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Does Aesop makeup work? Aesop Essence, mask, hand cream, perfume and other 7 products use experience

by nadlia
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LI first came into contact with the Aesop brand in a cafe. At that time, I had afternoon tea with a colleague from the bank and a beautiful sister. She told me that the hand cream and hand sanitizer in this cafe used Aesop. However, I have always felt that the price of Aesop is really not cheap. In addition, another favorite brand Jurlique is also an Australian brand. These two brands are my favorite hand creams. Until this year’s black Friday, just hoarded hand cream all used up, immediately down.

Aesop, or Aesop, is a luxury care brand founded in 1987 by barber Dennis Paphitis in Melbourne, Australia. Named after the Greek Aesop Fables, Aesop offers the best quality plant-based care products for skin care, hair care and body. Apart from the products on offer, the most impressive thing about Aesop’s stores is the decor, with many collaborating with renowned architects, artists and designers. It currently has 183 stores in more than 50 countries.

Seven kinds of products were purchased this time, and the following are introduced respectively.

| Facial care

Aesop Parsley Seed Antioxidant Essence

The main ingredients are grape seed, panthenol and parsley seed. It focuses on anti-aging and moisturizing, suitable for neutral and mixed skin.

I have been hearing about the anti-aging series of parsley seeds for a long time. Recently, due to crazy acne, the original essence could not bear my condition, so I made a quick decision to change the maintenance products, and then realized the effect of antioxidant essence of parsley seeds.

First of all, the absorption speed is as praised by others. It takes less than 10 seconds to feel the facial skin quickly absorb the maintenance products, and it is not greasy at all after use. What’s more, it has a very fragrant smell. After opening, a strong scent of lavender essential oil comes to the nose, without cheap industrial flavor, and it feels very comfortable to smell.

Unfortunately, his dropper design proves what most netizens say is super difficult to use. Even if the rubber tube is not squeezed, the essence will continue to drip out and the bottle will be dirty if you are not careful. Although it is a good amount of essence, but also shouldn’t be wasted! It is hoped that Aesop can be improved and strengthened in this regard.

Aesop Blue Chamomile Moisturizing Mask

The main ingredients are: nicotinic amine, sweet myrrh, sodium carnarate, mainly balance the skin, supplement water, suitable for neutral to dry skin.

I just use the mask at hand, unexpectedly a friend immediately sent me a box of her home mask. This is my face acne online to find a way to help the netizen recommended, so it is also received as soon as the product used. When you open the bottle, you get a clear smell of chamomile and a hint of lavender, which may not be as brilliant as hand cream or parsley seeds, but it’s a great 30 minutes on the mask.

As for the efficacy is still in the record and observation, use once feel good, ice cooling moisturizing effect is very good, anti-inflammatory effect is not clear, but the original dull wound on the face when applying the mask gradually calm down.

| Body fragrance

Aesop Revitalizing Aromatic Hand Cream

Main ingredients: orange peel, rosemary leaves, Atlantic cedar

The first Aesop I knew, I remembered the brand because of its amazing absorption effect and smell. I bought a bottle of Aesop as soon as it was on sale, and even helped my sister buy one.

In addition to hands, it is also recommended to use revitalize aromatic hand cream for foot care before going to bed. Because it is a big pot, I have used it to maintain my hands and feet these days. It is really happy to be fragrant before going to sleep, and it is not a problem to maintain the smell for several hours. Hand cream is light and moist, absorbs quickly, and you can do things right away.

Aesop Revitalizing Aromatic Hand Cleansing Lotion

Main ingredients: orange peel, rosemary leaves, Atlantic cedar

Because hand gift boxes are cheaper, I also bought a set of gift boxes to use with hand cream. It tastes the same as hand cream, so putting it on immediately after washing your hands will keep you happy and in a good mood for a long time.

Aesop’s Perfume

The main ingredients are: clove, sandalwood, cardamom

I have been collecting perfume. Although I had to sell my long-cherished perfume when I moved, the perfume here is much cheaper than in China, but I have no desire to start again. Now I only visit the salon occasionally.

It was recommended by an artist friend, and when she took me to try it, she liked it but was not impressed. It was not at the top of the list when compared with Ruden’s Berlin Maid or Atelier Cologne Pomelo Paradise. But since the first two desired fragrances have been purchased, it’s Aesop’s turn to buy them, while they’re on sale and still available for delivery.

When I first sprayed it on, I smelled a strong lemon with a little bit of grass. After about 20 minutes, the lemon scent was no longer strong, replaced by a softer basil aroma. When I cook Bolognese or marinated meat, I always put a few leaves of basil on the side of my plate. It helps counteract the sour and greasy taste that comes with saliva and meat chewing. The basil in a perfume plays a similar bridging role, diluting the lemon scent and allowing other scents to express themselves.

Personally, this is a neutral perfume that can be used by both men and women. As a non-professional salon or perfume brand, I think Aesop has done a good job and would like to add the other two bottles of Marrakech and Hot perfume to the list if I get the chance.

| Oral care

Aesop’s toothpaste

Main ingredients: sea buckthorn, cardamom, wasabi

Aesop’s toothpaste uses xylitol to prevent cavities instead of fluoride, which can be a factor in the development of acne. Buy a few strips immediately during a breakout. I didn’t expect the toothpaste to be squeezed out of shape in the process of delivery. There was no one complete. I could only comfort myself that sooner or later it would be crushed by me.

I was a little worried when I saw mustard in the ingredients, but compared to other commercially available toothpastes, it is not exciting at all. Without the pungency of mint, it is a mild toothpaste, perfect for those who are afraid of pungency.

Aesop mouthwash

Main ingredients: clove, anise seed, spearmint

Different from toothpaste, mouthwash with fennel and clove smell is obvious, and the aroma remains in the mouth long after use. Some mouthwashes sold in European markets have a strong fennel smell. Aesop mouthwash seems fine, fragrant but mild, as the brand has always been warm.

The most impressive thing about Aesop is that they show their unique side without forgetting to consider the feelings of others.

Let’s finish with some big group photos.

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