of my personal experience. The calculation method is that even if you only go to the toilet once, the first time it is inserted and it is not unfolded, and the second time it is unfolded, it will be counted as a 50% success rate. This is an approximate figure, I did not actually count the number of inserts/opens one by one. If you have the patience to use various methods to joe the cup, maybe you can increase the expansion rate, but I am an impatient person. After I put it in, I will only take 5 seconds to go to the joe, and if I don’t unfold it, I will take it out again, so it will cause The success rate varies widely. In addition, I have used Moon Brew Cup and Lily Cup less frequently, and I am not familiar with them. Please pay attention to this when looking at the table.

At the end, I will list the folding method I used for this cup. In fact, in addition to the Lily Cup, I will try the four folding methods of Origami fold, Punch down, Triangle fold, and 7 fold. The last one listed is my This kind of cup has the highest success rate with this folding method. For Lily Cup, I use Punch down, Origami and Egg-roll. For the folding method, please Google keyword search “Menstrual cup fold”.

The following are the evaluation reports of various menstrual cups:

01 Germany Meluna

Meluna is the earliest cup I used. It was brought to my country by a friend who asked me to exchange in Germany around 2013. In addition to country considerations (it just happened to be a German exchange), on the one hand, I was still a poor student at the time. A set of two Melunas is only NT$600, and the price is really affordable. Although I bought 3 cups, the one I use most often is the green S size.



Advantages of Meluna

① Multiple size options;
② There are many types of handles;
③ Cheap price;
④ TPE material, suitable for those who are allergic to silicone;
⑤ The material is soft and can be folded to a small size;
⑥ Take out without feeling;
⑦ Various hardness options are available.

Disadvantages of Meluna

Unfolding is more difficult. The material of Meluna is soft and can be folded to a small size, which can reduce the psychological pressure for beginners. On the other hand, because it is soft, it is easy to be squeezed and deformed by the vaginal muscles in the vagina, so it is relatively difficult to unfold. After taking it out, it can be clearly seen that Meluna is squeezed into the shape of the vagina (it becomes oval) .

When I use Meluna, I often have to put it in and take it out many times because it cannot be unfolded. This is quite inconvenient and time-consuming for me, so I have other cups later, so I put Meluna out of use.

In addition, because the surface of Meluna is not so smooth (Lady Cup is relatively smooth), it will feel slightly astringent when it is inserted, but it is only a little bit, which does not cause difficulty in insertion, and is easier than pushing in a dry tampon.

If you want to buy Meluna, for those who have no experience in using it, my suggestion is to buy Classic or Hard ─ unless you are sure that your vagina and bladder muscles are sensitive (hard or bulky cups are likely to cause difficulty urinating, or someone has Foreign body sensation, although I don’t have the above problems) I have been busy opening it with Classic for a long time, and I can’t imagine how much effort it takes to unfold it with Soft.

I use the Origami fold with Meluna.

02 Czech Lady Cup

The reason to buy Lady Cup was because one day when I was browsing the PTT fascist version, I saw someone asking for a menstrual cup recommendation. It mentioned that “Lady Cup is easy to unfold, and it is the easiest cup for beginners to use.”

I used to use Meluna very well, but when I saw this sentence that day, I thought about it more and more. Although Meluna is not an obstacle for me to use, it often takes a lot of time to put in and take out because of the difficult relationship, which makes me feel inconvenient. So I tried to buy a Lady Cup.

Lady Cup

Lady Cup

Advantages of Lady Cup

① The material is hard (elastic) and easy to unfold;
② The surface is smooth, and it is easy to insert when the amount is small;
③ Many colors are very cute;
④ Medium and low price.

Disadvantages of Lady Cup

① The material is hard, it is difficult to take out, and the feeling of foreign body is heavy;
② It is easy to slip and cannot be grasped;
③ The positions of the six oblique air holes are lower, and the actual capacity is not large.

In the past, there was a saying in the menstrual cup circle that “inserting and taking out are not the most difficult, but unfolding is the most difficult.” This sentence does not apply to Lady Cup. For Lady Cup, inserting and unfolding are not difficult, but difficult The thing is to take out.

As mentioned in a foreign comment, Lady Cup “nothing can stops it from pop up”, I have never encountered any difficulty in unfolding when using Lady Cup, things are so smooth to me that I am used to Meluna, it is too dreamy, put, Let go, finish, everything only takes 3 seconds, using Lady Cup is such a time-saving, good partner when driving out the door.

However, because the Lady Cup is very elastic, it is difficult to press it down to a small size when it is taken out, so the foreign body sensation will be more obvious when it passes through the vaginal opening. I was shocked by this when I used the Lady Cup for the first time Big jump. It might hurt for some people, but for me it was a heavy foreign body sensation (not painful at all). And because of the rigidity, it will be more difficult to release the sealed state.

