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The most comprehensive Belif skin care product experience report in history, covering 56 Belif products

by nadlia
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LMy love for the Belif brand is well known. I have tried all Belif products, big and small, whether they are greasy or refreshing, I have tried them all, and I also vigorously promote them to those around me.

Many friends have heard about my love for Belif and are very interested in this brand, but because I usually write in English, and my friends around me don’t read English articles, so I wrote a special one for this brand The experience of using the Chinese version.

Hope you like it!

For those Chinese readers who are not familiar with belif, belif is actually a Korean brand, but it is a skin care product series developed by using the formula of Napiers, a British herbal medicine expert. His appeal is an all-natural herbal formula made with traditional herbal infusion, especially suitable for sensitive skin. Whether it’s me, my mom, or my friends with sensitive skin love this brand.

Its price is comparable to Kiehl’s, most of the products are between 200~600, but I personally think that if you buy more, belif is more cost-effective, because he has a discount of 60 when you buy 300, and a free sample after the deduction, sometimes There will also be a 20% discount on the membership price, so I still prefer the brand belif after all these.

Since there are too many products, I will introduce them in the order of cleanser, makeup remover, lotion, essence, moisturizer, moisturizing cream, mask, sunscreen and other body products.

Belif Calamus Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser

This calamus cleanser is one of my favorite cleansers and one of my most recommended belif products. It is the kind of facial cleanser that looks ordinary but is very mild to use. It will not irritate the skin at all or take away the natural oils of the skin. It is especially suitable for dry skin.

The stone alkali flower and calamus in it are collected from a kind of soapy plant. In the era when there was no soap, it was a natural soap that people used to clean their bodies. It is an ingredient in many high-end and sensitive skin cleansers.

Myself and my mom have repurchased countless cleansers and this is still one of the best cleansers in my opinion!

Belif Refreshing Crystal Cleansing Gel

This soapberry cleansing gel is specially designed for oily skin. Its texture is refreshing, transparent gel-like, less prone to lathering, but relatively less likely to take away the natural oils of the skin, and less likely to irritate oily or dehydrated skin.

I have dry skin, so after using two packs of samples, I still feel nothing. I feel that this cleansing gel is slightly weaker than Calamus cleansing milk in terms of use experience and effect, and the cleaning effect is not obvious. It is useless. cleaning products.

Not going to repurchase.

Belif cardamom intensive whitening foam cleanser

Here’s my take on the five-pack trial pack.

This is the cleanser of the old version of the whitening series. The texture is milky white and creamy, with konjac particles. It can massage the skin and metabolize old dead skin cells while cleaning. It is a cleansing product with scrub effect, and Kiehl’s whitening cleanser Milk is similar.

This one was discontinued before I bought it, and I replaced it with a pure botanical radiance foaming cleanser based on root brightening decoction formula and heather flower. There is not much difference between the two, basically changing the soup without changing the medicine, so friends who like this can also start with the newly launched Heather Pure Plant Extract Brightening Foaming Cleanser.

Will repurchase if necessary.

Belif Chamomile True Extract Conditioning Cleansing Stick

Belif is the sister brand of Sumi SU:M37, and since SU:M37 became popular with its rose cleansing stick, it is not surprising that Belif has launched similar products.

To put it simply, this is a bar-shaped facial cleansing soap, which can be used directly to massage the face, or directly add some water to use, and the effect is similar to that of ordinary facial cleanser. The petals inside can be used as scrub particles to help massage the skin and remove old dead skin cells.

Friends who are looking for a cleansing milk that has the effect of washing and removing are not recommended to use this facial cleansing soap. I have tried to use it to remove makeup, but found that it is not clean, so I do not recommend it to remove makeup.

The advantage of this face soap is that its design is very portable, suitable for traveling or going out, without worrying about leakage. However, the disadvantage is that it is more expensive than ordinary facial cleansers, and it is not very durable, so the cost performance is not high. Also, it irritates the eyes, so it’s not very mild.

It’s not very practical for me, and the price is not cheap, so I don’t plan to repurchase.

Belif Gentle Gel Cleansing Oil

If you have dry skin looking for a cleansing oil, you can consider this one. It contains natural plant oils, such as olive oil and walnut oil. It also contains winter melon seeds that can soothe and moisturize your face. It will not dry and tight after cleansing stretch.

In addition, because of these natural herbal oil ingredients, it can remove makeup more effectively than lotion, especially heavy makeup with waterproof effect, so it is especially suitable for girls who often make up.

Personally, I prefer cleansing cream or cleansing water. I have a cold for cleansing oil, and I don’t usually wear makeup, so I didn’t buy this bottle of cleansing oil. However, I used the trial pack a few times when I was traveling, and it felt good. After washing my face It is not tight after the skin, and the texture is not sticky at all. If you like cleansing oil, you can consider this bottle.

Biyanfei Light Moisturizing Cleansing Milk

Friends who don’t like cleansing oil can consider cleansing milk.

Cleansing milk, like cleansing oil, can effectively remove heavy makeup, especially waterproof foundation and concealer. Although the cleansing effect of cleansing oil is stronger, I personally prefer the light texture of cleansing milk. When I don’t wear heavy makeup, I usually use cleansing milk to remove it, and then gently rub it with cleanser, and my face will become very smooth. clean up.

This cleansing milk is added with peony flower extract, so it also has whitening and anti-oxidant effects, suitable for mixed and normal skin who like light and light cleansing milk texture.

Belif Herbal Moisturizing Cleansing Water

Honestly, I love this makeup remover.

Its texture is the same as ordinary lotion, refreshing and non-greasy, it does not irritate the skin and also has a moisturizing effect, but it is full of herbal essences such as St. John’s water, cumin, burdock, etc.

Its cleansing effect is also good, basic makeup can be taken off, and it will not feel dry at all, especially suitable for sensitive skin.

