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Kegel ball use evaluation, after the test, I feel very evil and sexual blessing

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LI only have a set of Kegel balls. The brand is SVAKOM in the United States. One set has three strings of balls. The single ball is too large and heavy (the link to buy it is here), so it makes people feel quite obvious. The first time I used it, my boyfriend helped me put it in. It took me a while. After all, I would feel nervous when I put such a large foreign object into my body for the first time. Fortunately, my boyfriend put it in smoothly under the comfort of my boyfriend.

The feeling of scratching was very obvious when I used it for the first time. It didn’t take half an hour for my underwear to become slightly wet. Even if I walked slowly, I could feel the slight movement of the ball in the body. In addition, there was a small ball inside the ball that would change according to the amplitude. Vibration, it makes one’s heart itch~~

After 4 hours of use, pulling out was very stressful, like a tug of war with the vagina. He is tightly attached to the vagina like an octopus, and people are very afraid that it will break when they are pulled out. But when he gritted his teeth and pulled out, the moment he came out, he let out a small scream. The pleasure was very obvious, and the sphere was covered with white viscous body fluid.

After using it for a short period of time, you gradually get used to the feeling of the ball scratching your body, and then you start training to catch the ball. Try pinching him in and relaxing the muscles to let him slide down, after you can do this consistently you can get the ball out and do a lot of things. But before taking it out, please do a good job of facial expression practice, so that you can not reflect the feeling on the expression before taking it out. When I took it to work for the first time before, my colleagues asked you what’s the matter and how you looked cool, it was so embarrassing. When taking it out, please pay attention not to use it for too long. About 4 hours is enough. Letting the ball work for 8 hours a day will not make you tighter. Persistence is more important!

kegel balls evaluation

kegel balls evaluation

After using it for 5 days, I can obviously feel the difference in tightness when I enter it, and the feeling is better. The whole vagina becomes more sensitive, and it is more sensitive than before when I exercise, which is very comfortable.

The following are questions that have been asked by many friends in the past:

Q: What is the best way to put it in for the first time?

Answer: If you can, please ask your other half for help, relax your body and tease it a little, and then apply an appropriate amount of lubricant and put it in. If you are alone, you can use M-shaped legs. It will be smoother to let the body feel a little bit from the X first.

Q: Is there any pleasure in using the ball?

Answer: There must be, but it is a different concept from when I used Little Monster Jumping Eggs. It is the kind that makes you tickle, and makes people want it a bit! Of course everyone’s experience may be different.

Q: How do I use it normally?

Answer: Please go out with the ball, and practice holding it in and pushing it out to practice repeatedly. If you are a little beginner, just practice pinching the ball! Don’t be afraid of the ball falling out. You still have underwear anyway, so it’s better to put a pad on it.

Each Kegel ball has a built-in metal ball. Put the Kegel ball into the vagina. When you walk, run, do housework, or practice yoga, the small balls inside will collide constantly, subtle collisions And vibration, will stimulate your PC muscle to contract, stop the ball from slipping and falling out. While relaxing and comfortable, it can also effectively exercise your pelvic muscles. This is Kegel exercise.

Remember, there is no effect if the light plug does not move. Whether it is a normal type or an electric type, you need to exercise your private parts to have an effect!

Q: Why do I keep slipping out with the ball?

Answer: There are two common reasons, it may be too shallow or your vagina is not clamped. Don’t be afraid that the ball will not come out if you put it too deep, as long as the thread is still outside, it can be pulled out easily. As for the vagina not being clamped, it may be because you don’t know how to move the muscles of the vagina. You can try to stop it when you are on the trumpet. It’s probably the same feeling. You can put the ball in after you get familiar with it.

kegel balls evaluation

kegel balls evaluation

Q: When is the best time to dribble?

Answer: When you can walk around or stand for a long time, the ball will have a slight vibration with the body movement at this time, and the feeling of scratching will be obvious, and it is better to clamp when standing. You can also take it for exercise. I have also taken him for jogging and aerobics. The feeling at this time will be obvious and the training effect will be great.

Q: How do I pick the ball?

Answer: It is recommended to start with single ball. After all, it’s quite scary to ask you to stuff two foreign objects into your body for the first time, but it’s okay to go directly to the double-ball version.

Q: Which brand is easy to use?

It’s really hard to say which brand is easy to use. I’ve only used this set of vagina reduction balls so far, and the experience of this kind of thing itself is quite personal. Your best friend says it’s easy to use, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the most comfortable to use. yes. But because this kind of thing has to be put in there, I think it’s better to buy a big brand, at least the quality is guaranteed. After all, there are too many products from small workshops that seem to be very tall, and the packaging and appearance are different. Can’t tell the difference at all.

Sister Songuo has recommended LELO, FUN Factory, SVAKOM, Durex, and IMTOY before. They are all well-known brands with a large number of users, so they are worth recommending.

Q: How to clean it?

Answer: I use the cleanser for the vagina to wash it and then dry it. Of course, there are many special cleansers on the market.

Q: How long does it take to exercise to see results?

Cooperate with Kegel exercises and start exercising for about two weeks, and there will be results. Of course, it is recommended to continue exercising for more than 2 months, and there will be significant improvement.

Phase 1: First exercise, let the body adapt first, use a small-sized single ball, insist on training for 30 minutes a day, last for about two weeks, and then change to a large-sized single ball, the training method is the same;

Stage 2: I have adapted to the large-size single ball and have not dropped it. At this stage, I can use a small-size double ball. I also insist on training for 30 minutes a day for two weeks, and finally change to a large-size double ball.

If it is not easy to fall, it means that the exercise is very effective.

Q: I saw some individual balls, did they go straight in? Aren’t you afraid you won’t be able to get it out?

Individual balls are replaceable, and Kegel balls usually have a silicone ring that allows you to swap balls of different weights inside to adjust the intensity of your workout according to your physical condition.




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