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Which brand of breast pump is the best? Super detailed evaluation of 8 domestic and foreign manual/electric breast pumps

by nadlia
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LHas anyone used 8 breast pumps like me? ! This time I seriously became a guinea pig.


Everyone knows that I gave birth to the second baby princess, and they pay special attention to what products I use. Usually, my mother often asks me, which one is better? There are also a lot of questions about breast pumps. I often encounter mothers asking me, why use a breast pump to feed the baby instead of feeding the baby by myself?

Today I will first talk to you about the 8 breast pumps I use: Medela Silk Rhyme Electric Breast Pump, Avent Natural Series Bilateral Electric Breast Pump 30301, Xinbei Electric Breast Pump 8615, and White Bear Electric Breast Pump Device 0882, Medela Heyun Manual Breast Pump, Avent Manual Breast Pump, Xinbei Manual Breast Pump XB-8612, Little White Bear Manual Breast Pump HL-0823. If you want to know more brands, or want to choose a cost-effective brand, you can click the article below.

First of all, I would like to thank Duo fans for their concern for my breastfeeding. Everyone often tells me that you need to suck for your baby to produce more milk. In fact, the more the baby sucks, the more milk the mother will produce. Duo Duo knows this principle.

But there is an unspeakable pain called “short, big, sunken nipples”. As everyone knows, my baby can’t keep his mother’s nipple in his mouth at all, so he can only rely on a breast pump to help.

There are also some people who often “despise” my lack of milk. Of course, I know that everyone loves me very much, and this “contempt” is just a joke. As a mother, we all know the hardships and taboos of breastfeeding. Therefore, I especially admire those mothers who can breastfeed for one year or even two years. I think maternal love is the greatest. Only mothers can sacrifice themselves completely, just for their children to eat more breast milk, and their bodies will be better!

This time I have a second child. In fact, I also have some experience in feeding. I still remember the first child 12 years ago. At that time, I used a syringe-type manual breast pump. Every time I pumped milk, it was very hard and my arms were sore. In addition, my son’s eczema was particularly severe, so after a month of breastfeeding, I weaned my son.

This time when my sister came, I thought about it at the time, and I must use the breast pump better.

There is another very important thing, especially to remind new mothers: within a few days after giving birth, the elderly at home will give you all kinds of crucian carp soup, pig’s feet soup, chicken soup and duck soup…, hoping to help you breastfeed. Pregnant women must pay attention not to eat this kind of meat soup to open milk in the first week, it is easy for the milk to swell and cause blockage and milk stagnation. It is recommended to eat some vegetable soup, and meat soup can be eaten after one week after delivery. Everyone must remember, otherwise the pain of breast swelling will be far greater than the pain of your cesarean delivery.

To be honest, I planned to use the Medela Silk Rhyme breast pump at the beginning (to buy), because everyone said that Medela’s is better to use, and it is the originator of the electric breast pump. But after I gave birth, AVENT company came to visit me and gave me the AVENT bilateral electric breast pump 30301. They told me that this is a goddess model. Well, since it’s delivered, I can’t waste it, so I started my first use.

Let me tell you slowly that the first time I used it was because my nipples were short and big, and the baby was born only 5 catties 6 taels, which was relatively small. In addition, the girl’s paper strength is weak, so I couldn’t suck any milk at all. Breast pump to open milk. The process of milking was really strenuous. After sucking for a long time, only a few drops of yellow colostrum could be sucked out.

Since I turned on the AVENT bilateral electric breast pump (to buy) when it was time to use it, and did not study the product manual in advance, so for the first time, I felt that the AVENT breast pump was very complicated to use.

P.S. On this point, I would like to say that most Chinese people are a bit “taken for granted”, including myself, not happy to study the manual in advance, and like to directly pick up the machine and operate it according to their own thinking logic. This is wrong! We should find out the instructions for all the things we want to use before giving birth, and study them carefully, so as not to be in a hurry when the time comes. At this point, I admit that I am lazy, it is a wrong demonstration!

So when I used it for the first time, my impression of AVENT was really mediocre, and I didn’t think it was a goddess model at all. My milk didn’t rise much in the next few days, so I didn’t use it for almost a few days in the hospital.