However, for me, his price is still high. A bottle of makeup remover is priced at RM100, which is almost the same price as lotion. In addition, although this is a cleansing water that does not need to be washed, I am used to at least rinsing the skin with clean water after using the cleansing water to remove the excess cleaning chemical ingredients (surfactants), so for me, using a very high-end makeup remover Water is actually quite a waste, after all, it needs to be washed off after two strokes, so it is better to use Garnier, which is RM25. So while I love the texture, ingredients and smell of this cleansing water, I don’t plan on repurchasing it.

Belif Gentle Peeling Gel

The scrub made of natural scrub sea gold sand, this is the mildest one I have used among so many scrubs, it is so mild that there is almost no feeling!

Although you can clearly feel the scrub particles inside, you don’t feel it at all when you apply it on the skin. There is really no difference between before and after use, so it is only suitable for very sensitive skin.

For my dry skin, I still use Skinfood!
Will not repurchase.

Belif Fiugali Refreshing Oil Control Lotion

This is a refreshing lotion specially designed for oily skin. It contains eucalyptus and apple mint ingredients, which can effectively improve skin damage, replenish moisture to the skin, and achieve a state of oil-water balance.

This is one of my husband’s favorite lotions. He said that the moisturizing effect of this lotion is very good. After using it, the skin feels very refreshed, and it is not sticky at all, and it is not easy to produce oil. It is especially suitable for lack of water. Oily skin.

I personally like to use him for wet compresses, especially in summer when the weather turns hot. It can lock in moisture well, prevent oil secretion, and replenish moisture, which saves time and money compared to applying a mask every day. After long-term use, the skin has become more supple and less prone to acne.

Will consider repurchase!

Belif Herbal Balancing Moisturizing Lotion

This is a moisturizing lotion specially formulated for combination and normal skin. It is thicker than ordinary lotion, but it is not sticky and can moisturize and lock water well.

In addition to sage, this lotion is also rich in natto extract, hyaluronic acid, oat extract, rosemary and other ingredients that can lock water and help the skin restore elasticity, which can form a thin film on the skin to prevent moisture loss.

I personally think it is especially suitable for dry and loose skin with enlarged pores due to oil-water imbalance. My mother liked him very much, but I didn’t love him much. Friends with oily skin and oily pores will prefer this one, while dehydrated skin may prefer witch hazel (pink) and eucalyptus (blue).

Basically, if you have enlarged pores but don’t like wearing too much makeup for the risk of breakouts, this is the perfect alternative to your regular moisturizer. Its moisturizing effect may not be as good as the blue eucalyptus, but it can balance oil secretion well, moisturize and lock the skin, especially suitable for those who have skin problems that are prone to moisture loss.

Not sure if I will repurchase (the less suitable for me out of the three)!

Belif Witch Hazel Moisturizing Soothing Lotion

This is the one I fell in love with when I first came into contact with belif, and it is also my favorite among all belif lotions. It is a moisturizing moisturizing lotion, which is more refreshing than ordinary moisturizing essence milk. It is suitable for all dry and sensitive skin, especially those with enlarged pores and early aging problems.

Because it’s so moisturizing, I often skip the moisturizing serum and go straight to the moisturizer. Surprisingly, after using it, the skin becomes more translucent, and it is not sticky at all, the moisturizing feeling is greatly improved, and the skin is easier to wear makeup. It is one of the favorite moisturizing lotions I have used .

After two bottles, my skin is indeed more tender and smooth, and I am not prone to acne or dullness. I look more energetic and my skin looks firmer. I feel completely full of water!

I love it, but since the skin is not as dry as before, I will repurchase it in the future if necessary!

Biyanfei Mineral Radiance Water Moisturizing Spray

belif’s moisturizing spray is frankly not good, and it feels a bit tasteless compared to Laneige.

It has no special effect other than a bottle of water spray with herbal aroma.

Not going to repurchase.

Belif Youth Plant Extract Shaking Essence Water

This is the sister product of belif Acai Berry Anti-Aging Serum. I once shared the difference between the two in English on my blog, and friends who are interested can go to the article.

Basically, this is a kind of essence water, but it is not SK-II fairy water essence water, but more inclined to water essence. It is the first step in skin care and must be used after lotion and before essence. If you have the habit of fairy water, you must use it after fairy water. After using it, you will obviously feel that the skin has become smoother and softer, which is very similar to the feeling of baby’s skin.

Remember to shake before use to allow the two layers to mix to achieve the moisturizing effect. His cream layer has moisturizing and soothing calendula ingredients, while the essence layer is an anti-aging ingredient with acai berry as the main character.

Belif’s literature claims that this is a fresh berry juice that the skin can enjoy every day. Its rich antioxidant components can prevent early aging and provide nutrients and moisture to the skin.

In addition, the ingredients of this essence water are also more special than ordinary anti-aging essences. It takes the roots, seeds, and skins of herbs and boils them for a long time to extract their concentrated ingredients. Does it sound like soup?

Belif Youth Plant Extract Nourishing Essence Cream

This is an anti-aging serum formulated with root decoction, rich in herbal collagen peptides, which can lift and nourish the skin well. It has a very elastic creamy texture and is easy to be stretched, but it is easily absorbed by the skin after application. It is a relatively refreshing nourishing essence, suitable for combination and dry skin.

He claims to smooth fine lines, restore skin elasticity and deeply moisturize the skin.

This is my favorite of Belif’s home essence. I like that it has anti-aging nourishing and moisturizing effects, but the texture is light and easy to be absorbed by the skin. It is a concept of multi-use in one bottle. One bottle is worth three bottles of essence, and it goes directly to moisturizer!

After long-term use, the skin has really become smoother and softer, but the effects of anti-wrinkle and skin firming are so obvious. It may be because I don’t have any problems with wrinkles or skin sagging, and it takes long-term use to see the effect.

I personally like its texture and will continue to repurchase.

