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What are the benefits of DECIEM The Ordinary? Its N product experience report

by nadlia
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LI wrote about several products of this brand in a favorite application a few months ago. At that time, I just entered the pit and took a good care of it. Later, because I was also very interested in the products of this brand, and because I was also doing Xiaohai Taobao, I used its N products intermittently.

It feels like it’s time to write a usage report that is convenient for everyone to buy!

A few things I would like to introduce before writing about specific products:

① The ordinary brand background: At first I thought it was a pheasant brand, but later I learned that the parent company is the Deciem Group in Canada. This Deciem is very powerful, and it took several years of hard work to make several brands of its size become popular. And last year, Estee Lauder also took a stake in Deciem~~ (the founder of the ordinary is a bit caught, but he is no longer the CEO)

② the ordinary sums up the impression in one sentence: If I don’t want to invest a lot of money in skin care products but want to buy really effective skin care products, it is still worth recommending. However, something worth tens of dollars is definitely not perfect, and it is not very perfect in terms of usability/packaging/taste.

So, for me now, I wouldn’t use it as a full skincare routine. However, according to the recent state, I will choose a certain 1~3 as the functional product in the routine skin care.

For example, if my skin is dry in autumn and winter, and my skin care products lack oil, I will use their marula oil / or if I want to try the famous A-alcohol products, I will choose their 2% A-alcohol essence / However, For other skin care products, of course I want to buy the best ones that I can accept as much as possible~~ hee hee

Many people don’t know how to choose at all when buying, so let me briefly introduce them according to their functions! !

Moisturizing: B5 Essence/Seaweed Hyaluronic Acid Essence/

B5 Hydrating Serum (Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5) and Seaweed Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum (Marine Hyaluronics)

B5 Moisturizing Essence is the first popular hydrating product in the family, but it seems that the response is two-level. The hydrating effect is worthy of recognition, but many people use “rubbing mud”.

I wanted to exaggerate, but I didn’t dare because I didn’t rub the mud, and I think the moisturizing effect is very good. Compared with its price, I really want to praise him.

For rubbing mud, I think it is better to wait some time between skin care procedures, and wait for it to absorb before using other ones. If you really accidentally rub the mud, it is recommended to use it at night as much as possible!

Seaweed Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Essence contains a lot of hydrating essence extracted from seaweed. The feeling and effect are very good. It is rare to hear negative comments about it. The price is a few yuan more expensive than B5, which is very good.

NMF Natural Moisturizing Face Cream

NMF natural moisturizing face cream is also one of her less picky and easy-to-use items, which is moisturizing/cheap/big bowl!

Anti-aging peptides: five peptides/hexapeptides/buffet peptides

Dipeptides are anti-oxidant, tripeptides promote skin growth, tetrapeptides relieve inflammation, five peptides and hexapeptides tighten the skin and promote collagen, seven peptides and eight peptides tighten the skin and smooth the skin.

Anyway, your comprehensive understanding is: promote skin regeneration to achieve anti-aging effect.


Pentapeptide / Hexapeptide / Buffet Multi-peptide

Pentapeptide and Hexapeptide essence, these two have little difference in use feeling, they are good for dynamic lines and sagging and dry skin, I saw someone on the platform personally tested it to remove neck lines, and the effect is amazing.

Buffet’s multiple peptides are her popular product, and it’s also my favorite one when I entered the pit. Because of its hard ingredients, it has a good anti-aging effect, especially suitable for anti-aging needs, and it is very good for delicate skin/wrinkle reduction.

I apply it on the whole face + neck together, it absorbs quickly, is not sticky, and does not rub mud on me. Apply thinly on the face, and apply a little more on the neck. I can’t generalize the effect on the face, but it is really useful for neck wrinkles! ! !

Highly recommended, I’m about to empty the bottle.

Anti-aging A alcohols: various A alcohols + squalane / 2% compound vitamin A alcohols

I was not very familiar with this ingredient before, but everyone should be familiar with it this year. You should have watched/listened to the BBC documentary on skin care products. Retinol/A-alcohol is the gold standard for anti-aging. I don’t need to say how good it is. Anyway, I must have this ingredient in my current skin care routine. If anyone’s product has this, my eyes will shine.

Its A alcohol products are produced a lot, and they are quite chaotic. Some of them have been discontinued, and there are many ratios.

One is retinol + squalane, and the other is direct retinol essence.

2% Retinol & 2% Squalane Retinol

Retinol Squalane Essence (various concentrations) is recommended for those who have just started using retinol ingredients, and those whose skin is even a little sensitive, the concentration can be increased slowly, anyway, this ingredient will last a lifetime. The texture is a bit oily, but you don’t need to use much every time.

2% new generation complex retinol essence, this is my daily skin care step, the concentration is definitely enough, very generous, the feeling of use is even better than other retinol products I have used, and it is also very fascinating. Absorbs super fast, it is very suitable as an anti-aging single product in daily skin care.

When I wake up in the morning, my skin feels soft, supple and radiant. If I’m traveling and downsizing my makeup bag, I’ll take it instead of Lamer’s Restorative Serum. It can be seen that true love is here!

Whitening: Niacinamide/Arbutin/Various VC

10% Niacinamide + 1% Zinc, this popular product has a high concentration of Niacinamide and is mainly used for whitening. 1% Zinc is for oil control. Although niacinamide is whitening, I recommend it to oily skin. If you want to use it on dry skin, you need to take hydrating measures, which is a bit troublesome.

Arbutin hyaluronic acid stock solution, the whitening effect of arbutin is not inferior to that of niacinamide, and because this product is added with hyaluronic acid, it is not so oil-controlling and more suitable for dry skin.

