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FemmyCycle Teen Menstrual Cup Use Thoughts and Experience Sharing

by nadlia
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LBefore writing this post about using a menstrual cup, I would like to share my experience with you. I’ve only used tampons twice before using a menstrual cup (didn’t stick to it because it was uncomfortable), the other times I’ve used M pads and had a moderate flow with occasional small blood clots. Menstrual cups I have used include: Finnish Lunette Small, German Meluna Small, Swedish Intimina Original Size A (shop here), Swedish Intimina Compact Size B, FemmyCycle Low Cervix, FemmyCycle Teen.

Before using FemmyCycle Teen, I was using FemmyCycle Low Cervix. Later, my colleagues all said that it was very useful, so I tried it and took a cup. Since I am not new to menstrual cups, I have no fear at all when putting on a menstrual cup, and the size of Teen is much smaller than Low Cervix, rub a little water-based lubricant, and put it in ten seconds!

I thought it would take a lot of different folding methods to successfully pop it open, but after putting it in the Dao Dao with the ordinary tulip folding method, it automatically popped open automatically! I was still thinking: so it bounced off? Will it leak? But rushing back to work didn’t care so much, I went out at 10:30 and rushed to take the subway all the way to the company, but I didn’t feel any moisture leakage. And just like that, my first day with FemmyCycle Teen ended with me completely ignoring it. My work includes occasionally standing and chatting with customers, or writing articles, listening to the phone, etc. I don’t have time to go to the toilet to pour blood. The menstrual cup that does not leak blood at all brings me a lot of convenience.

I got started with FemmyCycle Teen for the first time, thanks to my previous experience of using a menstrual cup (I still remember the first time I used a menstrual cup for half an hour to get out of the toilet). FemmyCycle’s narrow top and wide bottom make it harder to know when it pops open than other menstrual cups. The best way to make sure it pops open is to give the bottom ring a hand tug, or pull the bottom ring and gently push up on the folded leak barrier. After popping open, the menstrual cup will spring to the proper shape according to the vaginal muscles without causing muscle relaxation.

After I got home the first night, I lay on the couch until 10:30 and started to feel a leak. I think, almost 12 hours later, the menstrual cup should be full. When taking a shower, take out the menstrual cup, put your fingers into the tunnel, find the bottom ring and pull it down gently, then push the abdomen hard, and the menstrual cup will come out! As soon as FemmyCycle Teen leaves the vaginal opening, it will automatically change back into a wave shape, and my flow on the first day went to about two-thirds of the menstrual cup, and it also went to two-thirds on the second day. It can be seen that the first two-thirds of the girls with normal flow Daily use of menstrual cup should be able to ignore it for 8 to 10 hours, after the third day it is so comfortable that I forget to come to M.

Of course, I am not saying that every girl must use a menstrual cup, sometimes I also use pads and sanitary napkins. It’s just that we have only been exposed to disposable sanitary napkins since we were young, and we lack the opportunity to choose. Now we have more choices than before, such as menstrual cups, tampons, cloth sanitary napkins and so on. If you think menstrual cups are useful, you might as well share them with your friends so that more women know that they have the right to choose.

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