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Do tampons work? Use my ten years of experience to tell you what it’s like to use tampons

by nadlia
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LI have been using OB, because there was no online shopping before 2000, and I couldn’t get in touch with other tampons, so the first time I used it was OB (to buy), and I have been using it for so many years, let me share some experience with you, I hope There are more and more sisters who can get rid of the abuse of sanitary napkins.

First of all, let’s talk about the benefits of tampons. You can imagine that there is no sanitary napkin, no sticky feeling, no stuffiness, no side leakage, back leakage, night leakage… Anyway, it is the same as when there is no menstruation. the same. Of course, tampons like stomach ache won’t solve it.

Secondly, let’s talk about the shortcomings of the tampon. It is not easy to use, and sometimes it is not easy to insert it. It may damage the hymen. The last tampon may be forgotten to take out. It’s true, I just forgot about it once, only to find out three days later, it almost scared me to death!

ten years of tampons experience

ten years of tampons experience

After finishing the evaluation, talk about the precautions.

For the first time, probably the most important thing is to choose the right time, place and tampon.

You must choose a more generous time, don’t do this during the urgent time between classes, before school, etc. The more anxious you are, the worse it will be. This is absolutely true. Moreover, you must choose the day when you have the most traffic, and it is best to let your blood flow into a river.

The location is also better at home, the bathroom and bedroom are good, safe and private, and you don’t have to worry about being interrupted (however, the more I talk, the more I feel like I have other meanings, I’m so sweaty). Being in a safe and comfortable place will make people feel relaxed, so that the muscles are easier to relax, and it is easier for us to complete the task.

For cotton slivers, many people recommend the catheter type, but I think it is feasible to use OB, but you must choose the “low-volume type”, whether you are a virgin or not, the “low-volume type” is the best for novices Don’t underestimate such a small diameter gap, it may be the key to success or failure.

In a comfortable place, you can sit, lie, squat, it’s all up to you, but remember that the more comfortable and relaxed the better, then follow the instructions and practice slowly. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t force it, you can live Try again in a few hours, or try again in a day. As long as there is still a lot of traffic tomorrow, it is a good choice. If it doesn’t work, there will be next month. What are you afraid of? The days are so long.

If you haven’t figured out your own physiological structure, you must figure it out before practicing, otherwise you will be at your own risk!

In addition, if you find it difficult to directly get a tampon in, you can use your fingers to feel the approximate position, it should be easier, but it is recommended to try again with finger cots, because it will not stain too much blood, give the tampon Sufficient lubricant is retained. And try it with your fingers, you can make the muscles less tense.

Basically, people who use tampons for the first time fail because of muscle tension. I saw a MM in the group saying that she asked her boyfriend for help for the first time. In fact, I think it works quite well. , It is also a happy thing to have such a good boyfriend.

Of course, if you don’t have a boyfriend, or even never had one, it may take longer to ensure that your muscles are sufficiently relaxed, otherwise, you won’t be able to force it. So, relax, relaxation is the key. Take a deep breath, test it with your fingers, it’s all for these two words, take your time and don’t worry, it will always be put in.

It took me nearly an hour to use a tampon for the first time. Thinking about it now, it was not easy, but the comfort and convenience for so many years made me feel that the hour of sweating profusely was absolutely worthless. It’s worth it, and I hope that all the sisters will suffer less and make these few days of each month easier.

After the first success, basically all people will be shocked by the sudden refreshment, especially the longer they are tortured by sanitary napkins, the greater the shock will be. But this is the first step in the long march, and then you will find a very real problem, you can’t see it-so, you don’t know when it should be replaced!

The OB manual clearly states, “When the amount is large, change it every 3-6 hours, and when the amount is small, change it every 6-8 hours, and it should not exceed 8 hours at most.” However, except for the last sentence, other There is no operational value at all! Everyone’s blood volume is different. When I have the most blood volume, I can easily soak a “high volume” tampon in two hours, and it will flow out if I don’t change it! Therefore, this requires our exploration!

When you first start using it, you can put a pad on your underwear after you put on the tampon. Although we can’t see the tampon inside, once the blood flows out, even a little bit, you will have a clear feeling, and because the tampon is in the way, you won’t feel a rush of “wow”. Instead, you will feel a little “wrong”. At this time, you only need to go to the toilet immediately, and you will find a little blood on the pad, and then replace the tampon. Also, replace the pads at the same time.

