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Tmall elves evaluation | have innovation, but basic mental retardation

by nadlia
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LSince Google’s AlphaGo caught fire, many things in China have begun to be related to “intelligence”. It seems that it is particularly cheap not to have something to do with “intelligence” these days. Especially in the field of household products is flooded area, what intelligent rice cookers, sweeping robots, even water heaters – really can’t break.

Not many of these things have been used, but there are a few. Generally speaking, the current so-called artificial intelligence home hardware is a mobile phone remote control, many of the so-called functions are very weak. What manufacturers should do is to polish the existing features, rather than making all kinds of gimmicks.

Tmall Genie

Tmall Genie

Some time ago, I grabbed a Tmall genie on Double 11, and the experience of using it is basically in line with the above description. To be honest, this product is the most convenient thing among all kinds of “intelligent” hardware I have ever used. Although it has nothing to do with intelligence, it is even mentally retarded. It’s easy to use because it’s voice-controlled. At least you don’t have to open the phone and then open the APP to operate the remote control hardware.

But at present, the Tmall genie is basically a toy, not up to the level of daily use.

Speech recognition

The accuracy of speech recognition is very important for something that requires verbal communication, and I understand that with the current state of technology, it’s very difficult to recognize dialects, so every time you give a command, try to speak Mandarin as standard as possible. But the weird thing is that when I say “Tmall Genie” the first time, there is a 95% chance that the person will not ping, and then the second time I call “Tmall Genie”, there is a 95% chance that the person will respond. At this point, continue to communicate with Ya, and there is a 90% chance that what I say will be understood by Ya.

Is my Mandarin standard or not?

Sound function

Although called “Tmall genie” smart audio, but the audio function is really weak. It’s not that the sound quality is bad. I can’t hear that stuff. I think the sound quality is okay. But this device to play songs is very retarded, at this stage what is recommended according to preferences is bullshit, do not know what the ya recommended some things, if used to NetEase Cloud music, Douban music and then use the Tmall Genie music recommendation function, alas, that feeling, the heart ah. Another way is to play the songs already collected, but TMD does not randomly play the songs in the collection, but according to the collection time, from the last song to play in front of each other, every time! Every time! Which means every time you ask her to play a song from her collection, she does!

Sure, you can specify songs for her to play, but I’m going to listen to them all morning, so I can’t specify every song, right?

The entertainment functions of Tmall Genie, such as playing songs and crosstalk, are currently provided by Xiami Music and Ximalaya, but the resources of the two platforms have not been properly organized and displayed on the APP, and more rely on voice control for on-demand playback. But voice on-demand song is OK, if it is a certain program on demand Himalaya, on the one hand, it is difficult to accurately find the program you want, on the other hand, even if you find it, you may not be able to play the number of episodes you want to play, so basically the function of Himalaya is disabled.

Alarm clock Function

Very simple, but also a very practical function, the Tmall elf in the alarm clock function polishing is relatively in place. The simplest way to set the alarm clock is “Tmall Genie, set the alarm clock for 10 minutes”. After 10 minutes, a chord will ring. There is also a more complicated alarm clock, “Tmall genie, remind me to cook in 1 hour”, after 1 hour it will voice remind “it is X X at night, you have a reminder: to cook.”

So, how to delete a set alarm clock? Simply say “Tmall Genie, delete alarm” and it will delete the previously set alarm, but if you already have multiple alarms, it will ask you which one to delete and just tell it which one to delete.

But what are the drawbacks? If you say “Tmall genie, turn on the living room light in 10 minutes,” she will think it is now. So, smart JB.

Mobile phone search function

It’s a useful feature, but only if you leave your phone sewn on the sofa and leave it at home. The method used is “Tmall genie, help me find my mobile phone”, after which it will ask for your mobile phone number and then call your mobile phone through a number in Beijing.

Voice print Purchase

At present, I have tried to charge a phone fee of 10 yuan, which is quite convenient, but for other things, because it involves brand selection, price comparison and so on, I did not further explore. If you want to buy your voice print, you need to bind your voice print and Taobao account first. The payment process is quite simple. As for the security factor, I haven’t studied it too much.

Voice Note

Convenience is convenience, just say to the Tmall genie “help me remember…” All right. However, the function of Tmall Genie APP is very weak, and special software is needed for memos like this. Most of the time, after using the memos of Tmall Genie, I hope to copy the text content from the software to other apps, but the ya does not support copying!! MB, just kidding me.

Intelligent Hardware Access

So far, there are a lot of smart hardware connected to the Tmall Genie, but in my experience, the results are still poor, even ridiculously poor. I have used a lot of broadlink smart devices, especially smart sockets. After the connection with Tmall Genie, I can control some devices, such as floor lamps and air conditioners in the living room, but I can’t control the electric blanket in the master bedroom, the light in the aquarium and other devices, which is really weird. So, again, smart JB.


Things like checking the delivery are still practical, but tongue twisters, fart, and bragging about me are not much use, pure bullshit functions.

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