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Which Diptyque perfume smells good? 15 Diptyque Fragrance Smell Report

by nadlia
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LThere are not many discussions about Diptyque (to buy) on the board, so I came out to make a fool of myself. There are only one or two sentences, which can only be used as my experience of trial smell. Some of them can’t write my experience. If I want to write about my favorite perfume What do you think.

Once I went to a department store with my school girl and tried several perfumes. I really smelled all of Jo Malone’s and couldn’t find a favorite. Their roses are too florist, and I like more complicated roses.

Diptyque’s cabinet brother can be said to have no service heart. The only thing he really likes is roses, but the needles he bought don’t have roses. When he gets home, he buys needles and smells them angrily. He smells one or two a day, and then sells them Give it away or sell it.

The length of the needle tube is as follows, but this 2ml needle tube is originally 67 points full. My favorite smell is woody floral fragrance and rose. My favorite perfumes include CHANCE green breath, Roger&Gallet Bengal rose, Gucci Envy Me, D&G No. 18 la lune .



This is the list I bought, only 34 eau de parfum is eau de parfum, the others are eau de toilette.

Hesperatti Eau de Toilette (Floral)

Neroli Water Eau de Toilette (floral)

Toussaint Eau de Toilette (Floral)

Orion Eau De Toilette (Floral)

Freesia Eau De Toilette (Floral)

Shadow Water Eau de Toilette ( Floral )

Eau de Toilette (Floral)

34 Intellectual Water Eau de Parfum (floral fragrance)

Liel (herb)

Verud Eau de Toilette (Wood)

Vittorio Eau de Toilette (Wood)

Tan Dao Eau de Toilette (Wood)

Greek Fig Eau de Toilette (woody)

Duyer Eau de Toilette (Spicy)

Tokyo Eau de Toilette (fruity)

The text and ingredients are directly taken from the official website, but some perfumes on the official website have fragrance notes, and some do not.

Hesperati Eau De Toilette L’ EAU DES HESPERIDES


A cologne that is effortless and cheerful, bursting with joy, at the same time full of fresh notes of greenery and contrast. Bitter orange from Ivory Coast, with a strong citrus fragrance but a bit bitter taste, coupled with the strong sensory charm of helichrysum, and the natural and exciting aroma of spearmint, highlight the distinctive personality of the whole fragrance!

Bitter orange, mint, helichrysum, among which sugar, traditional Chinese medicine, orange soda, and celery taste very strong.

Neroli Eau De Toilette L’EAU DE NEROLI


A cologne that stirs the senses, rich in citrus and floral notes, imagining the scent of orange blossom in full bloom under the warm sun, combined with bright and fresh bergamot, leisurely exudes a cheerful scent.

The hand sanitizer with citrus flavor has the smell of orange fiber, which is a good smell.

Eau de Toilette L’OMBRE DANS L’EAU


Reminiscent of a green riverside garden, this fragrance blends Bulgarian rose and black currant leaves and is one of Diptyque’s bestsellers.

Smokey, with a hint of fresh florist leaves, no roses.

Eau MOHÉLI Eau de Toilette

With a new chapter of creation that subverts the tradition, it pays homage to “Ylang Ylang”. Slightly fresh and clear green notes – violet and black currant leaves, and fresh, pink pepper-like spices, harmoniously blended with woody notes that seem to be sprinkled by the sun.

Is it the taste of ylang-ylang? A little less layered and a little too sweet.

Toussaint Eau de Toilette EAU DE TOILETTE DOSON


Inspired by Mr. Yves Coueslat’s childhood memories, the fragrance evokes evening breezes with a bit of bittersweet tuberose and sea breeze.

Tuberose and iris are the smell of tuberose, which can be regarded as connected with memory, and there is a little bit of rose.



Totally floral, this eau de toilette evokes a quiet summer afternoon under a pergola, a deep and mysterious white twilight, in which slender flowers are illuminated by twilight.

It’s a strong floral scent, a bit like receiving a bouquet from an expensive florist. Fragrantica Xiangmin said that the most obvious one is jasmine, which feels different from the beautiful jasmine in memory, the jasmine with strong fragrance? !

Freesia Eau de Toilette EAU DE TOILETTE OFRESIA


Freesia is reminiscent of a garden in the morning with a fresh, floral scent, with a hint of spice for those of you looking for an unconventional floral fragrance.