Belif Hungarian Queen High Efficiency Moisturizing Essence Milk

Belif has launched a total of two moisturizing essences, one is a light essence gel, and the other is an essence milk specially designed for dry skin. This Moisture Binder belongs to the latter.

Compared with the original essence gel, this one contains rosemary, gotu kola and jasmine extracts, etc., which can enhance moisturizing, strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, and fight against muscle loss. If your skin suffers from lack of oil, this is the right choice!

I like the texture of this serum very much. It is easily absorbed by the skin. It is absorbed by the skin almost as soon as it is applied. The effect of moisturizing and locking water is very good, and it can also effectively soothe the skin.

However, as a bottle of essence with a price of RM180, its price/performance ratio is not high, and its moisturizing effect is not as good as other moisturizing essences such as Laneige’s Cool Moisturizing Essence (commercially available for RM175, but it is cheaper outside) or Innisfree’s ocean water The Extract Moisturizing Essence (commercially available at RM125) came very well, so I don’t plan to repurchase.

Belif Herb Moisturizing Essence

This is one of my belif favorites!

The Resurrection Grass Moisturizing Essence, known as the bathroom essence, can be used within 10 seconds after washing the face, which can lock the moisture firmly before the moisture evaporates and keep the skin soft.

This is the same as Sulwhasoo’s Pre-Moisturizing Essence and Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Moisturizing Pre-Essence.

My usual dosage is the size of a pearl. After washing my face, pat the moisture on my face until it is absorbed, and then apply the Resurrection Grass Moisturizing Essence immediately while my face is still wet. It has a hydrogel texture, and it will become moist immediately when applied, and can be quickly absorbed by the skin, forming a water-retaining film to continuously infuse moisture into the skin.

The characteristic of this moisturizing essence is that you must use it when your face is still wet, otherwise it will not be absorbed by the skin, not only will it not moisturize, but it will even have a sticky feeling!

The moisturizing and soothing effects of this essence are very good. After long-term use, the skin can remain soft and comfortable all day long, and it is less prone to oil production. It is very suitable for those with dehydrated, dry skin or oil-water imbalance problems. Sometimes after I finish using it, I go to watch TV or do other things without applying anything, and I don’t feel any tightness or other uncomfortable feelings on my face after two hours. It’s one of the best moisturizers for the price!

I have continued to repurchase at least three cans!

Belif Charcoal Vitality Essence

This Vitality Essence, or Anti-Wrinkle Serum, is made from peat moss extracted from the untouched glacial lands for thousands of years, using the region’s unspoiled pure ice and water, and the minerals that have been accumulated underground for thousands of years. An anti-wrinkle serum developed from fermented herbal extracts.

Basically, this is an anti-aging essence under the banner of “rare animals”. No matter the design, texture or ingredients, it gives people a very advanced feeling. He claims to revitalize the skin, slow down aging, improve enlarged pores and sagging, reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

I have used up 3 bottles, and my mother has used up more than 4 bottles.

For me, it is a very good anti-aging essence. After using it, there is no obvious improvement in skin texture, or the feeling of smaller pores. Its moisturizing effect is good, and I also like his serum or gel texture very much, but it hurts to spend RM260 on this kind of essence that does nothing.

As for my mom, he is now switching to Fremena’s Black Seed Anti-Aging Serum after using up 4 bottles. He loves the texture of the Vitality Serum, it doesn’t burden his oil-water imbalance skin in any way, and his firming effect is good, and it’s also good for improving pores. But for her, a bottle of essence that needs to be added at RM260 is too expensive, and the effect is not amazing, so he switched to Fremena’s anti-aging essence. Will report the results to you later!

Belif Queen of Hungary Moisturizing and Locking Essence

Queen of Hungary Moisturizing Water Essence There is a very romantic allusion behind this bottle of moisturizing essence.

It is said that the ancient Hungarian queen used the Hungarian water to wash her face to keep her skin beautiful and supple, so the Hungarian water is known as the alchemy of youth.

Well, I don’t know where this legend came from, or what is the basis for it, because some local people left a message saying that they have never heard that the Hungarian water has this effect, or that the Hungarian Queen’s beauty secret is related to the local water. But the legend belongs to the legend, as a marketing strategy, it is quite moving.

In addition to Hungarian water, this bottle of essence also contains various herbal additions such as gotu kola, rose, lavender, rosemary, sage, lemon balm, etc. Friends who like herbal essence must not miss it one. He can provide moisture to the skin, facilitate the skin to repair itself, soothe the skin, and let him return to a healthy and normal state.

In addition, its texture is refreshing, so it is suitable for any skin, especially oily or dehydrated skin, because it can fundamentally regulate the skin texture, maintain the oil-water balance of the skin, and achieve the effect of moisturizing and repairing.

I personally don’t have any special feelings for him, he is very dispensable to me, there is basically no difference between painted and unpainted. Not only me, my mother and my friends, one with mixed sensitive skin and one with sensitive dry skin, both think this essence is very tasteless, so friends with mixed dry skin can basically bypass it.

Will not continue to repurchase!

Belif Chamomile True Extract Conditioning Essence Lotion

This chamomile tincture is a kind of essence, which is used after lotion and before essence.

It has the effect of helping skin circulation and metabolism, reducing pore clogging and acne problems, and restoring dull skin to luster.

It has a thick liquid texture, it will feel a little sticky when applied, and the chamomile smell is very healing. Up to 93% chamomile extract, plus Gotu Kola extract, effectively moisturizes, repairs and soothes the skin, restoring elasticity and luster to the skin.

This is one of my mom’s and best friend’s favorites. My mom says the serum made her pores smaller, acne less, and her skin softer and more radiant. My friend said that this bottle of circulation essence can soothe sensitive skin very well and make the skin look more energetic. It is a concept of feeding the skin with vitamins. For people like me who don’t have any skin problems, this bottle is a bit tasteless, and there is no difference between using it or not, so I will not repurchase it myself. My mother has repurchased at least 4 bottles, and my friends have also repurchased at least 2 bottles, so the effect of this bottle of essence should be very different from person to person.

