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How to use tampons | Talk about the experience after using tampons for 3 months

by nadlia
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LThis is a menstrual text, a real menstrual text! Not the kind that writes one every month. I have been using tampons for almost 3 months, and I would like to share my thoughts.

Although it is a healthy and useful life experience sharing, there are a lot of organ and structure descriptions, people who feel uncomfortable, or underage children who are not suitable for watching, please turn left automatically, or most people will automatically click when they see 18 banned Come in?

In order to cope with the trip to Europe, I heard that there was a record of 40 degrees Celsius before! I use tampons in summer, which tends to be stuffy, humid and itchy. I would like to say that I will experience the new thing of tampons. If I use them well, I will take them to Europe where the heat wave is too strong. It can reduce the chance of bacterial infection in the vagina and urethra. .

In Watsons and other daily life department stores, you can buy the most popular Sophie catheter-type tampons. I heard that many sisters have to go to Japan to restock before it comes to Taiwan, or invite relatives and friends to travel. Buying on behalf of you is a brand with a lot of diehard fans, so it should have their way! So I also dedicate my first to Sophie Catheter.

On Sophie’s official website, there are animation instructions for using tampons.

The key point is to figure out the structure of the inner and outer catheters, relax your mind and body, and push the outer catheter deep into the vulva before pushing out the inner catheter like an injection. The first time I used it was not smooth and rude, I wasted several pieces and almost killed my little sister. Here is my history of blood and tears for your reference to see if I can avoid the same problem.

● The inner and outer catheters are pushed together, and then the tampon is stuck in the tent, which is the sensitive zone, and it will get stuck when walking, sitting or lying down. I remember the first moment when this happened, I was pulling on the cotton in a hurry to get the tampon out. But before the tampon absorbs the menstrual blood and becomes moist, it is completely dry, and it is completely attached to the vaginal wall, completely bitten to death, and the internal organs are almost not pulled out at the same time.

● If there is still a small piece of tampon sticking out of the genitals, it will be dead. Resigned to my fate to go out with a dry tampon, I couldn’t sit down at all, I remember I had to ride a motorcycle on the road, the bumpy journey turned the misplaced tampon into a murder weapon, and raped myself for 40 minutes. Tie Qing rushed into the toilet, but fortunately the tampon had absorbed part of the menstrual blood and was already wet so it could be taken out and replaced.

The above story tells us that although it is said that the first time is raw and the second time is cooked, we must not be careless in using tampons. Think about it, it may be that the catheter is inserted into the vulva, and the salmon finally found its way home! Then, when I started to swim, I was very anxious and wanted to end the whole process quickly. If I pushed out the inner catheter at the wrong time, it would cause an embarrassing situation where the tampon would not come in and come out.

tampons use three months-of-experience

tampons use three months-o experience

In addition, the timing of use is also important. I used it for the first time after I showered, when I was moist and relaxed in mind and body, and it has reduced most of my fears. I think the standing posture is the best to use, although some teaching will teach the sitting posture. Miss A of the Korean girl group has a very healthy standing posture! Don’t come to fight, I just use pictures from the Internet to demonstrate, and I am also a fan of miss A.

It is recommended that women deal with the vagina more often, make friends with others, or massage themselves more, figure out the entrance location, length, width, height, and mileage, and have a good idea when using it, so as not to be too flustered. If you want a systematic and in-depth understanding of tampons, you can open the following article.

At the time of the self-rape incident, if my aunt and I hadn’t had strong Kegel muscles, rich experience and a tenacious mind, I might have burst into tears on the road, and passersby approached me for help, so I really kept my mouth shut.

The mantra I used to make the evil spirits dissipate at the moment is, “My mother gave birth to me 100 million times more painful than this, and I don’t feel it when my vagina is cut!” I don’t feel it at all!” The big concept is that you can get out of danger almost 1000 times, for your reference.

After getting used to it now, when I see a tampon advertisement, I want to shout “Xiao Zai, this is an ad for a tampon!” Just like the schematic diagram, if you use a tampon correctly, menstrual blood will be absorbed in the body, so there will be no The sanitary napkin feels damp and hot, and I can really roll around so comfortably. Eliminate menstrual symptoms, and even have a refreshing feeling of forgetting menstruation.

tampons use three months of experience

tampons use three months of experience

I still have a few small problems:

● The sliver is easy to slide down, and then gets stuck in the middle. Is the upper half of the vagina relatively loose? Is it funnel-shaped? I have been doing Kegel exercises!

● When I sleep, my uterus and vagina are firmly plugged like a red wine bottle. The amount is as large as I am very relieved. I don’t have to get up early to wash the blood stains on my pants and quilts. But the trouble is that if you sit for a long time and lie down for a long time, the tampon may have been absorbed, and when you stand up after taking a long time, your underwear will still be bloody, which is scary! It is not until the third day of menstruation that the amount starts to decrease before you feel more at ease.

● When you go out with tampons, even if you only bring two or three packs, you should take the whole box with you to protect the tampons that look like candy but are actually packaged in napkins. Broken, contaminated with external bacteria and cannot be used.

Is there anyone who can answer these questions?

I heard that tampons won’t damage the hymen. I didn’t bother with this kind of thing after the coming-of-age ceremony (drinking a cigarette + picking the nose), but it’s really not advisable for boys who still have hymen plot these days. You don’t have to worry about using tampons. If a man finds trouble because of this, you can pour hot water on the tampon to give him a pad, and then wrap his lower body with plastic wrap, so that he can experience the pleasure of fever, mildew and inflammation. This Mingzhi.

Sophie catheters are divided into large volume, normal volume and small volume. In the life department stores for women, you can usually buy large quantities and ordinary ones, but it is more difficult to find small quantities. It can be found that tampons are still difficult to be accepted by Taiwanese women, and usually only occupy a small part of the sanitary products counter. Only in Costco can you find that the joyful mountain is higher than the mountain!

Taiwan’s own brand KIRAKIRA, I took a trial product, the pearl-like smooth catheter is very delicate and fashionable, and there are beautiful prints! But my nerves are relatively large, even if there are particles on the catheter, I can’t feel it.

It is also a Taiwanese brand of OB finger-insert tampons. It does not need a catheter and is inserted with your own glove tampon. This is a bit irritating. I bought a box but dare not use it. It should be an advanced version suitable for veterans. .

Finally, I remind you to pay attention to hygiene, wash your hands before putting them in. When I go to the toilet, I will pull the exposed cotton thread to avoid contamination with urine and feces. Users should also pay attention to the time of putting it in, because it is too refreshing and has no feeling, so if you don’t pay attention to the time, it will be left for too long. Beware of TTS toxic shock syndrome, that is, the bacteria on the sliver and cotton thread have become a petri dish. , severe cases will lead to high fever and shock, so remember to watch the time and replace it frequently!

Explanation: In addition, one year after finishing this article, the author has updated an article about the experience after using tampons for one year. Relatively speaking, the feeling is deeper than this article.

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