Of course, I finally got rid of the sanitary napkins, but I still have to be with the pads. I am really not reconciled, but this is only in the early days when the volume is large. Now, after so many years with OB, I am almost training Even in my sleep, I would suddenly feel that the tampon was full, and then wake up, quickly rolled out of bed, covered it with the toilet paper at hand, and then ran to the bathroom to have a look—the blood was just completely absorbed by the toilet paper, where was it? It didn’t get anywhere.

So, take your time, girls who are more sensitive can quickly learn to use their feelings and experience to change the tampons in a timely manner, and for those who are not sensitive like me, a few years are enough.

In addition to the fear of bleeding out due to the large amount, there is another problem that sisters with a small amount will face a new trouble when changing a tampon in about eight hours, which is dryness.

This problem is really difficult to solve. Until now, I still face dryness and have no choice but to bring some wet wipes to comfort my body before and after inserting the new tampon. There is no other solution. However, I personally feel that as the usage time increases, the problem of dryness becomes less and less severe. From dryness to pain at the beginning, to a little discomfort later, and now, there is no feeling after five minutes. I think our body is not I am also learning to accept some new things gradually…

ten years of tampons experience

ten years of tampons experience

Frankly speaking, I’m already three years old, not four years old. When I used it for the first time, I just graduated from junior high school. I can say that I was a minority of virgins who used tampons. Facts have proved that tampons didn’t hurt me. that membrane. However, according to the doctor, the shape of the hymen is different for everyone, not all people are the same, so if you are still a virgin, if you are very, very afraid of damage to the membrane, then I do not recommend it, regardless of the amount Too much or too little is not recommended.

Regarding the question of whether the tampon can be used 100% when the amount is small, that is, when I just arrived and when I am about to leave, my answer is that I completely use tampons, and I don’t use sanitary napkins for the whole seven days. I don’t know about other people, but my menstrual flow is the most on the first day, the second day and the third day, so when it first came, it was surging and the amount of use was heavy. But on the fourth day, it decreased sharply, and I directly switched to the low-volume type. I hardly use the ordinary type. It has been used until the end, on the last day, there is very little blood, and there will not be much blood after changing it every eight hours.

I think the pain caused by sanitary napkins far outweighs the problem of dryness, so this is my constant choice and I have never changed it. Of course, if you feel dryness is unbearable, it is understandable to change sanitary napkins .

I would like to say a little more about problems such as airtightness and bacteria generation when using tampons. First of all, everyone actually misunderstood one thing. Our vagina is by no means open, and there is no air coming in and out of it every day. This idea itself is actually unscientific. After wearing a tampon, as long as the tampon is in the correct position, then your vaginal opening is still closed, as usual, and there is no change.

Secondly, because the tampon is isolated from the air in the vagina, it is not easy to breed bacteria. Of course, we have given a time limit of eight hours, because we are afraid that the time will be too long, even in the absence of air. Some will also slowly reproduce in excess.

However, its cleanliness is actually far superior to that of sanitary napkins exposed to air. Girls all know that the menstrual blood on sanitary napkins is brown. This color itself is a reflection of the contact with air. Blood is more reddish. If you think tampons are unsafe, trust me honey, pads are even less so.

Regarding the poop problem, hehe, this is how I solve this problem. When urinating, I don’t care about him at all. When I’m done drying my butt with toilet paper, I also pinch the little cotton thread. Toilet paper is very absorbent. , most of the liquid that the small cotton thread touches will be absorbed. Cough cough, if you can’t accept it, then I have no other way but to change a tampon, because the urethral opening is higher than the vaginal opening, so I can’t think of a way to keep the small cotton thread away from the urine completely.

As for the poop, I usually just lift the little cotton thread, because of the labia minora, it will stay there relatively stable, after you are done, anyway, the toilet paper must be wiped from the front to the back, so it will not be dirty of. In all my years, without diarrhea, I’ve never had to mess up that little cotton thread by skimming the big strip. More importantly, most people poop in the morning, right? At that time, it should also be the time to replace the tampon the night before, so there are not many chances of problems.