Belif Pure Plant Extract Brightening Essence Gel

new version

old version

I don’t like the new version or the old one.

This is belif’s 2017 improved version of the whitening essence, a highly concentrated whitening essence made from root brightening decoction formula. It has a thin texture that absorbs quickly into the skin, and because it contains mica glitter, the skin looks extra radiant.

It sounds bluffing, but it’s a bit disappointing in practice.

The translucent effect of this whitening essence only lasts for less than an hour, and since its brightening ingredients all rely on mica powder, there is no obvious improvement after long-term use. In addition, its moisturizing effect is also average, so the overall sense of use is weak, sorry for the price.

I still prefer belif’s moisturizing and anti-aging series. Belif’s whitening range leaves something to be desired.

Belif Moisturizing Soft Firming Eye Cream

This is a moisturizing and firming eye cream with bilberry for those who suffer from sagging and dry skin around the eyes.

This is the most moisturizing eye cream I have ever used but not too heavy. It is easy to spread and absorbed by the skin, and the moisturizing effect is very good. Like the celery bomb cream, he has a light creamy and lemon aroma, which smells very comfortable.

After using it for a long time, I haven’t seen any obvious tightening effect. Maybe my skin around the eyes is relatively elastic and there is no looseness problem. However, the fine lines problem that I care about most has not continued to worsen. The skin around the eyes is full of water so it looks smoother. It looks extra shiny.

I wrote this review after using up many cans of eye cream, so my feelings for him are much weaker than when I first came into contact with him. At first I thought this was the most recommended eye cream I have ever used. Now I have found other better and cheaper ones, and he also stopped selling it last year and replaced it with a part of the bomb cream series (the concept of changing the soup without changing the medicine) , but the texture is relatively light), so I will not continue to repurchase.

Belif Moisturizing Soft Firming Eye Cream

This is an eye serum that can also be used as a regular eye cream. I personally like the nib design, which is more hygienic and easy to apply.

It contains sage, which can effectively improve the dullness around the eyes, and has the effect of repairing and moisturizing the skin around the eyes. Because the skin around the eyes is full of water, it will look brighter and more elastic.

This eye serum also has a special ingredient – glitter powder (mica). Glitter powder has the function of reflecting light, so it can make the user’s skin look smoother than usual, which is suitable for taking pictures or when the eyes need to look bright. (Definitely don’t use it when you’re sick, avoid looking energized, doctors and bosses won’t let you take time off haha!)

Its moisturizing effect is average, and the effect of repairing the skin around the eyes is not obvious. The biggest advantage is that it can be used as a bright powder, and the eye area will really look brighter, and it is less likely to look old or haggard.

No special effect, no plan to repurchase.

Belif Charcoal Vitality Eye Cream

Glacier Energy Anti-Wrinkle Vitality Eye Cream This eye cream is characterized by the use of active peat extract containing special GABA ingredients, which can effectively promote skin elasticity, reduce fine lines and tighten the skin around the eyes.

Its texture is a moisturizing but light cream texture, which can be well absorbed by the skin around the eyes, providing moisturizing and anti-oxidant effects. The amount of 25ml is more than the eye cream on the market, and it can be used for at least 4-6 months when used in the morning and evening!

Frankly speaking, after using it, I really didn’t notice any reduction in the fine lines around the eyes, but at least they are no longer proliferating, so it can be regarded as a small achievement! And it is really moisturizing, you can not only apply it on the eye area, but also use it to apply anti-aging cream on nasolabial folds and neck lines, the effect is also very good.

Recommended for eye creams that love a moisturizing yet light creamy texture, or anyone who loves active peat-based skincare! It’s not my favorite, but it’s one of my favorite eye creams!

Belif oil control toner fresh lotion

Because of the skin quality, oily skin likes to skip lotion and cream, avoiding “oil on top of oil”, and often ignores the effect of lotion and cream to lock water, so that the hard-won lotion and essence evaporate, skin care is twice the result with half the effort.

This oil-controlling, toning and refreshing lotion is specially designed for oily skin. It has a refreshing texture and is not sticky, and is easily absorbed by the skin. Besides moisturizing, it also has the effect of locking water, especially suitable for oily skin.

My husband has been using this lotion all the time, but he doesn’t feel that he likes it very much. A 125ml can of lotion has been used for a whole year, and it is finally expired and thrown away. My husband said that his hydrating effect is good, the skin feels less tight, and the oil-water balance effect is good, but the oil control effect is not obvious. He doesn’t plan to repurchase.

Belif Vitality Balancing Moisturizing Emulsion

This is a moisturizing lotion for normal to combination skin.

The main ingredient of this bottle of lotion is sage (sage), which has the effect of oil-water balance, and can also maintain skin elasticity, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle. Containing moisturizing and soothing vitamin B5, it helps repair the skin and forms a water-locking film on the surface of the skin to keep it smooth and plump.

There is nothing to say about this lotion. It is a very common lotion. It has a unique taste of lotion and the effect is average. At best, it replenishes oil and maintains the oil-water balance of the skin. Its moisturizing effect is not as strong as lotion, and its moisturizing effect is not as good as that of cream. It can be regarded as a very satisfactory moisturizing lotion.

Not going to repurchase.

Belif Hydrating Swelling Elastic Cream

Speaking of Helichrysum ingredients, we have to mention L’occitane’s Helichrysum series. Among them, the face cream of RM500 is made with this Helichrysum extract! So when I saw that belif launched this bottle of Helichrysum Bomb Cream, I bought it without a second thought! Helichrysum is a flower that symbolizes the sun. Its essence extract can strengthen the support force of the skin and achieve the effect of plumping the skin. In addition, Western elderberry is rich in vitamin C, which has anti-aging and repairing effects, while agave extract can moisturize and lock water, smooth wrinkles, and use a three-pronged approach to put on a “tight garment” for the skin and keep the skin healthy. Firmness, avoid early aging symptoms.

