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LELO Luna First Experience Report

by nadlia
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LSo excited! I can’t help but want to share it, I hope I won’t talk upside down.


It started at the end of last month. I saw some girls discussing vaginal shrinking balls on the “Guidelines for Using Yin Shrinking Balls”, which seemed to be able to train vaginal tightness, which instantly sparked my interest! Because conquering my boyfriend and seeing him having fun always gives me a sense of accomplishment!

After reading the special topic, some people said that they were very motivated after using it, and some people used the ball directly to make the tide! ! ! I saw someone having sex, good! Decide! buy it! Because I don’t seem to have had a bad tide, my current boyfriend, it will be over in about three minutes… Sometimes it’s over within half a minute after entering. Moreover, we have now become a long-distance relationship from a distance of half a school, but my demand is quite large. Based on the desire to increase skills (it seems to be able to train suction), and the desire to experience the tide, I placed an order!

Because I really want to be cool, I wanted to buy the German fun factory , but later found that it is the largest of the common brands, and it is generally said that LELO is the most recommended for beginners (to go shopping), so I Just buy LELO’s Luna Ball! !

I bought the classic version, and I was surprised to see Qiuqiu himself! It’s bigger than expected, everyone seems to be like this. I know the online advice is that the classic version is suitable for people over 30, or women who have had children, but I just want to be stuffed… Anyway, I can’t help but run back to the room after dinner, unboxing right away! Get started now! ! !

No pink one, yes, because it’s sliding through my body right now. I sat on the toilet and plugged it in. I am very sensitive and get wet very easily. Just fantasize about being kissed on the ear or touch the body and it will immediately become a swamp, so I didn’t use the lubricating fluid that came with it. I sipped the beans, maybe because I was a little ashamed, I really felt good! In addition to using it to exercise the vagina in the future, I should use it for other things!

It was a bit difficult to push at the beginning, but I really wanted to be comfortable. I quickly inserted the first ball, and it was more challenging to insert the second ball. I thought for a while that it might not be deep enough. But after stuffing the two pieces, I contracted my muscles and wondered if the rope would be sucked in as soon as it went in and out!

After stuffing the pads, I felt that there was water flowing out all the time. When walking, I could feel the small iron ball inside the ball rolling. It seems that many people say that they will forget to use force if they don’t feel the ball falling down, but I can clearly feel the feeling of it rubbing against the penis wall when it is pushed, and I really want to stop… So I kept exerting force to relax, Relaxing hard, I can completely understand what they mean when they say that they are motivated, I really want it! ! !

Now I have set the alarm clock on my mobile phone, the alarm clock is 3 and a half hours. I heard that it should not be plugged in for more than 3~4 hours at a time, so I took the middle value. Maybe I can share the feeling after pulling it out later. So far I am super satisfied and I like it! ! ! I have to finish all that before I can fall asleep today. I hope that next time I have sex with my boyfriend, he can be sucked to heaven.

Keep recording. Usually, no matter whether I go out to exercise or not, as long as I have physical strength, I will do 7 minutes of exercise before taking a bath, and there are waist training equipment. Of course, sometimes I will work overtime until I go home and just want to sleep. Then when I exercised, I realized that I was too naive, and I wanted to go out for a jog. In the 7 minutes of exercise I did, 1 minute was running in place, and the feet should be raised as much as possible. It is not an exaggeration! As soon as you run, the falling force of the ball is huge! I squeezed my abdomen very hard, but I could still feel it slipping out slowly. As a result, I relaxed when there were about 20 seconds left, and half of the ball came out directly. If there was no underwear to hold it, I doubt it would have rushed straight away. A ball comes out.

Because I played the video and followed it, I quickly put the half back in order to catch up. To be honest, it was quite tight, and it was a bit rude to stuff it myself. Later, I didn’t feel any waist and foot exercises, even if I tried to move the ball, I didn’t feel it. Then I felt that the water flowed from the bottom to the groin. It should have been flushed out together just now? !

On the way to the bathroom after exercising, I felt the iron ball rolling and the ball sliding up and down, but I didn’t expect the urge to urinate suddenly. I sat on the toilet with M-shaped legs, trying to hold back the pee while pulling the ball. I have to say that pulling it out was much more difficult than putting it in. I was really afraid of breaking the rope. Before I pulled it out, I still couldn’t hold back my urine. I was expecting it to be a tide, but the water that came out smelled like urine, so it was probably urine. The ball that was pulled out did not feel so much water. Frankly speaking, I was a little disappointed at the time, but when I looked to the side of the toilet, I found that the white liquid was still sprayed on the toilet just now! ! I suddenly found it very interesting, I didn’t expect that I would have a day of spraying~~~

There is also an unexpected episode. I started to take a shower after washing the ball. Halfway through the wash, my mother said that she wanted to come in and wash her hands. She was super nervous! Immediately go back, etc., etc., and then hide the ball. She came in, washed her hands, and she went out again after a few words. When she went out, I remembered that I forgot to flush the liquid on the toilet! It’s a good thing she didn’t use the toilet… Otherwise, I would not be able to explain what it was in vain for a while… Or it was on the toilet…

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