The surface of the Lady Cup is very slippery, which makes it relatively easy to put in a small amount, but the disadvantage is that it will be very slippery after being stained with blood…..

A tragedy once happened: I went to the library on a heavy day and used the library’s barrier-free toilet (because it was clean and had a separate sink). As a result, my hand slipped when I took it out, and the cup fell into the toilet. The matter is not over yet, the toilet is automatically flushed, I bent down in a hurry to check the situation, and the flush was triggered. The current transparent L is the second (the size of the first S is about the same as Meluna S), and the S size feels harder than the L size.

I think Lady Cup is also a good choice for beginners, although it is difficult to take it out.

It is better to say that if you want to experience the ease of use of the menstrual cup immediately, maybe a Lady Cup would be more ideal. It is too troublesome if the menstrual cup cannot be unfolded, resulting in leakage, and it is also difficult for novices to judge whether they have unfolded it or not. It often takes a long time and is full of frustration. But because it is a little difficult to take out, it may also cause panic that it cannot be taken out.

With the Lady Cup, I use the Triangle Fold.

03 Formoonsa Cup

My monthly wine cup is a small gift that Vanessa promised to the sharers at the sharing meeting, thank you Vanessa.

Formoonsa Cup

Formoonsa Cup

Advantages of the Moon Cup

① cute appearance;
② There is a scale to know the amount of menstrual blood;
③ The storage bag is very cute;
④ soft material;
⑤ It can be obtained legally in Taiwan, without the need for purchasing agents, and there is no difficulty in purchasing due to language barriers;
⑥ After purchasing the Moon Brew Cup, you can join a private club, there will be a discussion thread in it, and you can get timely responses to questions about using it.

Disadvantages of Moon Cup

① The volume is large, and it is not small after folding;
② No stomata cause some kind of mysterious pain;
③ Higher price;
④ The material is soft, it will deform in the body, and it is difficult to unfold.

The Moon Brew Cup is undoubtedly one of the cutest cups at present. The lily-of-the-valley shape after the leak-proof fold is opened is a plus in the hearts of my Appearance Association, and the storage bag is also super delicate. In addition, the scale on the cup body also makes it easy to observe the approximate flow rate, and the ring pull ring is quite convenient to take out.

However, the volume of the Moon Brew Cup is relatively large, and it has a leak-proof fold, so even after folding, the four layers of silicone add up to quite a lot. For novices who have never used it before, they may have “how can this be put in!? ” Doubts.

In addition, the Moon Brew Cup is a matte cup, and it will have a little more resistance than a completely smooth Lady Cup when pushed in.

One of the more difficult things about the moon brewing cup is that the body of the cup will not fully unfold (but the mouth of the cup will), and how to confirm that the mouth of the cup is unfolded and catches the cervix is not an easy task. Even with Meluna for two years and Lady Cup for more than half a year, the first time I used the Moon Cup, I still didn’t know if it was unfolded, and then it leaked in a mess. To be honest, until now, I dare not say that I have mastered the Moon Brew Cup. I always leak sometimes and sometimes don’t.

Like all non-porous cups, when using the Moon Brew Cup, some people will experience menstrual pain-like soreness in the lower abdomen (but not dysmenorrhea). Taiwan generally calls this feeling “vacuum pain”, but because the Moon Brew Cup is in the vagina It doesn’t create a vacuum, so I find that quite strange. Some have speculated that this may be due to the suction of the non-vented cup on the cervix, as most cups with vents do not exhibit this phenomenon. I also had this problem with the Mooncup, so I didn’t really enjoy using it in the end.

But after purchasing the Moonbrew Cup, you have a backup team to teach you how to use it.

Vanessa has created a private group of menstrual cups on Facebook. Participate in fundraising, buy menstrual cups after fundraising, or donate 100 yuan to the fundraising project, and you can join this group (select real menstrual cups with a small consideration) For those who want to know the relevant information, I don’t think it’s too much) In the club, there are articles for reference, such as experience of each cup, how to solve it if you can’t open it, etc., and you can even send a message for help if you really can’t. Although various discussions can be found on the Internet, there are still few Chinese materials, and it is difficult to respond immediately. Therefore, Vanessa’s club will be a useful backup for novices.

In conclusion, I think Moon Brew Cup is more advanced. But just like the famous saying of PTT American Insurance Edition, my poison may be your honey, so I don’t think it’s easy to get started, and it may not be the case for other people. If you want to try it, you can give it a try. (Recommended reading: Ultra-detailed Ewobebe Drainable Menstrual Cup and Monthly Cup Use Evaluation Report)

When using the moon brew cup, I use the Origami fold.

