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Ultra-detailed lunette, mooncup, flowcup menstrual cup evaluation report

by nadlia
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LHave been using menstrual cup for two years and two months. Thanks to Jacinle for the recommendation, the menstrual cup is without a doubt the most satisfying consumer discovery I have made in the past two years, and it did get rid of sanitary napkins permanently as planned.

Here are the three menstrual cups I own:

Finnish lunette cup model 1 colorless: the leader in the menstrual cup industry, the quality, workmanship, design, sales volume and reputation are quite good, there seems to be an official sales channel on Taobao.

UK Mooncup Size B Colorless: It is considered one of the mainstream brands in the menstrual cup industry, and it seems that it can be purchased globally?

swedish flowcup 1 colorless: an eco-friendly and empowering menstrual cup brand founded in sweden in 2016. For every menstrual cup sold donates a menstrual cup to a girl in South Africa or Namibia.

All three are suitable for women who have not given birth or have given birth by caesarean section. Each of these brands also has a menstrual cup suitable for postpartum women.

1. size

I know you must be most concerned about the size!

The lunette cup model 1 has a diameter of 41 mm, the Mooncup Size B has a diameter of 43 mm, and the flowcup 1 has a diameter of 40 mm.

lunette cup model 1 vs Mooncup Size B

Mooncup Size B vs flowcup 1

Looking at the picture, although the size of the mooncup is large, but the actual body is the thinnest, and the larger diameter point is larger on the outer ring of the cup mouth. In terms of the shape of the bottom of the cup, the mooncup and lunette are thinner, and the flowcup is round and bell-shaped. In terms of material, the lunette is a little harder, while the mooncup and flowcup are very soft.

The design of the bottom of the menstrual cup, usually a more rounded bottom will be more leak-proof, but it will also have a stronger sense of presence, and a softer material will be very comfortable, with a weaker sense of presence, but the risk of extrusion and side leakage increases. The mooncup is very comfortable to use, with a slender bottom made of soft material, almost non-existent. But because it is too soft, I once had the situation where the cup was squeezed out of shape and leaked sideways when I got up and turned over.

The lunette is relatively stiff and never leaks, but I can somewhat feel its presence (there is something there, weak but still there). Relatively speaking, I think flowcup is a more scientific design, the round bottom is leak-proof, and the soft material reduces the sense of presence.

2. Capacity

The lunette to vent capacity is 21 ml, the mooncup is only 13 ml, and the flowcup is 25 ml.

lunette vs mooncup

flowcup vs mooncup

Looking at the picture, the positions of the vent holes of the three are very different. The design of the lunette and flowcup maximizes the capacity of the cup, which is more beneficial to those who have a large flow, work for a long time, and are inconvenient to clean the menstrual cup. Personally, I also prefer the vent design of lunette and flowcup. There are only four relatively large vent holes, so it is more reassuring to clean.

The mooncup has two volumes of 6ml and 12 ml marked on it, and the lunette has no volume, only a scale mark. You know that it is 5 ml and 13.5ml respectively. flowcup doesn’t have tick marks, which makes me a data lover a little bit lost.

3. Handle and friction ring

The existence of the handle is very meaningful for beginners of menstrual cups. Whether it is used to adjust the position and shape of the cup, or to help drag the cup, the handles of the three are very easy to use.

The lunette has a flat handle with an easy-to-grasp handle, the mooncup has a hollow tubular handle that also has a friction flute, and the flowcup has a short, rounded handle that requires no trimming. I personally think that the design of flowcup is the best and the most convenient. The firmer handle will push the menstrual cup in the body more easily.

The friction rings at the bottom of the three cups are all easy to grab, and there has never been a situation where they slipped and couldn’t be taken out, full marks!

4. Purchase

The price of lunette in a Swedish pharmacy is 318 crowns, and there are quite a few purchasing agents on Taobao. Mooncup can be bought in Swedish supermarkets, the price is 218 crowns, and I have seen purchasing agents on Taobao. The flowcup can be purchased online within the European Union at a price of 99 kroner, and a shipping fee of 60 kroner will be added outside Sweden. At present, it seems that there is no sales channel for China.

5. Summary

All three glasses are great.

To sum up, the lunette (go to buy) is made of hard material, not easy to leak sideways, and has a large capacity, which is suitable for people who are not sensitive and have a lot of traffic. Mooncup is made of soft material and has a small capacity, which is suitable for people who have a small amount and are particularly sensitive. The flowcup is made of soft material, has a large capacity, and the bell-shaped bottom is not easy to leak. It should be more universal. I have been using it since I received a flowcup in October last year, and I am very satisfied.

Learning to use a menstrual cup is a process in which we become more aware of our bodies. Like learning any skill, using a menstrual cup takes some learning and adaptation, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Just like learning to ride a bicycle, if you fall down on it for the first time, you can56’t blame the bike for being wrong, but accept that this is a learning process, sum up experience and keep trying, and make persistent efforts.

The last thing I want to see is that people buy impulsively after reading the introduction of menstrual cups, try without the best mental preparation and knowledge preparation, and after a failure, this wonderful product will be left out of the palace.

I don’t want to talk about the principles of minimalist life here, but I will just talk about my own experience. After using a menstrual cup, I saved dozens of packs of sanitary napkins a year. All I need is clean water, daily lotion and disinfectant, It does not generate additional garbage and does not need to be equipped with additional things to set off. It is an economical and environmentally friendly choice. I especially don’t want to see this economical and environmentally friendly choice become a “net celebrity” product that some people discard after impulsive consumption.

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