Can I swim and take a bath with a tampon? Personally, I dare not. I don’t know if anyone has done it before. The reasons why I dare not do so are as follows: First, I am afraid of the cold, especially in special circumstances. If it is cold, my stomach will hurt, so I will definitely not go swimming. Second, I have showered countless times with tampons, but, I have not dared to take a bath, because even though our vaginal opening is closed, when we enter the water, because of the water pressure, I am not sure The water must not enter the vagina. For the sake of hygiene and safety, I dare not take a bath in a public bathhouse. If it is my own, I will also consider it. After all, the body is in the water, and my body will carry a lot of water. Bacteria, I’m still quite concerned.

These are my own thoughts, without any basis, so I dare not say that they are scientific. It seems that a year ago, Americans invented a soft cup-shaped device that is similar to the principle of tampons but made of different materials, which can be put into the vagina. The mouth of the cup is just stuck around the cervix, forming a closed space. I think that thing should be able to satisfy some girls’ dreams of swimming and bathing.

I asked the students who bought the catheter there, and I was embarrassed to say: I only used OB, and I was very helpless, because I have never seen any tampons other than OB in our supermarket. If you want to buy it very much If so, there are some on Taobao, and of course there are sisters who must be abroad, so of course they are very happy.

Many people are repeatedly talking about how painful, difficult, unbearable, and failure the first time is, asking me if I have a unique trick, well, I will tell you one! Ready to go, the taste is heavy! ! ! Virgins do not apply! Look down!

Now that the right and wrong have been discussed, I preconceived that you have experience in certain things, ha, this is not gossip, this is a prerequisite!

That being the case, well, honey, find a good time, at home, and find out the porn! Pick the one you like the most, the one with the most feeling, and then do it yourself to cooperate with the body. Give you half an hour, and you should be able to complete the work of sexual arousal, right? aroused is not it? That is to say, you will find that even though menstruation is coming, you will still be “wet”! ! ! At this time, do business! Take the tampon apart and put it in! You will find everything is so simple!

This is the trick, I’m exhausted, there is no other way, everything depends on you! ! ! ! !

After such a long time, the post is still read by people, the host expressed his satisfaction! I went to Hong Kong some time ago and bought the legendary catheter-style tampon. After using it, I said: It is indeed easier to use than OB! ! ! ! ! If students with the conditions really recommend using catheter-style learning, if they don’t have the conditions… well, what else can I do? Who told me to be born and grow up in the celestial dynasty, life is doomed to be a HARD mode, work hard on your own dear! ! OB is still available.

tampon basic knowledge

tampon basic knowledge

In addition, what makes the host feel HARD is: the damn OB no longer provides finger cots! The landlord of this month is very tangled! Because the so-called OB imported from Germany actually made a clear statement to contribute to the cause of environmental protection and no longer provide finger cots! The landlord expressed great indignation! This is clearly the hegemony brought about by monopoly! Strongly demand the increase of domestic sliver brands! Provide reasonable competition! ! ! This kind of irresponsible allocation reduction is simply terrible! ! ! The owner had to go to the pharmacy to look for finger cots and was despised, woo woo woo woo, any sisters have good suggestions? Without fingertips, it just collapses! ! ! ! !

A few years have passed in a blink of an eye, and the host has started to rush to four. I am very pleased that there are still people replying and recommending the post. The host has sorted out the more concentrated questions in the replies, and summarized them below, so that the sisters who are new to the post will be more convenient.

Questions about blood clots:

Many people are worried that the blood clot will not be discharged, so I will write all the answers to this question in the reply to let everyone know that this is not an answer certified by one person!

The host’s own answer: Don’t worry about blood clots. People who have used tampons have probably seen those “blood clots” corpses that look very lifeless after being absorbed on tampons, so don’t worry.

Those blood clots will really be adsorbed on the tampon. I can see the dead bodies of blood clots attached to the surface of the tampon almost every month. The so-called clogging does not exist at all!

Ahhhhh… trust me dear! Ten years! There is no sanitary napkin, only OB, and my vagina is not blocked by blood clots! They were all taken away by the tampon attached to themselves…

Qia Beibei: Don’t worry about it, you’ve used tampons before and you’ll know that the blood clots will stick to the tampons.

