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Lunette Cup Menstrual Cup usage impressions and experience sharing

by nadlia
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LIt is said that my menstrual flow is very heavy. Every time for the first two or three days, I feel very uncomfortable because of the constant flow of blood. I feel a sense of suffocation when I sit down or walk quickly, especially because I have tried it for two consecutive days before. Dirty trousers leave a shadow, even if you use a large amount of sanitary napkins, you are still worried about leakage when you relax.

The first time I heard the name “menstrual cup”, it was my boyfriend who told me. I was really surprised when a man whose knowledge of female physiology was limited to the scope of middle school texts mentioned “menstrual cup”, and at the same time felt intimate, because not everyone can talk about menstruation with you, even if the person is the closest to you It’s not necessarily possible for other people, for example, I can’t talk about this topic with my mother. If you don’t know the difference between menstrual cups, sanitary napkins, and tampons, you can click below.

I don’t have much reluctance to put sanitary products into the vagina, so I decided to use it when I was mentally prepared. I began to browse all kinds of information about menstrual cups on the Internet, and learned about the usage, texture, types, and feelings of some users through blogs and youtube.

One of them, Bree, a 17-year-old girl, really impressed me with her youtube channel – Precious Star Pad. She has a good knowledge of menstrual cups and has opened an online store to sell all kinds of menstrual cups and environmentally friendly sanitary napkins. She can clearly share the little knowledge about menstrual cups in each video, including how to clean and analyze various brands, everything, so that I quickly received a lot of relevant information, I strongly recommend people who are new to menstrual cups to visit this channel to find out.

what is a menstrual cup

Although the original intention of writing this article is only for a few friends of mine to read, but considering that some people may click to read it or want to share it, I feel it is my responsibility to explain a little bit about what a menstrual cup is.

Menstrual Cup, also known as moon cup (translated from foreign name ‘Moon Cup’) or menstrual cup, is bell-shaped, mostly made of silicone, latex (latex) or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material, soft texture The body is elastic and easy to bend and fold up before being put into the vagina to hold menstrual blood. Because it is made of anti-bacterial plastic, the menstrual cup can generally be used for 5-10 years if it is properly stored and washed. The idea of ​​a reusable menstrual cup being environmentally friendly and saving me money on sanitary pads or tampons every month is very appealing to me.

In terms of appearance design, the rim of the cup is a little thicker than the body of the cup. When the cup is opened inside, the rim of the cup can stick to the cervix to prevent menstrual blood from leaking out of the cup; the end of the cup is connected with a short rubber handle or a small The ring is easy to hold and then pull out when removing. Some people will cut off/short the rubber handle part after they are familiar with the action of inserting and taking out; there are a few small air holes under the cup rim for the cup There is still enough air permeability under vacuum. When replacing, you can press the cup to expel excess air, and then take the cup out.

buy a menstrual cup

You can’t find menstrual cups everywhere in Hong Kong, most of them can only be bought through environmentally friendly product stores, ebay or other online stores, and supermarkets/convenience stores will not sell them. I found my first Lunette Cup by accident in the “Lively Life” shop of JCCAC in Shek Kip Mei. I immediately bought a Lunette Cup Model 2 and a cup cleanser of the same series.

Unlike disposable sanitary napkins, menstrual cups are widely known and demanded in the mainstream market. It is believed that Hong Kong society is more conservative than European and American societies, and seldom considers or pays attention to other types of sanitary products. Some friends are more resistant to the concept of “insertion of foreign objects into the vagina”. Especially after knowing the size of the menstrual cup, it is inevitable that they will be unfamiliar with the product and feel scared. I want to say please don’t underestimate your vaginal muscles, it will naturally relax and adapt.

There are many brands of menstrual cups, the more well-known brands in foreign countries are: MoonCup, Lunette (the brand I am using), DivaCup, LilyCup, LadyCup, Keeper, MeLuna, Sckoon Cup, Si-Bell Cup and so on. Basically, a menstrual cup looks like a small translucent plastic cup, but in fact, there are many different colors of cups on the market to cater to buyers’ preferences.