04 Sweden Lily Cup

This is the product of impulse buying.

Lily Cup

Lily Cup

Advantages of Lily Cup

① The material is soft and can be folded to a small size;
② The cup body is longer, and people with a high cervix are not afraid of not being able to catch the cup;
③ Beautiful appearance.

Disadvantages of Lily Cup

① Difficult to unfold;
② For people with low cervix, there will be a foreign body sensation;
③ Pain may be caused by suction.

Lily Cup’s brand Intimina is the cosmeceutical channel of Lelo, a major sex toy manufacturer, in Europe. Lily Cup itself looks more like a beautiful toy than a medical product, and it feels the same.

The material of the Lily Cup is quite soft, so it can be easily folded to a small size, and it is the smallest folded cup in my hand. But at the same time, he also has the disadvantage of soft cups: it is more difficult to unfold. In addition, because it is non-porous, you and your friends will experience pain that is more likely to occur when using a non-porous cup.

Because of its low cervix, Lily Cup is rarely used. Although the handle of Lily Cup can be trimmed, but I cut it beyond the ring, it is still too long for me, and the bottom is solid and has a sense of presence, so Lily Cup is flushed by the toilet except for my first Lady Cup In addition to being used for emergency when it is out, I seldom use it after the early adopter period. But according to the Facebook group sharing, users with high cervix like this cup very much.

As the old saying goes, my poison may be your honey, and a mug that I find difficult to use may become your favorite.

When I use the Lily Cup, the fold is the punch down fold.

05 American Super Jennie

This is also a product of impulse shopping.

Super Jennie

Super Jennie

Advantages of Super Jennie

① The material is moderately soft and hard;
② Large capacity;
③ Easy to unfold;
④ Medium and low price;
⑤ There is a scale on the body of the cup (but only up to 15ml, I think there can be one more scale);
⑥ Supergirl! ! ! !

Disadvantages of Super Jennie

I can’t think of it at the moment.

① There is a slight sensation when taking it out;
② The size is large, even the small size is very close to the large size of other brands, and it may be too big a problem for people who are used to the S size;
③ You don’t need to pay for the instruction manual, you need to go to their website to find it yourself.

Super Jennie is also nicknamed the Supergirl Cup in Taiwan, because its brand is based on the image of a superwoman. I also like this kind of powerful female imagery, which is why I will pay attention to the Supergirl Cup, otherwise I don’t really need to look for other cups after I have the Lady Cup.

I once saw a foreign review saying that she felt that Super Jennie “must have some kind of witchcraft, how can there be a cup that is so soft but so easy to unfold, such a large capacity but easy to put in and take out, and at the same time it is sold so cheap “My opinion is roughly the same as hers.

At the second cup sharing meeting in Taiwan, I touched the Supergirl Cup displayed on the spot. At that time, the impression of Superwoman was that it was softer than the Lady Cup. I don’t know if it will be difficult to unfold, and it is too big (it was not used at that time. Lady Cup L) and put out the fire a bit. Unexpectedly, I still can’t match the shopping impulse in the future.

The Supergirl Cup really surprised me. Although it is relatively soft, it is very easy to unfold. Although it has only been used for one cycle since I bought it, there is only one failure experience in unfolding, so I boldly guess that there should be no more difficulties in using it. Will it fail because I changed the folding method on a whim, just change it back.

However, although it is relatively soft, it is still a relatively hard cup compared with the Moon Brew Cup and Lily Cup, so it will feel a little bit more when you take it out, but it is also much better than the Lady Cup, and it is softer than the Lady Cup. It is easier to release the sealed state.

Overall, I think it’s a fairly easy cup to use. If you can accept his large size, its S is only a little smaller than LadyCup L, and beginners can also consider buying Superwoman.

The way I fold the Super Jennie is a triangle fold.

My current preference is probably Super Jennie > Lady Cup > Meluna >> Moon Brew Cup = Lily Cup

It’s not that the cup is bad, but everyone’s body structure and usage habits are different, and the latter two are not suitable for me. To use a menstrual cup, you need to pay some tuition fees to explore and find a product that suits you. I hope this article will be helpful to those who want to buy a menstrual cup.

In addition, I would like to remind you that after the popularity of menstrual cups, more and more manufacturers have entered the market competition. Although there are some good brands in mainland China, such as Aiwobeibei and Victoria’s Menstruation Partner, the low-cost products seen on Taobao There are also many menstrual cups with suspicious sources and materials. Someone once shared the experience of feeling hot in the lower body after using them. Don’t be greedy for cheap and buy menstrual cups of unknown brands! Generally, the price of menstrual cups is more than 100 yuan, so please be careful when you see particularly cheap ones. (recommended reading:Lunette Cup Menstrual Cup usage impressions and experience sharing)

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