Although the official website only says freesia in the ingredients, fragranta says freesia, pepper, and woody fragrance. Not for me, Merry me has the smell of freesia, which smells a bit annoying.


Delicate balsamic floral accord. Intellectual Water Eau de Parfum originated from the “manufacturing fragrance method of thousands of flowers”. The beautiful name stands for the flowers, leaves, and aroma plants mixed together. In the 18th century, the “bouquet aux mille fleurs” represented a variety of flowers from the four seasons. Even now, perfume workshops still retain the so-called “thousand-flower fragrance making method”, which gathers unused flowers that are abundant throughout the year to make fragrance. Every year, Diptyque will use the “ten thousand flowers to make fragrance” to prepare a new perfume, which is called: “Essence Insens é es Intellectual Water”.

Top Notes: Violet Leaf, Pink Pepper Heart Notes: Mimosa, May Rose, Valerian Base Notes: Yerba Mate, Beeswax, Bourbon Vanilla

When it reaches the middle taste, although it smells relatively smooth, there is an unknown smell that disturbs the situation.


Herbal Herbal fragrance

Liel is full of the founders’ memories of the houses they lived in. Each house has a garden full of flowers and walls covered with ivy. It is recommended for lovers of green nature and fresh fragrance.

It seems to smell a little bit of loofah? Anyway, it’s very special. Fragrantica Xiangmin said that the smell of ivy is the heaviest. It really isn’t a memory we will have.


Woody Oriental · Oriental woody fragrance

Diptyque’s first oriental woody fragrance, inspired by Yves Coueslant’s childhood memories, boldly uses the extremely rare and highly recognizable tobacco notes in perfumes: the aroma of Egyptian tobacco mixed with leather flavors combines dried fruits from Amsterdam, the Netherlands Soft and moist with honey. By strengthening the elegant and delicate iris fragrance, and resonating with the subtle leather scent of benzoin, it becomes richer and deeper, telling a story full of oriental sensuality

It smells like tobacco and it smells weird.



Wow Vetiver, Haitian Vetiver, Florida Grapefruit, Turkey Rose, Carrot Seed.

Top notes: Florida grapefruit, Italian mandarin, Indonesian nutmeg

Heart Notes: Turkish Damask Rose, Madagascar Ylang Ylang, Egyptian Geranium and Carrot Seed

Aftertaste: Vetiver from Haiti and Java, cedar from Virginia and white musk

Grapefruit is quite obvious, and it is obviously a woody fragrance. Fragrantica perfumers say that the most obvious flavors are vetiver and grapefruit.

Tan Dao Eau de Toilette EAU DE TOILETTE TAMDAO


Originated from perfumer Yves Coueslant’s long and touching childhood memories of Indochina, Tan Dao’s rich fragrance makes people feel like they are in the ancient and sacred mountain Goa sandalwood forest. In order to escape the heat of the city, the young Yves and his family come here often to enjoy the Goan sandalwood from the uprooted tree trunks and the peaceful burning of incense wood within the monastery.

Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Coriander, Ginger, Amber

The first impression is nougat candy, a bit sweet nougat, I don’t know if it tastes like almonds or peanuts, and then the sandalwood smell is overweight.



A trip to Greece was the inspiration for this eau de toilette, reminiscent of the sun-drenched fig tree of a Greek summer day, and the scent of the fig tree is expressed in this eau de toilette.

The first smell reminded me of the western medicine water I drank when I was a child, the kind in a pink can, and later I smelled a kind of peach skin, that is, the kind of small peaches with skin and flesh. I am too unfamiliar with the taste of figs. Fragrantica Xiangmin said that the most obvious flavors are fig leaves and figs.



Spicy eau de toilette with “vanilla” as the main character, warm and fresh fragrance combined with Bourbon vanilla’s unique sweet vanilla scent, beyond everyone’s expectations, strong but sweet, bursting out on the sense of smell The most unexpected surprise!

European Juniper Berry, Somalia Frankincense, Calamus, Vanilla (aka Vanilla)

It’s just vanilla, with a hint of frankincense.



Inspiration comes from the far east. Oyedo takes its name from Yedo, an ancient name for Tokyo, and the scent evokes a walk in a citrus grove, with fruity sweetness on the summer breeze.

Grapefruit, grapefruit, citrus, and the incongruous bitterness of their skins, which turned out to be citrus, and I thought it was cherry blossom or sandalwood.

In the end I only kept two, Vitilio and Dusan.

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