Each menstrual cup launched by most brands has at least two different sizes. When purchasing at the beginning, you should choose a larger or smaller cup depending on your age, monthly flow rate, and childbirth experience. These brand websites will have size charts for reference, and there will be detailed usage explanations and purchase suggestions. Taking Lunette as an example, the smaller Model 1 has a capacity of 25 ml (0.85 fl oz). It is recommended for women with less flow/teens/no sexual experience/no reproductive experience. The material will be softer than Model 2; Model 2 has a capacity of 30 ml (1.0 fl oz), mostly used by women with heavy flow/sexual experience/mature development/birth experience.

But one size doesn’t fit all, the same as buying a bust, you will know your body only after trying it. Some people will find that their vagina is relatively short, so they need to choose a smaller cup; some people find that their flow is more than expected, and it will not leak out often with a large cup; some people think that the material used by this brand is relatively hard, Other brands are more comfortable to use. People who have only used one type of menstrual cup are likely to choose a cup that is more suitable for them in size and material according to the feeling of their body. Of course, there are also people like me who get used to it after buying the first cup.

first month

When I bought the Lunette cup, my aunt just arrived. After I got home, I unpacked it and prepared to try it out. There was only one Lunette cup in the package, and a small rope bag and instruction manual were included with the box (I would put the cup in the bag when I didn’t need it) .

First, check that the air holes on the cup body are open, then use a cleaner for the first round of cleaning, and finally soak the cup in boiling water for 20 minutes for thorough disinfection before it can be used.

It is indeed a little nervous to hold this cup for the first time, and there is a feeling of courage before putting it in.

Wash your hands with soap and water beforehand. Following the advice of Precious Star Pad, I prepared a lubricant and dipped a little on the rim of the cup (later found that adding water also has a lubricating effect). There are several ways to bend the cup, I use the push down fold (aka punch down fold), the top of the cup is thinner after rolling up, it is easier for me to put it in smoothly than the c fold (aka u fold) .

Take a deep breath and try to relax your body. Alright, I’m going to put it in… I’m a little confused where is the exact position… Try to push in a little after finding the alignment. It may be because of tension, the muscles are also tightened, and it hurts a little after half of it, but this is acceptable to girls with sexual experience, so I continue to push slowly… Then I felt the cup suddenly “bu” inside Pushing it open, the whole person trembled in fright. I found the rubber handle and pulled it, but the cup didn’t move, I believe it has been sucked and fixed. This process took about four minutes, which was smooth. Because I was worried about the blood-carrying effect, I still put on an extra sanitary napkin, and then sat down and walked around normally at home to let my body adapt to the cup.

It is normal to have a slight foreign body sensation when you put it in for the first time. Occasionally, you feel that the rubber handle is against the inside, so you need to adjust it again. After an hour, I could barely feel anything in my vagina, even if I could feel blood pouring out of my body, the sanitary napkin was not stained with blood because it had all flowed into the menstrual cup.

I slept with a menstrual cup on at night, and when I woke up in the morning, there was only a little blood and no leakage, so I never used the “Extra Long Night 41cm” again. Moreover, I found that the menstrual cup effectively relieves the pain in the vagina, and the feeling of using sanitary napkins is more comfortable and refreshing than before.

second month

This month, I encountered an embarrassing problem: One day when I woke up, I took out the cup as usual, but there was a strange smell from it. No matter how many cleansers I used, the smell was still not gone. Of course, I immediately googled to find a solution, and found that I was not the only one who encountered this problem. Foreign netizens said that this broccoli-like taste was due to the small air holes of the cup not being cleaned, or the dirt (gunk) in the holes was left for too long. Due to the smell, it is recommended to use a toothpick to open each air hole.

I looked carefully, and it was clear that there was no dirt, but the smell was still there, what should I do? According to the opinions of netizens, I soaked the cup several times in hot boiling water, then air-dried, and finally successfully eliminated the smell. Since then, I have been cleaning my menstrual cup more diligently, and the horrible smell has never appeared again.

