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In early summer, maintenance and sunscreen products to maintain a stable skin condition

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LI originally wanted to share my experience on sun protection and whitening, but after thinking about it, I decided it would be better to change it to maintain skin tone. After all, I don’t have the kind of comparison photos with similar lighting before and after use, so it’s hard to share the real effect.

My own skin tone is fair, so when choosing any brand of foundation, I usually use the lightest shade. In fact, a few years ago, my skin tone was naturally wheatish. The reason why there was such a big change in a few years was not because of the skin care products I used, but because I worked in an art gallery during the summer vacation when I was in college. .

The light in the art museum is very dim, and the lights are hardly turned on. I work in it for 8 hours a day, and the only time I can get the sun is on the way to work, from home to the subway station, and from the subway station to the art museum. It’s been a few months with almost no sun exposure, and my skin tone has changed from a tan to the lightest shade of all foundations. When I went back to school after the summer vacation, everyone who knew me was amazed. So for sun protection, wearing a hat and a coat is the most fundamental thing.

Although the whiteness is very unexpected, it is hard-won, so I have been very careful to maintain my skin color in the past few years. Today, I would like to share with you the maintenance and sunscreen products I have been using recently.

KOSE Medicated Sekkisei Lotion

KOSE (to buy) I bought the 180ml type, which is very convenient to carry at school or at home. If I use it, I use it after Clinique Cleansing Lotion, and I use a compressed mask for wet compress. If you have dry skin, you must pay attention to moisturizing, and then it is easy to get acne. (Recommended reading: Ultra-detailed reviews of 15 lotions, essences and creams)

The smell of alcohol is quite strong. If you are not used to the smell of alcohol, you should not choose it. The whitening effect is unknown, but I still feel that it is not easy to get tanned after using it for 4 years.

THE BODY SHOP Huayan Light Translucent Liquid Foundation

I used Shu Uemura’s petal matte liquid foundation before, but because the dullness was too serious, my friends said several times that my face was darker than my neck, so I changed to this liquid foundation.

Let me explain first, my skin is neutral, neither oily nor dry. If I insist on classification, my cheeks should be slightly oily. A few years ago, I had acne-prone skin, and it was a very serious type of acne-prone skin. I have been fighting against acne for a long time, so I am particularly concerned about whether the liquid foundation will cause acne or acne, and I usually try to choose a freshness. It’s a very tall foundation, so the coverage is probably only medium.

I use Huayan liquid foundation, the whitest color number 010, the texture is refreshing, watery, and the concealer effect is medium to low. I remember that there are only 4 color numbers. If you can’t find a color number that suits you, you can use other foundation toners.

In other words, I like this liquid foundation very much. After using it, the skin has a visual effect that looks good in itself. As long as the weather is not too hot, the makeup effect is very good. I don’t touch up makeup all day long, and only at night There will be a little floating powder on the nose part, but everything else looks good. The disadvantage is that you need to use a little more, otherwise it will be easy to take off makeup if the weather is too hot, and then it is a bit too natural and the coverage is not high. If the skin condition is not good, you will not want to use it. In addition, I use this non-comedogenic and non-comedogenic.

Kiehl’s Whitening Balancing Brightening Essence

I used it after lotion, and I got a lot of acne when I first used it, but fortunately, after strengthening the moisturizer later, the situation improved a lot. Originally, I bought this when I was worried about scars after facial abrasions. The effect was good, so I used it as a daily skin care product. Click here to purchase.

Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing Sunscreen

The new product of Innisfree (go to buy), a watery sunscreen, very comfortable and refreshing, the sun protection factor is SPF 37+++, but it has only been used for about a month, and the sunscreen effect cannot be shared with everyone , After all, it only took such a short time, and it should not be tanned.

freeplus UV sunscreen

The freeplus UV sunscreen (go to buy) is what I use as a body sunscreen. It is a relatively unpopular sunscreen, but it is very refreshing to use. I started using it last year and have not noticed any darkening so far. I will continue to use it this year Going down, the sun protection factor is SPF 26+++. (Recommended reading: How to use sunscreen correctly? 10 problems every girl has when using sunscreen)

Finally, a reminder that the sunscreen products mentioned in this article are recommended for indoor activities. Although the sun protection factor is not high, they are all refreshing. If you want to do outdoor activities, it is recommended to use other sunscreen products with a higher factor. I also used Curel’s sunscreen before, but it felt very oily, and it was a bit acne-causing, so I changed it.

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