This bomb cream is an extension of the belif bomb cream series, and it is mainly used as a remedy for light to dry skin. It is not as moisturizing as Moisturizing Bomb, and its texture is more like Moisturizing and Firming Eye Cream, which I liked very much before. It is a very rich memory cream, which claims to be effective against gravity and prevent dullness and sagging .

I love using this firming cream during the day, one swipe on and you’re out the door, much easier than using a spoonful of canned creams. His anti-aging ingredients can also help resist the sun’s ultraviolet rays during the day, working together to prevent early aging problems.

Frankly speaking, after long-term use, the skin does not feel firmer. Friends who are using this brand of Firming Essence do not need to buy this bottle. I personally think that Firming Essence is enough. This bottle of bomb cream is more suitable for those who like bottled creams or lotion-based skin care products, or those who want to find a bottle that can firm and lift the skin contour while moisturizing. However, after using it for a long time, I feel that there is nothing amazing about it (at least for me), so I will not strongly recommend it, and I do not intend to repurchase.

Belif Water Drops Swelling Gel

This is definitely a summer must-have!

This bottle of “Water Mint” or “Water Gel” continues the good reputation of Belif’s bomb cream series. The refreshing but moisturizing texture provides a good choice for many friends with oily skin. And his peppermint ingredients can also help reduce skin problems and resist heat.

In fact, many friends who have skin care knowledge know that every time the temperature rises by one degree, the skin will secrete 10% more oil than usual, so one of the best ways to control oil is to avoid the surface temperature from soaring, try to avoid the sun as much as possible, and stay in the shade more The place. At the same time, this will also avoid problems such as clogged pores, loss of elasticity, and rough skin caused by excessive oil secretion.

In addition, the high capacity of 75ml is 50% more than ordinary face creams, so the cost performance is quite high, comparable to Kiehl’s high moisturizing refreshing gel cream.

In summary, this is a face cream suitable for oily skin. It has the effects of hydrating, soothing, balancing oil and water, and lowering the surface temperature of the skin. You can also put it in the freezer and use it as a Soothing Gel.

This is my boyfriend’s favorite moisturizer at the moment, and I have repurchased a bottle before the new year.

Belif Moisture Swelling Gel Cream

This is the most “pertinent” moisturizing cream among all bomb creams. It is not as moisturizing and thick as the purple celery bomb cream, nor is it moisturizing and non-sense like the water mint bomb cream.

This cape grass bomb cream has a very light gel texture. It is easy to spread after applying it, and it is absorbed by the skin immediately after massaging. People around me have mixed reviews on Mantle Bomb Cream, my mum has combination sensitive skin and he loves the hydration of Mantle Grass, while my friend (with dry and sensitive skin) thinks Mantle Grass Bomb Cream is oily , It is not easy to be absorbed by the skin when applied, causing acne. So interested friends should try before buying.

There is also a special story behind this cream. It is said that in England in the 17th century, cloak grass was dedicated to the Virgin Mary because it could help women maintain health and beauty, so it was hailed as the cloak of the Virgin Mary by women. According to research by botanists, it has been found that mantle grass can purify the skin well, make the skin soft and bright, and has a good moisturizing effect. Women like to use it to wash their faces.

This is my favorite moisturizer, and I have used more than 10 bottles with my mother so far. Its aroma will make you feel soothed physically and mentally. When applied, it will form a thin water film on the skin, reduce dryness and itching, and make the skin shiny and supple immediately. Will continue to repurchase!

Belif Water Drops Swelling Moisturizing Cream

The famous Zicelery Bomb Cream (Taiwan’s name is more recognizable, and the Chinese official website calls it water drop moisturizing cream, which is more worthy of the name.)
This bottle of moisturizing cream is the savior for all dry and sensitive skin. Its creamy texture is very suitable for any beauties who need to strengthen moisturizing and fight against cold weather. It is very popular in these colder regions of Korea!

It is said that in Europe, herbal plant experts developed a herbal ointment based on purple celery to help farmers fight against skin cracks caused by the hot sun, and this is also the origin of the purple celery bomb cream.

But in Malaysia, a tropical country, Aqua Bomb is not so popular. Here, only dry skin or oily skin will buy it. Generally, medium to oily skin will prefer Aqua Bomb or Water Mint Bomb. Cream (Water Bomb), and it happens that my mother and I don’t like this celery bomb cream, after all, it is too moisturizing for us.

But my poison may be your apple, and friends with sensitive and dry problems can consider starting with it!

Belif Charcoal Vitality Cream

This is a bottle of anti-aging cream containing peat acid. After many researches, the specialist of Belif focused on the less populated Peat Land on the earth and extracted the fermented essence. The GABA component in it can effectively promote the skin’s self-renewal ability and improve the problem of enlarged pores and fine lines.

Its texture is thick, but it absorbs very well, and it is absorbed by the skin almost as soon as it is applied. It moisturizes well and is suitable for dry and mature skin, but oily or combination skin may not like it. I used up a small 10ml bottle and will repurchase for its texture! Highly recommended for mature skin.

Belif Cardamom Concentrated Brightening Pure Cream (New Version)

Belif Pure Plant Extract Brightening Cream (Old Version)

This is the new and old version of belif whitening moisturizing cream, the old version has a gel-like texture, while the new version has a creamy texture with higher moisturizing. For me, who prefers cloak grass bomb cream, the old version is more skin-friendly and less burdensome to apply. Although the new version is moisturizing, it is still a bit moisturizing for the hot weather in Malaysia, and the experience of using it is not good. It is not a face cream that I will start with.

