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How to use a menstrual cup|Explain in detail the experience after using the menstrual cup for half a year

by nadlia
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LIn the process of growing up, I knew that “birth” and “child” are beneficial and positive words, and those eggs that have not been implanted are just a bunch of useless things. People say I really want a baby, not that I really want a period.

Today I am not going to talk about menstrual shaming. Those who are interested can read “Menstrual Inequality”, it is a great book!

As for some too precise instructions, I will not write, because you can read the QA of the Moon Cup Club, or other people’s teachings. This article is purely from personal experience, suitable for people who are afraid but willing to try.

before using tampons

I would recommend that anyone who wants to use a menstrual cup start with tampons, but first of all there must be such a period of time, due to the sanctity of the vagina and the difficulty of obtaining equipment, use Taiwan’s most popular sanitary napkins, apple bread (why )period.

I started menstrual cramps in the sixth grade of elementary school, and since then I have been taught to use tampons, and I worry about whether I didn’t put the tampons in a proper position, or whether I should put them in the night when I may leak 30 times 12 times a year * 5 days Put a pillow under your knees to prevent a large amount of menstrual blood from running back instead of running to the sides, then it is necessary to wash the sheets or underwear.

It wasn’t until my junior year that I started to practice using tampons in order to go abroad to the islands. After all, if you encounter menstruation while diving, life will attract a bunch of sharks swimming around. Based on Internet rumors that taking medicine is harmful to the body (actually, medicine beforehand will not), I started to use tampons.

Facts have also proved that I am a master of tampons. I started using it for the first time. Since the first menstrual period, I used catheter-type tampons to feel comfortable physically and mentally. Due to the occasional side leakage problem, I switched to finger-entry tampons (OB).

The tampon thing

In the period when menstrual cups were not yet on the market, menstrual cups were basically unavailable and could only be brought back from abroad. Who knew what it was~ so tampons were the best salvation.

As I said earlier, it is recommended to use a tampon before using a menstrual cup, especially the finger type. First of all, this can overcome your fear of the vagina itself, and it can also enhance your understanding of it. Everyone’s vagina is different. Like everyone looks different.

I know that what you read in textbooks looks like this, and the description of the moon cup also looks like this, but its length and shape, I really don’t know if I don’t explore it, and I can’t help you, first use the benefits of point-in Yes, without relying on the catheter, you can know how far you have to push your tampon to pass the sensory zone at the beginning, and you also know the approximate slope and width.

In addition, I think there is another advantage of the tampon, which allows you to observe the changes in your blood volume. Some people have a fixed amount of blood, and some people will burst into floods in the middle. Like me, this is because when the blood volume is high, it needs to be changed every 2 hours. , If the amount is small, you can not change it for 5 hours. After you catch the pattern, you don’t need to see if the exposed thread is stained with blood. You only need to feel the moisture and swelling of the tampon to know that it is time to change it.

The trick to using a tampon is not to be afraid. What I often tell my friends is that if you are not a virgin, you can put it in. There is nothing to be afraid of with a tampon. The menstrual blood itself will be wet, just push it in smoothly.

Why I switched to a menstrual cup

There are many reasons to hide, such as:

① I still need to use night tampons for night tampons, because the current tampons that can absorb the most menstrual blood can’t support me until dawn or stay in bed.

② Tampons are more comfortable than tampons, but the thread still frays me sometimes.

③ When the amount of sliver is small, the sliver is not enough to absorb at all, and the sliver cannot be left for too long, but it is painful to take it out, and there will still be emergencies if the sliver is not put in.

But the real reason, of course, is that I want to try, and last November when I just didn’t bring anything, menstruation came, and I met a stall selling menstrual cups.

The feeling of using the menstrual cup until now

After using the menstrual cup, of course, the reasons stated in the previous paragraph have been greatly improved. The menstrual cup will not be wired or felt. There are also no complications or infections.

But in fact, the cp value is not much different from the cotton sliver, so friends who use the sliver very comfortably now, I don’t recommend changing it, because there will be a very sad break-in period with the cup.

My bitterness with the menstrual cup

The first cup (the first menstrual period) was used very smoothly, and the whole menstrual period was spent happily. I thought I was really a master of feminine products, and I posted a post on Facebook full of joy.

But then began to have all kinds of troubles.

Not easy to replace

I can’t just plug it back in without flushing and pouring it out.

In most public toilets, the sinks and toilets are separate, such as schools, such as the MRT. At this time, I can only take a water bottle to fill the water first, bring it into the toilet, and then pour out the water in the water bottle to clean it cup. I’ve also used the accessible toilets a few times because of it.

This is the most inconvenient place for me. At present, there is no solution except to bring water in and find a good toilet. According to my statistics, the toilets of all fast food restaurants are not suitable. Some Starbucks have sinks inside The ones are outside.

It’s not good

There is a certain logic to make the cup body of the menstrual cup unfold in the vagina, for example, you can’t squeeze it in with force, or you should leave a little air in the middle when you fold it to facilitate unfolding.

But the secret of this is really that you have to miss it a few times before you know it, and you have to find a way to confirm it yourself. After hearing the sound of unfolding, you will go to the toilet to confirm it again after an hour.

After one or two cups of pain-free, until the end of the sixth cup, I can not leak the whole menstrual period.

too much blood

This should be my personal problem. Because the next day I was in the state of flooding blood, so it is easy to reach the upper limit of menstrual blood that the cup can hold. At present, the standard is to change it every 3 hours. Although it takes longer than cotton slivers, I still hope to wait for it to stabilize and buy it again. Serve with a mug.

So should I use a moon cup?

If you are very tired of using tampons, or you are very brave to try new things, of course I would still recommend it. It’s just that you have to go through the pain period first, and you have to be mentally prepared. After all, the starting price of the moon cup is relatively high, and it’s super strange to sell it to others if it’s not suitable for use.


Assuming that you use up a box and a half of OB tampons in each menstrual period, you need 35*12=420 yuan a year. I have calculated that after using the menstrual cup for more than one year, it is basically cheaper than buying tampons and tampons, and the menstrual cup can basically be used for more than 10 years.


No feeling is true, if you put it in, you will forget that you are menstruating. If there is a friendly toilet, I will immediately recommend everyone to replace it with menstrual cups. You will definitely think what you were doing before.

After practice, learn to coexist with the menstrual cup, its disadvantages will become less and less, and the advantages of being comfortable, non-sense, and long-lasting will become more and more apparent. After all, except for the second day, I only need to change it three times a day on average when I go out. One time, one time at home, and another troublesome time to change outside in the middle. If you encounter a toilet with a faucet, you will feel: ah! What luck today! Ha ha!

As for the problem of not being able to plug well, it will be fine with practice, but the period of paying the tuition fee is really longer than that of tampons and tampons.

Easy to carry

In the past, I needed to carry a bag containing sanitary products to go out, but now I only need to carry a small bag, and I don’t have to worry about menstruation and odor being found outside, because it is washed off after washing, and there will be no corpses of sanitary napkins , The body of the tampon (it is said that the body of the tampon is really more embarrassing than the tampon).

in conclusion

What kind of way to use to spend this once-a-month cycle, I think it’s all a personal choice. I don’t say that using a menstrual cup must be advanced or trendy, and using sanitary napkins is conservative and ignorant. It’s just a matter of finding a suitable way. is very important.

I will provide my usage experience for your reference. I hope more and more people will join us, otherwise I will be very lonely when discussing menstrual cups!

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