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Facial mask which brand is good? Super detailed 33 facial mask use experience, easy to use are here

by nadlia
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LSay my skin, belongs to mixed sensitive skin, oil in summer, autumn and winter and easy to face dry, and thin cuticle easy to blush, when the season is the most easy to skin red and dry, so now summer and autumn alternate, we must pay attention to moisturizing! Don’t lose water! Easy to dry mouth, nothing to drink plenty of water, ready lip balm, German chamomile will do, cheap and easy to use. Now the skin has been using Avene for more than half a year, and it has become much better, and it is not very sensitive, and it does not redness and flaring. Now I like to try all kinds of skin care products, and it is especially easy to be planted grass. Don’t follow me, my skin has become better, but it is not suitable for me to use it once or twice and put it on hold. So whether it’s a ranking or not, welcome to share your guidance.

1~3: THE OOZOO Universe Injection Mask recommended: ★★★☆

THE OOZOO is hot this year, look at it! I also follow the trend to buy, with the effect is OK, I use the mask is basically used at night before going to bed, pick it off to sleep, also not every time to look in the mirror, also people after applying the mask also wash face, this one person one thing, personal habits are different, I am too lazy, sometimes with the application of the mask do not wash on the sleep, all the mask time is about 20 minutes, Some masks for a long time will be counterproductive, this attention. I see the mask is good, not only after the application of the mask, but also look at the next day.

The blue one is the hydrating one, the pink one is the skin lightening one, and the grey one is the whitening one.

Very foreign atmosphere, the injection of yeast resurrection grass essence into the mask, the injection said that the upper layer is yeast, the lower layer is resurrection grass essence, can increase the skin elasticity, moisturizing and hydrating, improve the dullness, take it out is very sticky, see the buyer said that is the essence, is it, with the feeling is good, the second day up to look at the face, very good, white, water light, It’s similar to the water and light facial mask, but I think this one is better. I never like jayjun’s facial mask, I don’t know why, but this one is OK. It’s worth it and suitable for all types of skin.

And gold. I didn’t get it. It’s anti-wrinkle. It doesn’t fit.

About the goods true or false, we all know that South Korea’s goods in January a packaging, according to the packaging distinguish true or false, I do not know how to believe, but fake goods so widespread, I will follow a point, doubt people do not, employ people do not doubt, anyway up to now has not rotten face. Take this mask as an example. THE one in the picture is bought later, and the package is different from the one I bought for the first time. However, I compared it with it. And then I don’t know what happened. Personally visited the duty-free shop friends must know, duty-free shop mask is absolutely not so cheap on Taobao, reliable is the most important.

3-6: Dr.Jart Pill Mask Recommended: ★★★★★

South Korean people like to use a Dr.Jart (to buy) mask, I think it is also very good, especially blue, it is really easy to use, the mask paper is very comfortable, after use, feel comfortable face, anyway, some other masks after use you feel greasy face, want to wash your face, this one does not have this feeling, super hydration. That’s a thumbs up.

Effect of Blue Pill mask: Hydrating, suitable for any skin type, sensitive skin also suitable.

Efficacy of green pill mask: calming, containing medical moisturizing ingredients, aloe vera calming and moisturizing effect. In addition, phytonicide is added, the three ingredients are the perfect ratio of hydrating, caring for dry and dehydrated skin, hydrating and fitting skin.

Orange capsule mask effect: whitening, containing whitening ingredients such as neuroyl can whiten the skin, can improve the dark skin, emulsion essence is easy to absorb.

There is a kind of red, I have also used, seems to be acne muscle with, can eliminate and improve acne mark.

7: Kris black carbon whitening hydrating mask recommended: ★★★★★

This is one of the masks I buy back most often, but I think this is the best one for me to use anyway, ranking first among the Korean facial masks I’ve used. Before the spring season on the face of dry skin allergy, haven’t bought Avene, I use it, with it does not stimulate the face, not only moisturizing, but also a cleaning mask, for the contraction of pores, acne blackheads have a special effect, the second day after application can see the face skin becomes soft, shiny and full of elasticity. 100 percent buyback mask. The price also has an advantage over the first two.

It used to be Liz and Chloe, but now Chloe and Medwell are separated again, and I don’t know, either. I’m just messing with it. I’ll see.

8: Liz De Zi bamboo charcoal mask recommended: ★★★★☆

Liz (to buy) is a substitute introduced by the daigou when Kolais is out of stock. The role is similar to that of Kolais, which is hydration, cleaning and whitening. I think it is OK.

9: line friends Brown bear Keni rabbit limited edition mask Mediheal and line cooperation mask limited edition, very lovely, essence is a little more than ordinary. There were four. I only bought the blue hydrating one.

Blue lovers bear rabbit: Hydrating double hydrating absorption.

Yellow Brown bear: anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, restoring elasticity.

Sky Blue Sally Chicken: Soothing skin, suitable for oily and sensitive skin.

Pink Keni Rabbit: brightens skin, cleans skin and shrinks pores.

Girl heart friends can choose to enter, the packaging is a lot of points, each style is very good, but I personally may prefer blue? A hydrating face mask? Yao Chen was also using this mask when she was pregnant, so what are you worrying about? Strong hydration ability, take paste, is my favorite reason, can be ready.

10: Kolase Injection reservoir hydration Mask

12:Liz  Meti You3 reservoir hydration mask recommendation: ★★★★★

These two facial masks are the most classic hydrating facial masks. I used these two masks at the beginning, which proved to be really useful. A lot of domestic facial masks are also subtly upgraded from these two masks, and their function is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Keep buying them back. Ritz has always been this packaging, but Rice recently changed the new packaging, Hyun Bin endorsement, the price is almost less.

11: Mediheal Huir water light protein DNA blue hydrating facial mask

Recently, the new mask (to buy), the main role is hydrating and moisturizing, facial mask I buy is basically hydrating and moisturizing, will buy back the basic is a few miles of hydrating that. I think the essence of the mask is much more, and the use of other feelings are similar, there is no difference. See a few new recently or whitening, moisturizing, moisturizing, light spot wrinkle removal these, this did not imagine good ah.

13:23 years old Silk mask recommended index: ★★★★

I am relatively unfashionable, just know this 23 years old brand recently (to buy), but this mask design is very interesting, the mouth is covered, will be a little uncomfortable, but hate who let him apply a mask to close the mouth is also good. Description: This facial mask uses a novel elastic mask to tighten the skin. It also contains a high concentration of caviar protein essence, which can fully brighten the face and replenish nutrients.

My feeling is that there are a lot of essence, very thick a mask, very heavy, the price and Tijiting is about the same, with a little greasy, can be in the range of acceptance, seal the mouth has the effect of lip moistening, very good, feel like the absorption of good point, absorption quickly.

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