The old version is a gel made from heather flowers. I didn’t feel any special except for the moisturizing effect at the beginning, but after using two cans, the skin became more translucent, and the whole person looked very hydrated. The new version has no obvious whitening effect except that the skin is more prone to oil after a few hours of use, so I don’t plan to repurchase.

It can only be said that it is a pity that belif decided to abandon the old formula, and launched a more moisturizing whitening moisturizer to cater to the cold weather in Korea. Our Malaysian fans can only stick to the old version and recall the original silently.

Belif Feichaohan Hydrogel Essence

Belif’s blue ultra-contained hydrogel serum seems to be only available in Taiwan. To put it bluntly, it is a moisturizer before makeup, which can make your makeup more docile by increasing the saturation of the skin. In addition to moisturizing, it also contains oil, so it will last longer than pure moisturizing essence.

This hydrogel serum is a very dispensable product for me. My skin is moderately dry, and I can wear makeup even without a primer. As for my mom, he has combination and sensitive skin, but he didn’t have much experience with the bottle, and he said that the makeup didn’t get more docile or long-lasting after using it.

Of course, you can also use it as the moisturizing essence before the moisturizing cream, but a can of the product with a price of about RM200 is sandwiched between the moisturizing essence and the moisturizing cream. If you use it for no reason, you must be rich. Works well, so I won’t repurchase again.

Belif Rose Petal Moisturizing Essential Oil

For this beautiful bottle of rose essence, I have always been entangled. I don’t need essential oils per se, and my skin is even a bit oil-resistant, so I don’t like to use sunscreen, creams and lotions, etc., but prefer light skin care products.

But this bottle of Qianye Rose Essence Lotion is really it. . . The wife smells so good! He is my Hanxiang Jian, I fell in love with him at first sight, and fell in love at second sight, it is unforgettable! ! ! ! His texture is not too thick, which is within my acceptable range, so I generously (stupidly) pocketed it and kept it for two years. I used a few drops each time, and usually used it as nail nourishing oil for me. This is how I bought the Chiba Rose Essence.

He is a healing product for me. I usually pour a drop or two in the palm of my hand before going to bed, rub it slightly to warm it up, and gently press it on my face while taking a deep breath to let the aroma travel all over my body. Occasionally, I will also drop 3-4 drops on the edge of my nails to moisturize my deformed nails due to the bad habit of biting nails for a long time, reminding myself that I must take good care of my slender fingers. When my skin feels dry, I will first wash my face with Althea’s Mask Cleansing Gel, apply some lotion and essence, and then pat this on my face and massage until absorbed. You can also mix it into liquid foundation or cream to enhance the makeup and moisturizing effect of the product.

This Qianye Rose Essence Lotion is really a versatile essence. It not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a charming taste, and it has many functions. Will repurchase depending on ability in the future!

Belif Multi-effect Soothing Ointment

This is similar to mosquito ointment, which can be applied to any wound or dry itchy part of the body. Hanyul has also released similar products, but I personally don’t like it very much. This soothing balm from belif is more suitable for my taste, and it is also suitable as a first aid lip balm. You only need to use a little at a time, and can be applied to the edges of nails, split ends, heels, elbows, etc. One can lasts a long time!

Belif Lotus Ultra-Effective Hydrating Mask

The purpose of this mask is to provide basic hydration. Its texture is a bit like a homemade vegetable and fruit mud mask. It doesn’t give you a strong moisturizing feeling after applying it, and your skin doesn’t feel particularly comfortable and moisturized even after washing. I know that there are many people who like it, especially those with sensitive skin. Many people say that it has a good soothing and moisturizing effect, but I personally feel really numb after using it, so I will not repurchase it.

Belif Chamomile Anti-fatigue Soothing Mask

This is a mask of the same series as Chamomile Circulation Essence. It focuses on repairing tired and dull skin, especially suitable for dry, sensitive, dull and early aging skin. There are chamomile petals in it, and the mask itself exudes a pleasant herbal chamomile scent. The whole thing is very healing, whether it is a spa or a leisure time.

After using this mask, the skin will have an obvious brightening effect, the whole person will look more energetic, and the tiredness will be swept away. The skin will also become more refined, with a feeling of fullness, and the whole person will look younger! And because chamomile itself has soothing and healing effects, it can also relax you, regulate your physical and mental state from the inside out, and eliminate fatigue. It is one of the masks that both my mother and I love to use. However, as long as I love it, I still prefer masks that don’t need to be washed off, or masks that only need to be applied for 3-5 minutes, so I didn’t continue to repurchase this chamomile mask.

Recommended to all friends who are under high work pressure and have dull problems!

Belif Firming and Nutritious Good Night Mask

I originally planned to buy it for my mother to try, but he didn’t like the texture of this bottle of good night mask very much, so I chose the following elastic revitalizing emergency good night mask for him.

This bottle of yarrow firming good night mask is similar to the famous pigskin mask a while ago. It has an elastic “memory” gel texture. No matter how you dig it, it will immediately restore its smoothness when you use it the next day, so It claims to tightly wrap the skin and prevent skin sagging and aging. Its texture is a refreshing water gel cream that is easily absorbed but has a good moisturizing degree. It can be used as long as it is not oily.

Frankly, if you had to choose, I’d still prefer the Resilience Rescue Night Mask. His efficacy, texture and feeling of use will be better than this yarrow firming good night mask. Of course, vegetables and radishes have their own preferences, so it depends on what kind of appeal and texture you like before deciding which bottle to buy!

Belif Clear Water Brightening Good Night Mask

This is a whitening and moisturizing good night mask with ingredients of white truffle, rose and gold leaf. It is especially suitable for dry and dull skin. Its creamy texture is very moisturizing, so it can also be used as a night cream.

Frankly speaking, I personally don’t like this kind of heavy creamy texture, it feels like it has not been fully absorbed by the skin, and it is not as refreshing and comfortable as mantle grass. If you like Moisturizing Bomb and have whitening demands, then you can consider buying this bottle.