100% VC powder, very cute and exciting, the particles are still very thick, basically can’t put on the face, but this is very popular, I almost saw it a few times on Haitao.com, the only time I snapped up 15 bottles and shipped it back After that, it will no longer be the sold out mode. I use it as a body lotion and it’s great! ! !

23% and 30% VC Essence Lotions are said to be essences, but they are actually lotion textures, which are highly irritating, so it is not recommended to use them on the whole face. But the whitening effect is also quite violent, so I see that many people use it to remove dullness and old acne marks, and the effect varies from person to person. But if it is mixed with body milk or used as a neck whitening product, I think it is still worth recommending!

Vitamin F + 20% fat-soluble vitamin C essence, oily base, especially contains a stable vitamin C and essential fatty acid components, this one is relatively unpopular, I went immediately after seeing two bloggers I like to recommend Bought from Haitao.com. I found that it is still the most expensive TOP3 in her house. Known as the best form of VC, it has sufficient concentration, stability, and a good feeling of use, which is also very good. I use a small amount or two drops in the morning and love it.

Acne-removing acids: AHA/Azelaic Acid/Mandelic Acid/Salicylic Acid/Lactic Acid

I don’t use many acid products from other companies. In fact, the effects of acid products are similar, so you can choose one according to your needs.

Fruit Acid Essence Mask, the concentration and appearance of the ingredients seem to be very stimulating, but in fact I think it is OK, I am using it myself. I had undergone fruit acid skin peeling in the hospital before, and I GG on the spot because of the pain. In just a few tens of seconds, the doctor asked me if I could bear it, and I said loudly: “No”! Then he rinsed it off for me immediately, and my face was completely red. Although my face was tender after applying the mask at home, I was too scared.

When I used this for the first time, I only used it on my chin and forehead. It was a bit irritating and numb. After washing it in 5 minutes, my face was not red at all! Very tender! So now I occasionally use it on the nose + chin + forehead + lower cheeks, and I hardly use it on the cheeks that are prone to allergies.

It is very suitable for thick-skinned girls who love to brush acid (but I don’t have thick skin, and I like it quite a bit). If you are worried about sensitiveness, try it from the chin and forehead. It is also good for body brushing.

Rhododendron Azelaic Acid Essence Emulsion, the texture of emulsion, Rhododendron azelaic acid can whiten and remove acne. This is also a product with a good reputation in his family. I was in the pit of the product, and I couldn’t find where to buy it.

I love to use it to deal with acne on my chin and closed mouth. From anti-inflammatory and anti-acne to lightening acne marks, it is enough to use it, and it is efficient, and it is quite suitable for home.

Mandelic acid/salicylic acid/lactic acid, I haven’t actually used these. I think one or two acid products are enough. If you don’t like the lotion texture of rhododendron, you can choose the essence texture of these, and use them in layers, and the acne is also very concentrated.

Skincare Oils: Marula Oil / Rosehip Oil / 100% Squalane Oil

His family’s oil is really cheap and big bowl does not step on thunder! Everyone knows that I must use skin care oil in autumn and winter. After using so much, I don’t feel super amazing, but TO’s is really easy to use and cheap.

Marula oil, the name is very strange, but it is the most expensive and the best-known oil in her family. In addition to the moisturizing and emollient properties of the oil, marula oil also has a good antioxidant effect, and the effect of deep moisturizing is also obvious. It is said that the great effect of anti-oxidation is that the skin will brighten. I haven’t felt it yet, and the feeling of use is really OK.

Rosehip oil, rosehip oil should be familiar to everyone. In addition to moisturizing, it can also have the effect of brightening and removing acne marks. There are also many brands of rose oil, and the products are similar. Considering the price, TO is very cost-effective.

100% Squalane Oil, also a highly popular product, the feeling of use and effect = haba Squalane Oil, that old internet celebrity. However, haba has been exposed to be prone to acne, which is related to product impurities. So relatively speaking, TO is cheaper and easier to use.

Finally, let’s talk about its spicy chicken —— Caffeine Eye Essence

5% caffeine + EGCG, the effect is to reduce edema, reduce edema, tighten and tighten. But it can’t remove dark circles. I really haven’t found any product that can remove dark circles. Don’t ask me about this, just sleep more and keep healthy.

Some people use the inner double to change the outer double, that is because it can be changed on its own basis, but the bubble eye will definitely not change into the outer double. I am sure of the effect of removing edema. For a period of time, there is a big difference between using it and not using it. Some people have used it to remove edema from the whole face. I think this idea is OK, and it can be used. I haven’t tried it yet.

It is quite recommended for people who like to drink water at night and are prone to edema in the morning. Anyway, I layer it after my eye cream every night, and it is very effective for my early edema eyes.

OK! That concludes my guide to using The ordinary series of products. Finally, I would like to emphasize that their products are not suitable for a full range of skin care options, but several products are very suitable as functional players in daily skin care.

Let me tell you about the ones I will repurchase: 2% Retinol Essence (essential for anti-aging) / 20% VC in F (whitening) / Rhododendron acid (for acne and acne marks) / Buffet (for anti-aging and wrinkle )/marula oil (moisturizing)/caffeine (swollen eyes)

You can look at your own skin needs to buy. Anyway, I think it is better to buy 2% retinol essence + 20% VC in F. If you lack water, you can buy moisturizing essence. If your skin has dry lines, add some skin care oil , and then those who have acne should use some acid essence appropriately, which is what their products are used for.

The above is over!

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