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Which brand of tampon is good | Ultra-detailed Kotex tampon user experience report

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LSince I was a child, I have been in dance classes all the way to university. As a dance class student, we spend six to ten hours practicing dance every day. Speaking of dancing, we wear nothing but leotards and tights, so when menstruation comes, it is very inconvenient. In addition to worrying about menstrual leaks, it is also easy to not dare to move too much because the sanitary napkin is stuck in the dance. I always wonder if the sanitary napkin will move, expose, and be easily distracted.

So in high school, many students were using tampons, and I tried it myself at that time, but after all, no one taught us how to use tampons. I remember that when I used it for the first time, I couldn’t push it in the toilet for a long time, and then I never tried a tampon again. Although I didn’t experience the success of cotton sliver at that time, many sisters around me still highly recommend cotton sliver. (Recommended reading: What is a tampon and how to use it is actually a very serious question)

Kotex tampon

Kotex tampon

I recently jumped on the bandwagon, and I owe the success of overcoming the psychological barrier to the introduction of the Kotex Catheter Tampons (go buy). Although Kotex catheter tampons have been popular abroad for a long time, they have just been launched in Taiwan. When menstruation comes, we have a new choice. I believe this option will benefit a large number of female friends. Next, let me share the convenience, benefits and comfort of Kotex catheter tampons.

Today I’m going to introduce the general type and high-volume Kotex catheter-style tampons. First of all, I want to say that it’s really convenient to carry, even if I take two boxes out, I can fit them in my bag! Since I became a mother, my child has a lot of things, and I have as few things as possible. It is no problem to carry four, five, six or seven of these tampons in a bag at a time.

Why Choose Catheter Tampons?

There are two types of slivers available in the market: finger-in type and catheter type. Finger-inserted tampons rely on fingers to insert the tampon, and the other uses a catheter to assist. If you are trying to use a tampon for the first time, you can try the catheter type first. On the one hand, it is easier to use, and with the assistance of the catheter, you may be less nervous and feel less foreign body.

And I think the design of Kotex tube-type tampons is very easy to use. Its tube is bullet-shaped and very thin. It is more comfortable and has no foreign body sensation when inserted. This is really super important! In addition, there is a non-slip grip design, which not only prevents it from slipping off, but also prevents it from sticking to my hands. Finally, I no longer have to touch menstrual blood with my hands.

The purple package is the general type, the recommended menstrual blood volume is 6-9g, the pink package is the large volume type, and the recommended menstrual blood volume is 9-12g. Although we usually don’t measure the amount of our own menstrual blood, just like your usual choice of sanitary napkins, for example, when you have a lot of menstruation, you can use more, and vice versa.

The shape of the cotton body is cylindrical and integrally formed. After absorbing menstrual blood, it will expand evenly at 360 degrees, unfold and fit the body, and there are 8 instantaneous suction grooves designed to guide the rapid absorption of menstrual blood. You don’t have to worry about sudden large flow .

At the beginning, when I hadn’t used it, I was worried about whether the small tampon could really absorb the menstrual blood without leaking, but my worry was unnecessary. The tampon after being put in the body correctly is easy to push and has no foreign body feeling. It has super absorption and does not leak at all. It is really very comfortable.

How to use Kotex Catheter Tampons

First wash your hands, pull to see if the sliver rope is broken, and check if the catheter is damaged or broken. If there is no problem, start using it.

1. With the thumb and middle finger, lightly grasp the finger-slip handle of the outer catheter, and place the part inserted into the body toward yourself;

2. Relax and find the most relaxed posture for the whole body;

3. Pull a little around the vaginal opening with one hand, and align the front end of the outer catheter to the vaginal opening;

4. While breathing, at the same time, gently move upward at a 45-degree angle, slowly push the catheter outward, and stop when the finger holding the handle touches the vaginal opening;

5. Firmly fix the finger holding the handle, and use the pulp of the index finger to push the inner catheter until it cannot advance. At this time, the tampon has been placed in the body and is in the correct position.

6. Keep your fingers light on the handle, avoid pulling the cotton thread to take out the outer catheter. Remember to put the tampon out of the question and keep it at a length that is convenient for taking out.

If the tampon is placed correctly, it stands to reason that you will not feel its existence at all. So if you still feel a foreign body after using it, it may be that the pushing is not deep enough, or the angle is wrong, just remember to pull out the old tampon and try again with a new tampon.

How to remove a tampon

Take a comfortable posture and relax. Grasp the cotton thread and pull it out slowly. If it is difficult to take out or there is a white part of the cotton stick after taking it out, it means that you are using a product with too high absorption capacity. Please switch to a lower level Absorbent product.

After using the Kotex catheter tampon, I feel an unprecedented sense of comfort and comfort, and I am less likely to feel damp, stuffy, and worry about leakage and skin friction at random times. Even though I haven’t danced for a long time now, I feel that it is convenient, free and easy to use after I get started. I want to go back and tell me that I was terrified of tampons in the high school bathroom.

Girl, in fact, tampons are not terrible, as long as you use the right product and find the right method, you can also be less troubled by the menstrual blood flow on the dance clothes at that time.

Sisters, if you have given up on using tampons in the past because you don’t know how to use tampons, then this time you can really give Kotex catheter tampons a chance and let it bring you a completely different experience from the past.

1. Tampons are products for absorbing menstrual blood during the menstrual period and are limited to absorbing menstrual blood.

2. Do not reuse.

3. In order to reduce the possibility of TSS, please observe the following rules of use:

● Do not use each tampon for more than 8 hours;

● If the secretion has abnormal odor, please stop using it;

● Do not use tampons within eight weeks after giving birth and during the first menstrual period after giving birth;

4. The catheter may be damaged during delivery or storage. Do not use if the tip of the catheter is flattened or broken to avoid bodily injury.

5. Do not cut the string when using the tampon, please keep the string out of the body.

6. Do not use two tampons at the same time.

7. After the tampon in the body is taken out, a new tampon can be inserted.

8. After the menstrual period is over, please confirm whether the tampon has been taken out.

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