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Fun Factory Fun Cup menstrual cup thoughts and experience sharing

by nadlia
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LI have been using a menstrual cup for three years and have tried various brands and styles of menstrual cups. Recently, the Fun Cup L size has become my favorite!

My pelvic floor muscles are stronger than the average person, because I have been afraid of using the outside bathroom since I was a child, and I dare not even go to the school bathroom. Over the years, my pelvic floor muscles have become stronger, but my bladder function has deteriorated. Therefore, a menstrual cup with a large enough capacity is very important to me. In this way, even if I go out from morning to night, I don’t have to change the menstrual cup in the bathroom outside.

My cervix is neither low nor high, and when I put my middle finger in, I can just feel the cervix. I have tried different brands of high and low cervical size menstrual cups, but the success rate is only about 30%. When it comes to menstruation, sometimes a high cervix size is better, other times a low cervix size… confusing, right?

There are two menstrual cups in a box, so you can easily replace them at any time! If it is difficult to choose, the Explore Kit has a large and a small Fun Cup, taking into account different needs.

In fact, our physical condition is different every time menstruation comes, especially when we are taking traditional Chinese medicine or other medicines, or when we are under too much pressure, the difference is even more obvious. When you are already in an unstable mood and are bothered by menstrual pain, it can be very distressing to think about which menstrual cup is the right one to use! The Fun Cup L size is just right for me. On days with less flow, some other cups that are too large will squeeze the bladder, making me feel like going to the bathroom, but the Fun Cup L size does not have this situation.

The Fun Cup L size has a capacity of 30ml, I can put it in when I go out in the morning, and take it out in the shower when I get home from get off work at night. The longest I’ve ever used a Fun Cup is a full 18 hours! Actually a menstrual cup shouldn’t be in your body for more than 12 hours, but I was on a plane and I was always in the shadow of the restroom outside (this is a one time situation, please don’t imitate it guys).

Generally speaking, if the menstrual cup has been used continuously for more than 8 hours, there will be some odor when it is taken out. But when I took it out after 10 hours of using it, the smell was not as strong as other menstrual cups. It’s also surprisingly easy to clean, leaving no stains or requiring lemon juice to remove odors. In addition, since the frame of the Fun Cup L size is made of thick material, it is easy to open after being placed in the vagina, making it very convenient to use. Although it is not as soft as other menstrual cups, it is still very comfortable and practical to use. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Getting the Fun Cup out of your body is also easier than you might think. Although it has no ring or bottom handle design, in my experience, it is very easy and secure to take out the Fun Cup just by grasping the hook at the bottom! I have been using the Fun Cup for 3 months and have not had any bleeding so far, it has become my best partner during menstruation!

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