After I used up a few packs of trial packs (one pack of 5ml), I didn’t feel amazing, and my skin didn’t become smooth and bright the next day. In addition, its texture was not my favorite, so I didn’t buy the full pack.

Belif Elastic Rejuvenating Good Night Mask

This is one of my top three favorite face masks, and it’s also one of the night masks my friends with sensitive skin have used to wow. It looks very thick, similar to the texture of snail mucus, but it feels like a refreshing lotion after being pushed out. It is easily absorbed by the skin after being applied, so you can use it as long as you don’t have oily skin. Great for massaging the face. Its moisturizing effect is very good. After long-term use, you will feel that the skin becomes firmer and smoother. If it is combined with massage, it will really achieve the effect of lifting and thinning the face.

What also attracted me to this mask is its main ingredient – licorice root extract. Licorice root is one of my favorite skincare ingredients for its brightening, dark spot-lightening, and anti-aging properties. At the same time, this bottle of mask can also soothe the skin, save the complexion, and strengthen the skin’s anti-epidemic ability. It is completely the savior of light mature skin, dry skin and dull skin! Friends who often bask in the sun can also consider using this product for first aid after the event, so that the skin will regain its radiance.

Will repurchase again!

Belif poplar willow pore cleansing and rejuvenating mask

It is a cleansing mask that has the functions of metabolizing old dead skin cells, whitening skin and purifying pores. It is a washing mask based on salicylic acid white willow bark extract (white willow bark extract), which can penetrate deep into pores, metabolize acne, regulate oil, and prevent pores from clogging, but it is not as irritating as high-concentration salicylic acid essence , is a very gentle salicylic acid mask.

This mask is a very mild jelly film texture, apply a thin layer on the face after washing and rinse off after 10 minutes. After washing my face, I really feel that it is obviously whiter, and the cleaning effect is good.

However, after long-term use, there is no obvious feeling that the skin becomes more delicate, the pores become cleaner, or it is less prone to acne. Moreover, a can of 50ml mask can only be used about 10-15 times, which is not cost-effective. I’d rather go for the Cosrx salicylic acid serum that lasts for a long time.

Belif Green Mineral Mud Pore Tightening Mask

In comparison, I personally prefer the mud film of the Glacier Energy series. Its ingredients, texture and efficacy are better than this green mineral slime. Of course, the price is 1.5 times that of this green mineral slime, so there is no pore problem. Friends who just want to have a deep pore cleansing once in a while can start with this relatively friendly price. Green mud mask. He uses French green mineral mud rich in trace mineral elements, combined with active ingredients such as calendula extract, rosemary and mint leaves, to deeply clean the old dead skin cells and oil in the pores, and achieve visually shrinking pores, calming and astringent. Oil-water balance effect.

This green slime is a relatively creamy mud film, which is easier to apply than glacier energy and easier to clean. Its moisturizing degree will be better than that of glacier energy, but after using it, you will still find that the deep cleansing effect of glacier energy is slightly stronger, and it also has a more obvious lifting and firming effect on the skin. Each has its own advantages.

Belif Grass Charcoal Vitality and Vitality Cleansing Mask

As mentioned above, I personally prefer the Glacier Power Anti-Wrinkle Clay Mask. This mud mask is better than green mineral mud in terms of texture, taste (a nice smell of fermented herbal mud) and efficacy. If the green slime is an ordinary mud film, this is the concept of an upgraded version of the mud film.

This bottle of mud mask is added with 5% Finnish peat moss extract. The minerals and humic acid (GABA Acid) in it have excellent repairing effects, which can greatly improve skin relaxation, achieve the effect of shrinking pores and tightening contours. When washing your hair, you can apply this mask for 10 minutes, and then wash it off with warm water. Through the high temperature effect of the bathroom, its effect on absorbing the old dead skin cells in the pores will be stronger than normal.

After using it, you will see that the skin becomes very smooth and watery, that is, there is a feeling that all the oil and dirt have run off, and the skin care products will be better absorbed, and the skin will be more makeup-friendly the next day!

Will consider repurchase.

Belif Heather Water Brightening Bubble Cleansing Mask

The bubble mask newly launched by belif last year is a multi-functional product that combines deep cleansing mask and cleansing cream, suitable for modern women’s pursuit of efficiency and effect in life. He can use the product to remove the oil and impurities on the surface of the skin during the automatic foaming process, which saves time and effort compared with ordinary mud masks. He will be more suitable for friends with enlarged pores, acne hyperplasia and dull skin, especially those with oily skin. The Moringa ingredient in it has the effect of calming and purifying the skin, which can “remove yellowing and pollution”, and make the skin radiant again. The main ingredient of this mask, heather flower extract, is rich in arbutin, which can relieve sun damage and whiten the skin, while feverfew can whiten and maintain skin elasticity. It can be said to be a cleansing and whitening two-in-one mask.

Frankly speaking, I personally don’t particularly like this bubble mask. Its cleansing effect is very mediocre and takes a long time, so I still prefer Celeb Face’s bubble cleansing gel. In addition, Celeb Face is also cheaper than Belif’s bubble mask, and it is more cost-effective. In addition, I personally think that such good moringa extract, heather and feverfew can be left on the skin for 10 minutes and then rinsed. It is too wasteful, it is better not to put it. For me, any cleansing product that is in contact with the skin for less than 15 minutes and must be rinsed off afterward does not really need expensive ingredients. It is like pouring it into the sea and kissing the fish. Just use basic moisturizer.

I don’t like it very much, and neither does my husband. I will try it with my mother and see his reaction, and then I will tell everyone. I don’t intend to repurchase.