After I was discharged from the hospital, the confinement lady began to massage and breastfeed me. Gradually, my breasts began to feel swollen and painful. I took out the breast pump to use it again, but the milk was still not much, only a small amount of 10ml each time (adding up both sides). At that time, I really wanted to give up breastfeeding and go directly to formula milk.

The confinement sister kept saying beside me that Medela is easy to use, and the operation is not so complicated. If you use it more for sucking, maybe there will be more milk… I was moved, and I thought maybe I could change to a breast pump, it would really work. help?

After a phone call, I asked my colleague to bring a Medela Silk Rhyme over. As soon as I got it, I was very happy. I found that Medela does have fewer buttons, and the operation is simpler and clear at a glance (you can use it correctly without reading the manual). Maybe it’s belief, maybe it’s because I drank a lot of soup in those days, and I actually pumped 30ml of breast milk several times in a row. I’m so happy! So I decided that this breast pump was better than Avent’s, and put Avent in the cold.

However, in the following use process, I discovered the biggest disadvantage of Medela: milk backflow into the catheter. If you are not careful when using it, the milk will enter the duct. After consultation, I found out that once the milk enters the motor from the catheter, the motor needs to be cleaned. Now I feel so troublesome, I can’t keep my eyes on the catheter every time I suck. Moreover, after the milk enters the catheter, the catheter needs to be cleaned, and the water droplets in the catheter are difficult to dry, which is really troublesome.

P.S. The most common failure of the Medela Silk Rhyme and Silk Rhyme Wing series is milk backflow, but the Feiyun series has improved. For details, please click the article below.

For mothers who use a breast pump to express breast milk to feed their babies, the frequency of breast pump use is very high. If you have to clean, sterilize, and dry a lot of breast pump accessories after each use, it is really troublesome. Especially when you need to use it next time, you find that you haven’t had time to disinfect it after using it last time.

So I thought of a sleeping AVENT bilateral electric breast pump. I think I’ll just use two, so I don’t have to rush to clean and disinfect every time. Unexpectedly, using Avent again made me completely change my view of the Avent breast pump.

When I used it this time, I found that the suction of AVENT is also very strong, which is not like the first time I felt – “I can’t pump milk”. Therefore, my conclusion is that it may be because of the lack of colostrum and milk at that time, not that Avent is not strong enough, and Avent has two functions that are particularly useful.

① Time display: This is really useful. Before every time I breastfeed, I had to keep checking the time on my phone to know when I was breastfeeding. I think this function of AVENT is really good.

② Pause function: When I want to adjust my posture or need to stop for other reasons, instead of turning off the power directly, I can press the “Pause” button, and the time display will also pause after pressing it. When I start working again later, the time will be accumulated with the previous one, which is really very practical.

P.S. When I was using AVENT, I didn’t find that the milk flowed back into the catheter. I finally didn’t have to be nervous about pumping, hehe!

And the breastfeeding underwear presented by Avent is really a super artifact. Wearing it, you don’t need to hold the breast pump with both hands, completely freeing your hands.

Speaking of this breastfeeding underwear, I also regretted it. At that time, I felt that this was just an ordinary underwear, which was useless at all, so it was useless to keep it on. Until one day, the confinement lady mentioned to me that there is a underwear that does not need to be held by hands. When I was reading this gift, I remembered this gift, and after digging it out, I realized that there is such a magical function, which made me regret that I left it so cold at the beginning.

The free ice pack blue ice and the milk pack are super useful necessities. PS. The milk bag looks pretty good.

The nipple repair cream is also super useful. (The nipples are slightly cracked, it will be fine once you use it, it is super powerful)

I personally think that although breastfeeding can increase the bond between mother and child, there are many other benefits to using a breast pump. It’s not that I don’t advocate feeding in person, but I think that everyone’s desired lifestyle and considerations are different, so we can’t force every mother to feed in person.

I feel like breastfeeding moms, pumped breastfeeding moms, or formula feeding moms rank in no particular order of greatness!

Let me talk about the advantages of sucking it out for babies:

① If you breastfeed, you don’t know the baby’s daily milk intake, and you don’t know whether the baby is full or not, but if you suck it out from the breast pump, you can clearly know the baby’s daily milk intake.