The third month of using a menstrual cup

I’m so used to getting my menstrual cup in and out that I decided to cut the stem short and now I don’t even feel the slightest bit of presence. Walking on the street, I don’t feel any foreign body sensation, “use it as if it’s useless”, very relaxed.

remove menstrual cup

The most important thing when taking it out is to wash your hands first and keep your body relaxed. I would use my vaginal muscles to slowly push the menstrual cup out while imagining myself peeing, and I would start to feel the cup move out and find the handle. The Lunette Cup has a raised surface on the handle to securely hold and then gently pull the cup out. Sometimes you can find the bottom of the cup along the stem and press down on the cup to expel the air and make the cup easier to remove.

Every time I take it out, I don’t overturn the blood in the cup, because the menstrual blood is thicker. The blood in the body will not suddenly surge after the menstrual cup is taken out.

cleaning menstrual cup

For a few days with a lot of volume, I change and wash three or four times a day, and for days with a small volume, I wash three times a day because of hygienic safety considerations. At first I still couldn’t get used to cleaning the cup outside, and not everyone wants to see you walk out of the toilet with a cup of blood. What I did at the time was to pour out the blood in the toilet first, wipe the cup with a paper towel until the dried blood stains remained, seize the opportunity when no one was outside, wash off the blood stains on the surface of the cup, add a cleanser for a second cleaning, and finally reapply Insert. Some people will bring a bottle of water and wash it in the toilet.

Well, it was a bit of a hassle, so then I added Lunette Cupwipe wet wipes, which cleaned and sanitized with one sheet, and the cleaner has been used at home ever since.

Will it be messy to clean and put in a public toilet?

First of all, your fingers will inevitably get a little bit of blood, so you have to get used to it. However, no matter whether you squat or sit down, as long as you point it at the toilet when you take it out, pour the blood away directly, and flushing the toilet is ok, and it should not be too dirty.

When cleaning in public toilets, I definitely prefer to use cupwipe wet wipes, because you can wipe away the blood stains through the paper towels, and the lunette cupwipe is large enough to wipe clean fingers by the way.

If you wash with water, there are more steps: you need to prepare a stick of water (open the lid in advance), keep one clean hand to pour the water, and the other hand to hold the menstrual cup while washing and wiping, and when pouring the water, you must also align the menstrual cup. toilet. I already feel troublesome just imagining it, and using cupwipe directly can save a lot of time.

Before I bought a cupwipe, I would rather wash it in the bathroom sink, then return to the toilet and reinsert it. Mainly because there are very few people in the toilets I go to on weekdays. Even if there are people nearby, I will still wash it accordingly, because I have wiped away a lot of blood stains with ordinary paper towels in the toilet cubicle, which probably looks like an unknown piece of glue in the eyes of others. The trouble is to be careful not to let the unwashed menstrual cup touch the clothes or bags before stepping out of the toilet. So, having a cupwipe is really handy!

I flush the toilet once before reinserting, it feels less messy and bloody. Plus, in all the times I’ve tried, I’ve never dropped my menstrual cup in the toilet by mistake.

Shared by people with a lot of physique

For a large amount of users like me, if the blood is not poured out on time, the cup is easy to fill and leak a small amount of blood, so I occasionally need to add a pad/short body (23cm) sanitary napkin as a base. However, these situations depend on the user’s physique/flow rate, and some people have never had the problem of menstrual cup leakage. Hopefully I can become so proficient in the future that I don’t need to use extra sanitary products.

Now I have been using a menstrual cup for half a year. This subtle change has enabled me to face menstruation more comfortably in the future and saved a lot of money on buying sanitary napkins every month. I hope that more and more girls are willing to try environmentally friendly, hygienic and reusable personal hygiene products. It’s great to see more local websites and articles promoting menstrual cups popping up recently, and I encourage men and women who read these articles to share the knowledge with their girlfriends/girlfriends.

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