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Ultra-detailed Ewobebe Drainable Menstrual Cup and Monthly Cup Use Evaluation Report

by nadlia
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LI have been using tampons for many years. In fact, when menstrual cups were still relatively small (of course, it does not mean how popular they are now, but I feel that they are relatively out of comparison). I was very excited and wanted to try this product when I heard about this product. I am very extreme in some aspects, including forcing the whole class not to turn on the air conditioner in the high temperature of 35 degrees, because I feel that old clothes are a kind of pollution, so I will never add new clothes as a last resort…you can put It is a great incentive for me to reduce the amount of garbage that is inevitably generated every month.

But I am not only lazy, but also stupid. It is too complicated to buy from foreign websites with a credit card, not to mention that I didn’t have a credit card until very late. For various reasons, it was delayed until Vanessa’s Moon Brew Cup appeared. At this time, many brands of menstrual cups are on the rise, so I took a look around, and then bought two cup models with a considerable difference. In addition to experiencing the drainage function, I also felt the different cup shapes.

On the left is AIWO’s fourth-generation drainable cup, and the other is Taiwan’s fiery Moon Brew Cup (right).

I have used these two cups alternately for two cycles, and I have some small thoughts as a novice. But it must be said that after I started using the menstrual cup, I fully understood that I have a typical surgical face and medical hand, and my hand is too crippled. I found that my experience is not the same as many opinions on the Internet… The experience of using this kind of thing has a lot of variation, just refer to it.

| Features of two menstrual cups

There have been a lot of experience articles on the Moon Brew Cup. There are many discussions about its beautiful flower bud shape and special anti-splash design, so I won’t go into details. Basically, the anti-splash effect is quite good, provided that you use the previous steps properly.

There are several types of drain cups on the market, and AIWO belongs to the design of the drain valve. There are two dots at the bottom of the handle, as long as you pinch it, the drain valve will open. But it means that you have to pinch it all the time to drain the menstrual blood. The other Victoria’s love is to put a bead in the handle to control the drainage. Just push it away, you can go to the toilet/bath and drain, and then locked up. At first, I just thought it was troublesome to clean the beads. (For more knowledge about drainable menstrual cups, click on the ultra-detailed advantages and disadvantages of menstrual cups, brands and usage tutorials.)

| insert

Many people get stuck when putting in the cup. In fact, the placement of a menstrual cup depends entirely on how much you know about your body. The pain usually comes from the wrong angle, rather than the size of the caliber caused by the folding method. Even the thinnest tampons can hurt you at the wrong angle. I’ve used finger-in OB tampons for years and basically this part is pretty smooth. If you want to understand the difference between tampons and menstrual cups, poke the first wave of horizontal comparisons of sanitary napkins, tampons, and menstrual cups, and talk about their advantages and disadvantages in detail.

To put it bluntly, the material of the Moon Brewing Cup is soft, while the AIWO is more elastic, so it is easier to insert the AIWO, and it is less likely to be incompletely unfolded.

| use

In fact, I am a little sensitive. I can feel the menstrual cup in my stomach, both kinds of cups, and even produce pain similar to menstrual pain at first, but I think I will get used to it gradually.

The diameter of the moon brewing cup is relatively large, which will affect urination, but basically it is very relaxed and comfortable. Compared with tampons, it is good that there is less that annoying thread. I think the biggest problem is that it has to be taken out all the time when the amount is large.

The handle of AIWO has always caused many girls to be very concerned. Will such a long handle that cannot be cut cause a heavy foreign body sensation? My answer is yes. I think this may have something to do with the insertion technique, because if the handle is a little skewed, the friction will be really painful (I was worried one day whether I was about to be pressed out of the pressuresore…), but if Put it well, in fact, you can sleep well, and your life will not be affected too much, just get along with this foreign body sensation peacefully. I heard that some people can ride the flywheel, it is really too strong and I can’t do it, if I want to exercise, I should change back to the sliver.

Sometimes AIWO will ooze a little from the cup wall, a small amount, and a pad or cloth sanitary napkin can solve it; the monthly brewing cup is very dry without leaking, and even forgets the existence of menstrual period, but once it is not unfolded, it will be It will be so shockingly useless as to be useless.

| take a cup

In fact, I have never been able to understand the thing that many people say “hook the cup out with your fingers after the vacuum is released”. I can balance the pressure, but the cup cannot be hooked out! Some people say that two fingers go in and grab it, but I really can’t find a space… In the end, I pulled the handle and pulled it out. It will be so painful at first, but don’t hesitate too much, you will get used to it after a few times.

It is very convenient to pull out the ring handle of the moon brewing cup, and the AIWO is fortunately that the drain valve is equal to equalizing the pressure, so there is no need to stretch your fingers in to press the cup. Sometimes when the Moon Brew Cup is filled to the brim, the fingers will bleed severely when the cup is pressed. AIWO drains the liquid first, which is less of a problem. (Recommended reading: 5 extremely popular menstrual cup detailed use evaluation report)

| Drain function

① In fact, there will still be a little bloody fingers (requires skill, and it will be messy at the beginning), but after getting started, it is really much better than taking a cup, and there is no need to bring water into the toilet.

② It actually takes tens of seconds to drain cleanly, and it is quite sore to hold the drain valve.

③ You only need to take it out once or twice a day, and it is very convenient for the opponent to be as cruel as me.

④ The blood clot can be drained, and the drain valve can be drained with a slight pinch.

In short, I think the foreign body sensation is quite a big problem. If it is inconvenient to change the cup when you are away from home, you are too lazy to bring water into the bathroom, or if your hands are disabled, you can consider the drain cup. But if the cleaning conditions are really bad, I think the catheter tampon is the best choice.

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