② Many babies suck breast milk, go to bed after they can eat, and want to eat when they are hungry again after a while. This will cause the mother to not get a good rest, as if the mother is a breastfeeding machine on call at any time. With a breast pump, there is no such problem. Breastfeeding regularly, mothers can also get a good sleep.

③ If breastfeeding, the mother must be at home all the time, unable to have her own personal space and social activities. For a professional woman like me, this is too cruel!

④ Using a breast pump can reduce the probability of nipple rupture. I only have slight chapping, and after two days of applying the nipple repair cream, it will be fine. However, many breastfeeding mothers have damaged nipples and even skin inflammation. I really feel heartbroken when I think about it!

⑤ Does not affect normal work. Well, the above two breast pumps are the ones I use the most.

This second child really gave me the opportunity to experience the product. While I was breastfeeding, the sisters in the operation department actually sent 2 domestic electric breast pumps and 4 manual breast pumps to my home, and asked me to use each of them and tell them my experience. Ma’am, I’ve become a guinea pig, did you mean to abuse me at this time?

The moment I opened the Xinbei breast pump, I couldn’t help laughing, this is definitely a combination of Avent and Medela.

There is petal massage (this is the feature of Avent), the button operation design is the same as Medela, intuitive and simple, and the valve design is exactly the same as Medela. It is worth mentioning that domestic brands have provided a lot of replacement parts for various accessories that are prone to aging. This humanized consideration must be praised. After all, these small silica gels are particularly prone to aging, and they are really considerate of customers!

The Xinbei breast pump also has a time display, which I like very much, and it can also be powered by a charging treasure, which is also its unique feature.

I think Xinbei breast pump is still a very cost-effective electric breast pump.

The white bear breast pump , the button design is similar to Medela, easy to operate, and the petal design combines the characteristics of AVENT. Dry batteries can be used, which is convenient for going out. One of its features is that it is equipped with an adapter that can fit wide-mouth or standard-bore bottles, which is the highlight of the Pyrenees breast pump. However, in the process of using it, I think there are a few points that are not suitable for me. Of course, others may not have this problem:

① The nipple is very short, so after sucking, it hurts a little because the nipple will touch. I measured it with a ruler, and it was really short.

② It is not equipped with a nipple and a screw cap. It is a bit inconvenient to feed it directly after sucking it out. It needs to be filled in another bottle.

③ The charging cable of the little white bear is relatively short, which is inconvenient to use when it is far away from the power source. This problem also exists in Xinbei.

PS. Both Avent and Medela are equipped with airtight caps, which can be sucked out and put directly into the refrigerator. This is something neither Xinbei nor Pyrenees had considered.

In order to fully experience the manual breast pump, I used the 4 models mentioned above. The experience is that manual breast pumps and electric breast pumps of the same brand have the same structure, milking strength, and milking effect.

But compared to electric breast pumps, manual is really tiring. I held the bell of the breast pump with my left hand, and pressed the handle with my right hand. I kept doing this for two minutes before I became exhausted.

The price of manual breast pumps is relatively affordable, which is the main advantage that attracts mothers. Especially when they don’t know how much milk they will have in the future, if they don’t want to waste money, many mothers will still buy a manual breast pump first.

I don’t use manual breast pumps anymore, I still prefer to use electric breast pumps.

PS. Finally, I would like to ask a question. When mothers want to choose a breast pump, they often ask me which one has the strongest suction. Based on my personal experience this time, in fact, the suction power is not directly proportional to the amount of milk pumped.

For example, Xinbei breast pump, I think the suction is stronger than Avent and Medela, but I use Avent and Medela to suck more milk. As for the reason for this, I don’t know.


If the price is not considered, I personally recommend the AVENT bilateral electric breast pump. My favorite is its time display and pause function, which is very practical!

In addition, it comes with an insulated ice pack and nursing underwear. It is definitely a good weapon to liberate mother’s hands, so that you will not be so tired when breastfeeding. There are also many accessories, which can be stored directly, which provides a lot of convenience for breastfeeding mothers.

Xinbei’s breast pump is quite cost-effective, has complete functions, and does not cause any discomfort when used. It can be called a good choice.

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