Belif pure plant extract brightening repair cream

This is actually the brand’s earlier anti-spot serum. The staff of Belif promoted it vigorously, saying that his mother used it and the effect was very good, so my mother also bought it. After using one bottle, the effect is really ordinary, the spots are still there, and because of its texture, it is not easy to be absorbed by the skin, and it is not easy to apply makeup. This bottle of Guisangsang’s anti-spot cream has just been thrown in vain, and we put it in the cold palace.

Belif Moisturizing Body Cream

Pink bottle fragrant type / green bottle rich type / yellow bottle fresh type

This is the moisturizing body cream launched by belif last year, which is simply a body lotion. It has three textures, namely refreshing ylang-ylang, light lotion lemon, and rich rosemary, suitable for different skin types. My favorite is the refreshing ylang ylang flower, the light ylang ylang flower fragrance and the herbal lemon fragrance will make people feel good all day. Rosemary smells better, but its texture tends to be thicker, so I personally don’t like it very much. I usually buy thicker face creams, and I use these creams as body milks, so I don’t really have a shortage of body milks or body creams. Besides, the price of such a large bottle of body cream is around RM100, which is still too expensive for me. Unless you have very sensitive skin, or you love the smell, or you’re a huge fan of belif (the rich kind), I’d rather consider other body creams like The Body Shop.

Belif Refreshing Moisturizing Sunscreen Milk

This is one of a long list of sunscreen products from belif, featuring refreshing moisturizing and high SPF50+ PA+++. It has a lotion texture, which is easier to be absorbed by the skin and will not burden the skin. Frankly speaking, I don’t really like the sunscreen from belif. I’ve tried no less than 20-30 different sunscreens, some of them cheap and good, but this Refreshing Moisturizing Sunscreen really isn’t cheap at all. Let’s not talk about the expensive price of RM99 for 30ml (Kiehl’s is RM155 for 30ml, but the texture and sunscreen ingredients are much better than this), let’s talk about the texture, it looks like plastic when applied, and it will adhere to your skin , when the weather gets hot, you will feel that it turns into oil to “surround” your skin, making you very uncomfortable. Based on the above reasons, I do not intend to repurchase.

Belif Water Droplet Swelling Moisturizing Air Cushion Liquid Foundation

If you are a fan of cushion foundation and happen to have normal to dry skin, then you will love this water bomb cushion foundation. It is a very common air cushion foundation, quite satisfactory, and it seems to be no different from other air cushions on the market, but it will be more makeup-friendly when applied, and the makeup feels natural, and it is more moisturizing than other brands of air cushions. The disadvantage is that the coverage is not high, the makeup is not long-lasting, and the price is not very cheap. I personally pursue zero makeup, and usually go out with a bare face as much as possible, so I don’t have a deep experience with air cushion foundation, but most of the comments on this air cushion on the Internet are good, so you can refer to it.

Belif intimate protection multi-effect sunscreen powder

In fact, this is what my mother is using. I originally planned for him to be a white mouse first, so that I could refer to his experience in using it. As a result, the old man has used it for two years and has not bottomed out. He took it away until it expired. This is a kind of sunscreen, called sunscreen powder, which combines the wisdom of powder and sunscreen, and is specially designed for girls who hate sticky sunscreen. Although it is more suitable for oily skin, it will not cause any burden to dry skin. My mother’s comment is that this sunscreen will give you a feeling of not applying sunscreen properly, and his powder will absorb the oil on my mother’s face, making him feel sticky and uncomfortable, so he doesn’t like it very much. Based on the above factors, I finally did not choose to start.

Belif Accompanying You Sunscreen

This is a sunscreen with a concealer function, especially suitable for beautiful eyebrows who are looking for a sunscreen with a touch-up function. My mother bought it from the counter, but afterwards she complained that the sunscreen blocked pores, caused him to develop acne, etc., and threw it away before it was used up. Frankly, I personally wouldn’t be a big fan of this type of sun protection with coverage because you’re not sure if you’re getting enough sun protection. The average person needs about 1/4 teaspoon (about 1ml) of sunscreen a day, and it needs to be reapplied every four hours. Usually we can’t apply so much sunscreen, let alone for this kind of concealer, if you apply too much sunscreen, it may turn into a white cat? Not recommended.

Belif Moisturizing Bright Sunscreen Curd

Let’s talk about the most refreshing water-gel sunscreen. Its texture is more refreshing than refreshing sunscreens. It is completely water gel-like and is the most easily absorbed by the skin among all sunscreens. Therefore, it is suitable for oily skin and will not burden the skin at all. The disadvantage is that the price of 30ml ~RM100 is quite expensive, not everyone can afford it. It is comparable to Kiehl’s sunscreen, but Kiehl’s uses Mexoryl, a self-developed sunscreen ingredient, which is more effective against UVA1, so I personally prefer Kiehl’s sunscreen.

Belif Repairing and Moisturizing Moisturizing Skin Base Cream

This bb cream was also used by my mother in the early days (SPF20 PA++), and it was a bb cream he bought when he first came into contact with the brand belif. At that time, belif hadn’t launched air cushion powder, so bb cream was his favorite among foundations. It has the effect of embellishment and moisturizing, and the coverage is not bad. However, because this bb cream is grayish, and he has a yellow foundation, it is useless. The feeling made the skin look duller, so he did not continue to repurchase. Not recommended for yellow skin.

Belif Manology 101 Total Energy Toner

Belif Manology 101 Total Effects Toner

These are used by my husband, both are small samples, but he has no feeling after using them. The first is a red all-purpose energy essence, and the second is a moisturizing essence with a higher moisturizing degree. Both are full-effect products of the men’s series, which can replace toner, essence and moisturizer, and are suitable for men who are too lazy to maintain. Frankly speaking, I personally think that their textures are good. They are very refreshing essences that are easily absorbed by the skin, and one can is worth three cans. The price/performance ratio is quite high, but my husband doesn’t like it. The moisturizing degree of the serum is average, the oil control effect is also average, and the skin does not feel more comfortable after applying it, so I will not continue to repurchase.

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