Tablecloth Tablecloth: I think it is more difficult to put it in an umbrella shape. Blood clots usually flow out when taking a shower without an OB. When I used it for the first time, lying on the bed with my legs curled up was completely natural.

Mathilda: The blood in the blood clot is absorbed by the noodles and the skin is absorbed by the tampon

Regarding whether using a tampon will change the vagina and what it will feel like to use a tampon:

First of all, the following opinions are purely personal opinions, and do not have the value of scientific reports!

First of all, the issue of big and small should be relative. Every woman knows that the vagina of a virgin should be the tightest, and it should be a little looser if she is married or a virgin. If she has given birth and gave birth vaginally, then In theory it should be a little looser. Of course, these are all theories, as if some people have stretch marks when they are pregnant, and some people have eight births without them, then you have nothing to do!

Well, let’s take this relative point of view, the tampon, the multi-quantity type, has a diameter of no more than three centimeters after absorbing water and swelling, given that this size is far smaller than the normal male genital size (of course, this is also a personal opinion, who knows What size men are, I didn’t check!) So, even if this thing stretches the vagina, it will never be more effective than men.

Secondly, is the feeling of “elasticity” determined by the size of the vagina when it is most contracted? Personal feeling is not. Because even postpartum women can use tampons, it means that even if your vagina has given birth, when it is in a normal tight state, it can still tightly fit the size of the sliver, so that the sliver will not fall out. It can be seen that the so-called looseness or tightness of the vagina should be affected by the largest thing that the vagina has ever accommodated, not something that can be changed by a small size like a tampon.

Finally, I would like to add a sentence, women who hate gynecological examinations, I understand your feelings, I also hate internal examinations, but the feeling of wearing a tampon is – “no feeling at all”! ! ! Rather than what you imagined, all possible, comfortable or uncomfortable feelings. Therefore, those who think that the tampon can also serve as a “massage stick”, you will be disappointed, and those who think that the tampon may bring “internal examination” will be pleasantly surprised!

tampon basic knowledge

tampon basic knowledge

Regarding the problem of foreign body feeling when the tampon is inserted:

Let me tell you about a problem that I have encountered and is relatively easy to use: If you can insert the tampon into the vagina, but you still feel uncomfortable, and your fingers have all been inserted, that is to say, it has been inserted very deep, and you still feel uncomfortable. If you are uncomfortable, consider the following:

The small thing, the tampon, does not necessarily look as you imagined when it is inserted, it is similar to the extension of your finger into the vagina, because it is likely to be inclined halfway, this situation is most likely to occur as mentioned above The problem is that your middle finger has indeed entered the vagina completely, but your tampon is stuck in your vagina at an angle instead of lying in the vagina, and you will feel uncomfortable at this time.

I don’t know if my description is clear, and I’m not sure that everyone who feels uncomfortable must have this problem, but you can try it. When inserting the tampon, in addition to pushing in with the middle finger, there are several other Don’t idle any fingers, tightly pull the cotton thread behind the sliver to ensure that there is enough strength to make the sliver tightly against the front end of the middle finger, and then perform the stuffing work. I hope it will be helpful to everyone~

Regarding whether the tiny cotton dust on the surface of the tampon will remain in the vagina and cause problems:

I have just put it in and then took it out again. The less blood volume, the more tampons I put in before, and the shorter the time I put it in, the drier the tampons I took out, and because of the dryness, There will be the problem you mentioned, the outer silky membrane may feel torn, but it is not completely separated.

But the whole sliver is still intact, that is to say, at least there is no defect visible to the naked eye, so the poster has not considered that there will be some residual problems in the body. But then everyone seemed to be talking about this matter, so the host went to search for some publicity about tampons, and it turned out that they really talked about it!

It seems that the official website of a catheter-type tampon says that there will be a little bit of cotton wool remaining, but don’t be afraid, because within three days, these cotton wool will be excreted along with the leucorrhea. After using the tampons for so many years, the host thinks there should be no problem, because the host was never informed of any residue problems during the gynecological examination, so I guess there should be no major problems, right?

That’s about it! Finally, I wish you all a happy menstruation ~ wow ha ha

tampon basic knowledge

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